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Long Irish Poems

Long Irish Poems. Below are the most popular long Irish by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Irish poems by poem length and keyword.

An Uppercut I Remember
Dad hit me only once, an upper cut to the solar plexus. It nearly lifted me off my feet. I was 17 then and already fairly tall, 6’1.” He was 48 and of medium height,...

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Categories: irish, father son,
Form: Blank verse

Patsy Foley Was Roly-Poly in 1947
It may have been the devil himself who prompted the kids in my schoolyard back in 1947 to chant "Patsy Foley's roly-poly from eating too much ravioli."

At first, no one could remember who started the...

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Categories: irish, memory,
Form: Prose
by Michael R. Burch

Toss this poem aside
to the filigreed and the wild tide
of sunset.

Strike my name,
and still it is all the same.
The onset

of night is in the despairing skies;
each hut shuts its bright bewildered eyes.

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Categories: irish, extended metaphor, fantasy, happiness, hope, hyperbole, i
Form: Pastoral
Erin, for a girl who embodies Ireland
by Michael R. Burch

All that’s left of Ireland is her hair—
bright carrot—and her milkmaid-pallid skin,
her brilliant air of cavalier despair,
her train of children—some conceived in sin,
the others to avoid...

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Categories: irish, ireland,
Form: Sonnet
Medieval Poems II
Medieval Poems

Wulf and Eadwacer
(Old English circa 990 AD)
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

My people pursue him like crippled prey.
They'll rip him apart if he approaches their pack.
We are so different!

Wulf's on one island; I'm on...

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Categories: irish, angel, england, love, middle school, poetry, song,
Form: Rhyme

I Have Labored Sore translation
I Have Labored Sore
anonymous medieval lyric (circa the fifteenth century)
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

I have labored sore / and suffered death, 
so now I rest / and catch my breath.
But I shall come /...

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Categories: irish, christian, death, earth, heaven, sorrow, sorry, soulmate,
Form: Rhyme
Song of Amergin: Translation
The Song of Amergin: Modern English Translations

The Song of Amergin
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

I am the sea breeze
I am the ocean wave
I am the surf's thunder
I am the stag of the seven tines
I am...

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Categories: irish, ireland, myth, mythology, song, storm, visionary, war,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Operation Money Jump
Thanksgiving, 1971,
a parachute pilgrim approaches Northwest Flight 305
as Dan Cooper, anonymous businessman,  anarchist airborne, 
black suit, black sunglasses, a black tie
and a black briefcase broaching black motives,
Portland to Seattle, prison or criminal pantheon, 

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Categories: irish, america, history, mystery,
Form: Epic
Premium Member The Picture of Dorian Gray: Paint Me As An Event
The Picture of Dorian Gray: Paint Me As An Event
The Picture of Dorian Gray, a decent fanciful novel by Irish writer Oscar Wilde, published in 1890. The novel, the only one written by Wilde, had...

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Categories: irish, angst, character, muse,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member AbNormalOriginals
Setting aside richly incorporated through homeless economies,
we have three political ways
to compare a population's internal status:
a. Aboriginal populations,
b. Immigrants--sometimes appearing as multiculturing creolic waves,
c. EmPowered Natives.

Natives are aboriginals
unless a more self-centered wave of supremacist immigrants

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Categories: irish, betrayal, christian, health, humanity, humor, immigration, love,
Form: Political Verse
Snapshots from a Child's West London
I remember my cherished Wolf Cub pack, 
How I loved those Wednesday evenings, 
The games, the pomp and seriousness of the camps, 
The different coloured scarves, sweaters and hair 
During the mass meetings, 
The solemnity...

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Categories: irish, child, childhood, children, england, friendship, london, memory,
Form: Free verse
McGillicuddy's Wake
Two new crutches and two double shots of Bushmills Irish Whiskey enabled Joe Faherty to move from the back seat of Moira Murphy's 1976 Buick into Eagan's Funeral Home for Tim McGillicuddy's wake. At 87,...

