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Long Now or never Poems

Long Now or never Poems. Below are the most popular long Now or never by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Now or never poems by poem length and keyword.

Drama King
I'm such a drama king
What kind of happiness can I bring
At the dinner table? Would they place a label on me?
I'm like a dysfunctional cable box...a beat-up TV 

Pre-chorus: I promise I'll be okay
I just...

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Categories: now or never, deep, depression, freedom,
Form: Lyric

Premium Member Dream Catcher
The skipper had sailed quite a few storms and survived

Strong as a cross hanging over an apocalypse’s altar he

Had weathered all seasons and crossed heaven and hell

Tempted his fate and good fortune at times but...

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Categories: now or never, journey,
Form: Free verse
One Last Goodbye
I keep trying to tell myself
That I can handle this
That being around you has gotten easier
I can smile and I can laugh
I can even make jokes and cut up too
I can be strong or so...

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Categories: now or never, remember,
Form: Free verse
A kettle can never call a pot black 
Are they not from the same world of pain?
I swing my Ego in one last time of my life
And i was caught in the absence of hundred...

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Categories: now or never, abuse,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Would You Dance This Last Dance with Me
Darling—Would you dance this last dance with me?
I thought of this question so intently as I gazed at
You afar tonight across the busy dance floor and
Your very smile and presence shined for all to see.

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Categories: now or never, allegory, beauty, celebration, emotions, feelings, i love
Form: Narrative

Premium Member The Golden Chord
"The Golden Chord"

I have stories
to be told,
I will caste them out there
no matter how bold.

They will not drown,
they’ll survive
soaked to the bone,
transfigured transporting
they’re magic
for the one who sits absent
on her Royal Throne.

Some are parked on...

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Categories: now or never, absence, faith, home, love, mother daughter, trust,
Form: Free verse
Classy Squash Final in Borneo
It is a final long dreamed for by the organisers...
It is a final matchup between the top 2 contenders...

Here in this for off island of Borneo, 3 days of frantic matches...
Will end with this crucial...

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Categories: now or never, appreciation, beauty, games, inspiration, poetry, tribute, truth,
Form: Light Verse
Virtuous Vibes
Virtuous Vibes

Have peace abide in me and you
May happiness brew so true
Who knew...
I’d be without a clue
But, with God,
Anything is possible
He does the impossible
He loves us sincerely
He loves us dearly
He loves us vibrantly
He loves us...

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Categories: now or never, angst, happiness, hope,
Form: Rhyme
The place within the fire
Heavy is my soul
its hard to breathe
i tore out the bricks of the fire place
and in the room prior
i ripped up dirty magazines
crupling protsest
so the witches and voices and gods 
would forgive me

I've cried for...

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Categories: now or never, angst, confusion, life, me, metaphor, fire, fire,
Form: Free verse
As I walk into the room my heart is beating threw my chest,
Just the thought of him, waiting for me, sends my heart racing,
I have been waiting for this moment for as long as we...

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Categories: now or never, love, me, heart, night, heart, love, me,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Impossible Dream
Impossible Dream  ~ (25 Elvis Presley Song Titles Used: Bold Print)

One night together, in your lovin' arms... 
   dear Elvis, my love fairytale, you rule. 

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Categories: now or never, music, tribute,
Form: Pantoum
Premium Member LIFE
 what is it all about,
 you live,
 you learn,
 you figure it out

 Sometimes I sit back
 having visions
 of the good days,
 when things were alive and vivid
 or am I...

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Categories: now or never, encouraging, journey, life, love, philosophy,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member I Will Refresh the Weary and Satisfy the Faint
The Lord came to me in a vision and He said;
Wayward  brother(sister don't you worry;
And don't you wait;
The things you're going through
I already know are great. . .
For I will refresh the weary ...

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Categories: now or never, anxiety, appreciation, assonance, bereavement, birth, blessing, change,
Form: Free verse
Father- The Greatest Versatile Actor
Do you know how important the role of a father is?
Its as important as that of a mother.
Either in office or at home,
He is always able to manage it in one go.
The long years he...

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Categories: now or never, fatherchildren, father, family, child, children, family, father,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Now It's Our Turn
You're smiling ...
I'm staring at you
I know you know that I know
That you like me ... that you REALLY like me
Wendy told me, and Linda told her
(After I had Dave ask Debbie to ask Linda)

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Categories: now or never, crush, dance, girlfriend, high school, romance,
Form: Free verse
The Icon of Self-indulgence
Stripe me with your sexiness… whip me naked
Naked and ashamed…
Naked and ashamed…
Naked and ashamed…
Tame me now or never and never again will I be shady
Sugar-coated shame embraced me 
Work it out and shake off the...

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Categories: now or never, anxiety,
Form: Free verse
Way to Great India
Let's change India the way we need,
Let's make a Great India so that others praise our deeds;
Stop discrimination between the ruling and opponent one,
Time for us to have a new India born;
Our forefathers may not...

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Categories: now or never, anger, cheer up, desire, inspiration,
Form: Rhyme
Mildew mops are prevalent only in oily sandstorms. Ah, said the furry scorpion the witche's brew has collapsed causing wisdom from the inner triangular arc. When racing with ducks pay no heed to flapping as...

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Categories: now or never, beach,
Form: I do not know?
Thank The Lord
-Mercy Is A Word That I've Grown To Love
-And Some How I Always Win I Guess Its Luck
-I Wanna Be Like Certain People I See
-Copy Cat I Guess That Word Defines Me
-Im Still Growing Trying...

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Categories: now or never, betrayal, bible, christian, desire, faith, how i
Form: Free verse
She is pregnant
She is pregnant.

Feeling a baby grow inside of her was the most magical time of her life
wondering what he or she will be like, knowing that one day  she would hold them in her...

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Categories: now or never, abortion, anxiety, bible, courage, together, wisdom, writing,
Form: Prose Poetry
You and Me
You told me you loved me
then why did you leave me?
you told me whenever i needed a friend
you'd always be there for me through hardships and despair
then why aren't you here?

you were in my future

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Categories: now or never, sadme, heart, heart, love, me,
Form: Romanticism
My heart was pumping hard that day I faced the maddening crowd, 
Despite the spinning in my head I stood there mighty proud. 
Though racked with pain my reddened hand acknowledged them a wave 

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Categories: now or never, funny, day, prayer, day, time,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member When We Wore Blue And Gold
It was September of 1960 and we were growing
Elvis sang "It's Now or Never" anticipation showing
New kids in town for our Freshman year
Our last at St. Jerome's, adulthood near.
We hung out at the Coffee Cup...

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Categories: now or never, nostalgia, school,
Form: Couplet
*G.oing H.aiku* (-: *C.razy* :-)
** G.H.C.** by: P.D.

(* BROKEN *)

Steping on dried leaves
The earthquake under my feet
7 years bad luck~~
(* ANGRY *)

Breathing out steam
I hate all your excuses


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Categories: now or never, forgiveness, girlfriend-boyfriendnight, night,
Form: Haiku
A Battle of Magic and Mutterings
How could he!?
How could he betray me and the kingdom like this!?
How could everything he taught me be a lie!?

And so it has come to this.
I had hoped the rumors of treason were false,
But, alas,...

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Categories: now or never, adventure, fantasy, warwords, me, magic, me, power,
Form: Free verse