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Long Egg on Poems

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Premium Member The Truth Is Here Somewhere :2: Echo Poem
An Echo Poem

Original: If I Kissed It - Poem by Brian Johnston

If I kissed it, would that make it better? 
Are you needing much more than a friend? 
Would it help if I held you...

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Categories: egg on, forgiveness, friendship, fun, games, life, love,
Form: Bio

The Fork In Hinchmen Road
There is a crooked fork in Hinchmen Road,
Where ghosts are often present,
gathered around the beating post,
of a frightened female peasant.
Hinchmen Road is nowhere near,
any worldly destination.
One wrong turn and you'll disappear,
into a ghostly recreation.
Two centuries...

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Categories: egg on, gothic, halloween, horror, drug,
Form: Verse
Ethereal Egg
Might it be a pool or wishing well
with rainbow ripples round it wound
within an enchanted cosmic dell
of a fabulous world newfound—

or perhaps a spacetime passageway
that tunnels through regions yonder
to place where poets come out to...

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Categories: egg on, animal, humanity, imagery, imagination, nature, space, stars,
Form: Ekphrasis
Premium Member attitude gratitude concerto and cheese

life had written an etude in D minor and barely gave him a pass

D for defeat denial disintegration dour reprise of the inevitable

bottom of the class for society sang to its dominant song book

while he...

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Categories: egg on, growing up,
Form: Free verse
First Quail Hunt
When I turned twelve, Dad bought me a shot gun
Thought two sons hunting with him, would be fun
My brother also got his at that age
They were Remington Wingmaster, 12 gauge

Dad had two Pointer bird dogs,...

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Categories: egg on, adventure, dad, old, red, bird, bird, dad,
Form: Quatrain

Manifestation of metier write
Manifestation of métier write

finds yours truly sitting today 
December 24th at 2:41 P.M. with slight
hunched over mien as  edge of night
quite some hours away when height
of Santa Claus appearance bright
rosy cheeks glow insync with

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Categories: egg on, analogy, birth, business, character, december, freedom, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Lost Causes Remastered
Santa Clauses were to be molten and reshaped into Holy Cross bunnies
		             on a mega 3D printer but then the app somehow went...

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Categories: egg on, easter,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Dragon for President
Oh By Gosh… and By Darn… It’s another political year.
Dragon wants in on it as a political candidate My Dear.
President Dragon is a lot… to sincerely be able to take in.
And he wants his own...

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Categories: egg on, adventure, fantasy, funny, humor, imagination, political, uplifting,
Form: Light Verse
Possum in a Tree Holllow
Near the creek, there’s old dead tree 
We never had climbed before
Big “J” decided he’d go up
Not knowing what was in store

He climbed up to the first big fork
Sat in the crotch of the tree...

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Categories: egg on, animals, tree, me, tree,
Form: Quatrain
Swapping and siphoning off layers upon layers of antique sprays is very very basic.  Antelopes occasionally make brick a brack piles to occupy even the most dormant of cloths. Opiniated eagle ducks soar above...

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Categories: egg on, bangla, beauty,
Form: I do not know?
Sturdy Stock
As she sat down beside me, laying her baby girl across her lap
listening to her newborn coos 
I couldn't help but recall nineteen years ago
on the day they predicted a major snow storm
shutting the whole...

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Categories: egg on, baby, birth, children, health, history, memory, mother,
Form: Free verse
Fire and Ice Grill and Pub
Flaming steaks and ice cold drinks
you thought good food had become extinct
until you ate here and gave us a nod and a wink.

Appetizers galore with soft stringy cheese sticks, artichoke hearts deep fried
with a taste...

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Categories: egg on, celebration, food, imagery, success,
Form: Verse
Bean Juice
A memory is found in the back of my mind
That I thought was stored away
It's creeping back in, without my approval
Oh why would it treat me this way

I keep thinking about that bean juice
But it's...

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© Larry Belt  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: egg on, funnywife, memory, memory,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Electoral College
The Electoral College
By Franklin Price

The Electoral College is outdated they say
Should never have been, and is not for today
They say that the people are not having their way
That the College votes wrong, for the right...

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Categories: egg on, political,
Form: Rhyme
Verbally Twisted
My vocabulary might be a little bent and dented but its mostly twisted, 
a self-made dictionary with a little dark thought and white light in life and craziness itself mixed in it,
 I get up...

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Categories: egg on, adventure, hope, inspirational, life, on writing and
Form: ABC
Design of Inhuman
 The journey began from birth
 Since presented out into this life,
 The brow beating experience,
 Gloom besetting this vagabond soul
 Are harrowing like the trail in front,
 The ancestors had proclaim the future

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Categories: egg on, mysteryjourney, life, universe,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Creating A Super- Hero Children's
When I woke up today, it was kind of tough.

I stretched and I tossed, sunk back down to think about stuff.

My imagination was still dreaming, as it was waking up from sleep.

As I thought about...

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Categories: egg on, art, blessing, blue, butterfly,
Form: Rhyme
Austral Dreaming
From Byron bay to Broome on rolling russet plains
beauty shine’s the Kimberly when the northern territory rains
My heart will always weep when the scent of wattle’s lost
gum trees out of sight my world lays unembossed

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Categories: egg on, home, imagination, red, giggle,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member The Mystery of Humpty Dumpty
(typo just fixed)

Old Humpty Dumpty, the egg on the wall,
had a friend Bacon, who was ten feet tall.
Those two went together like bread goes with jam,
pen goes with paper, or glaze goes with ham!

Friends since...

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Categories: egg on, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
Fly Away
--Fly away.
We were compelled to believe that all men are created equal,
But they lied to our fore fathers and we are just the sequel.
You can turn back the page and gaze at what the truth...

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Categories: egg on, freedom, identity, strength,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Easter Chicken's Lament!
"Happy Easter To You!", is the greeting I hear them shout!
Alas, I just lamely roost here, brood, ponder and pout!
I've worked for weeks making eggs and I'm all tuckered out!
All this hoopla about rabbits, I...

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Categories: egg on, funnyeaster, easter,
Form: Rhyme
Surviving the Recession, Day-To-Day
I awoke again 
In the same godawful place,
With wine bottles on the floor, 
and egg on my face
"Thank Christ" I said...
...I honestly had no idea 
Since the last time I'd eaten,
Where my next meal might...

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Categories: egg on, humorous, philosophy, political, poverty,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Triatribe
America is no longer a melting pot
i question if it really ever was
red tribes were raping each other 
long before the white tribe arrived
if it were a melting pot we'd still be adorned 
with turquoise...

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Categories: egg on, abuse, age, america, angst, anxiety,
Form: Free verse
Giving Thanks
Thanks for the mood this world put me in.
 Thanks for the wars, the corruption, and sin.
 Thanks for collapsing the market with greed.
 Thanks for the stress... for the ulcers that bleed.

Thanks for pretending...

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© Billy Hitz  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: egg on, thanksgiving,
Form: Rhyme
Egg On Our Faces
Egg On My Face

It was about a day or two ago
When I really wanted to know
How many go to heaven each day
And here is what I heard God say

Each and every sin is forgiven
And long...

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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: egg on, religious,
Form: Couplet