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Categories: irish, death of a friend, fantasy,
Form: Prose
Long Before ISIS
Thirty years ago, long before ISIS started executing Kurds, Muslims and Christians, I hired a Pakistani Muslim as an art director in Chicago. I was an Irish Catholic editor putting out a small national magazine....

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Categories: irish, friendship,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Speaker, Subject, and Theme in Edna St Vincent Millay's ''Women have loved before as I love now''
“Women Have Loved Before As I Love Now”
by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Women have loved before as I love now;
At least, in lively chronicles of the past-
Of Irish waters by a Cornish prow
Or Trojan waters by...

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Categories: irish, betrayal, desire, literature, love, passion, poetess, sin,
Form: Prose
Hilda's Family Reunion
Paddy didn't want to go to his wife's family reunion. He told her that in the same nice way he had told her in years past so as to avoid other reunions over the many...

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Categories: irish, family, marriage,
Form: Prose
Premium Member Seeking Sanctuary
Diaspora Dwellings

On my way into our sanctuary
this past Sunday morning
a woman I had met in choir
was strangely inclined
to share her family history.

Her dad came over from Ireland
because he wanted better business opportunities
for his healthy future.


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Categories: irish, earth, family, green, health, history, home, travel,
Form: Prose Poetry
A Trick My Father Learned in Prison
I’m not saying my father hated the English, God forbid. If he were still alive, he’d hate to hear me say that. He’d correct me right away and say he didn’t hate the English. Truth...

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Categories: irish, ireland, prison, war, , western,
Form: Prose
Caseworker, 1962
In 1962, I was a caseworker, not a social worker, in the Cabrini-Green Housing Project in Chicago. In that era, the difference between a caseworker and a social worker was simple. A social worker had...

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Categories: irish, poverty,
Form: Prose
Give Peace A Chance Part 1
Like the twelfth
juror in the play
I must say I am not
For I know a recipe
for trouble 
I have seen the
double standards
And I do not approve
this for Kenya
I will never approve
it, and neither
Would you, dear
friend of...

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Categories: irish, peace,
Form: Free verse
Two Lovers VI - Paper Plates
Out with his boys drinking, feeling rowdy
Special occasion
Rolling the way they do
His lover is not with them
She stayed in for the night
He misses her company
But enjoys his time with the guys
He'll swing by later

A local...

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Categories: irish, love, love hurts, men, relationship, romantic love,
Form: Free verse
New Year's Resolutions
Jim Daley and Joe McCarthy had something in common. They died at 80 going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Walt O'Brien, their protege, found this out when he called the homes...

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Categories: irish, new year,
Form: Prose
MiMi and Mary T
Mimi and Mary T.

M P Walsh

It was 25 December,
And a snug-warm Christmas day.
The temp was over 50,
The weather: bright, not gray.

But a sadness on this Sunday fair
Perplexed me...what was wrong?
As I left the cape with...

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Categories: irish, celebration, death,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Picture This
Picture this.
Exploding pipe bombs.
Land fields that can take your arms off.
Driving off road, and frenzied, with excitement 
Adrenaline RAGING.
Oh, yes, Syrian Teenagers,
It is “Let’s See If We Are Really Alive” day.
Okay, we’ll let in some...

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Categories: irish, malayalam, moving on, patriotic, perspective, political, presidents
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Most Irish Fairy Tale - Merry Christmas to All
It is not just Santa Claus who we meet in cold December— 
There is “Carolina,” and she’s the beauty of a winter picture perfect 
With luscious long coal black curly hair far down on her...

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Categories: irish, beauty, children, christmas, love, snow,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Tell Her You Saw Me
Tell her you saw me ...

Tell her I was out on the bluff at the Cape
during a gale, much too close to the rocks.
Tell her the surf was tormenting the ledges,
its roar far too loud...

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Categories: irish, absence, adventure, heartbreak, romance, travel, true love,
Form: Dramatic Monologue