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Yangyyolks With Yinyin-Whites

Start and end each day, and life, with a taoist egg. I doubt my eggs are religious. No, but they are natural, organic incubators, co-arising nondual yolk form with white-transparent regenerative function, teleology, and cosmology, maybe, if you're a chicken, or a turkey, or a sitting duck. So you say. I guess these eggs are merely metaphysical. You might best remove "merely" from "meta" lest you perpetuate an oxymoron. Metasystemic physics, like life, at their best, and most permanently encultured, have room for culture and language and religion and spirituality, as well as economic science as eco-logical nature. OK, but I'm not absorbing this political empowering metaphysics of a co-arising incubator, or an egg, or whatever. Eggs are temporary organic incubators. Therefore, comparatively Closed-Set, double-boundary individuated. Only their exterior shells remain actively interdependent with their environ-mental risk and opportunity. This double-boundary formatting eco-centric development responds to thermodynamic balance both yolk-cellular and transparent organic/holistic fuel, energy, fertilizer, compost of 4-channel co-operatively balancing synergetic organization. Eggs are sensitive to co-gravitational pressure and have bilaterally limited tolerance levels for speed of climatic change, which interact with their relative temperatures, temporal sense of internal heat and exterior cold, breathing in and out, slower warm and faster cold. Maybe I am lost in the forest of your analogizing but sounds more like you are co-arising well-composted ego in these eggs. And, this shell sounds like a scientific eco-paradigm, with some seriously revolutionary boundary issues, mutual incompatibility building up a defensive perimeter, anti-inductive while pro-deductive of in-formation dissonance protecting internal design process, even language and enculturation, secluding indigenous specialists to research within, maybe. Still not seeing the Tao in this egg, or ego, or co-arising incubator, or whatever whenever originates and cultivates new life. If Yang is the power of yolked formation, incarnation, while Yin is bilateral-squared flow and function of ecologically positive octave-frequency nutrients, regeneratively composting embryonic fractal forms of RNA/DNA-rooted teleological function, grace, then which is this full-colored economic health-yolk and which is this transparent ecological webbish light, and is it healthier if they tango gracefully, or tangle bad karmically? OK, yes, now I see the taoist, well-timed, egg. This begins to feel like egg-cooking class for a vegan. Now what? An embryo is a "budh", if you are a conscientific Buddha-brain co-arising embryo, and a "bud" in English. If you imagine your Left brain ego-identification as your egg's DNA yolk-center being fed most eco-nutritiously by your RNA-inclusive SuperEco Right-Only Bilateral Not-Languaged Eco-Exegenesis TransParenting cultural fuel-power of yin binomial light squared = c-squared = e-squared prime-relational Wisdom, that might be how a post-millennial eco-scientist would incubate, design, and research, and nondually bicamerate incarnation, comprehensively con-scientific polyculturally co-operative co-arising consciousness as co-regenerative enlightenment. So, we are all economic scientists balancing ego-logical as eco-normative systems. *****Bicameral Sapiens as EcoNomists. Almost. But, because Yang (+) ego/eco-bodies are dipolar incarnations of Yin's transparently co-arising eco-soul intention, Yin is Yang equivalent only as squared, or double-negatived, or double-bound, or double-identified, or both-and as well as either-or, or dipolarly frac-taled, like RNA strings of regenerating in-metaphysic-formation, coincidentally co-arising balancing eco-binomial [prime root of "polynomial"] Right intuitive fractal-octave frequency harmonic in RNA/DNA's spacetime natural co-arising systemic consciousness. Wow, dude, that's some really esoteric **** you've been smoking! Left-yolks just bangin' gracefully away with Right TransParently flowing evolutionary information of eco-conscientific revolutions. Maybe, but sticking with generic embryonic Left-brain beginnings, embryonics, genetics, metaphysics, a bicameral Taoist ego language developer might re-paradigm "esoteric" as "eco-terra"-- Earth's ecological syntax-normative autonomic intelligence, as ubiquitously displayed in co-gravitated fractal-root tree structures of healthy temporal-spatial cellular development, emerging from aptic-universally transparent plasmatic permacultural awareness appreciation of a more aptic-thru-synaptically inclusive bicameral Right-unitarian with Left-universalist eco-consciousness. Now you're saying we are a species of anonymous Buddhists, Taoists, and also Unitarian Universalists? You know, that "anonymous Christian" conjecture by Hans Kung really didn't get great reviews from many multi-religious exegetes. Yes, but Christianity is a theistically framed view of our shared eco-consciousness, our Original Story, while UUs, Taoists, and Buddhists emerge naturally bilateral co-arising principles of shared consciousness as self-proclaiming exegetical teleology incarnating systematic theology; an ecologic of Fuller's Universal Intelligence, Yang-Form with Yin-Function, nondually unitarian, assumes co-gravitational balance as transparent purpose toward discerning ego-satisfactory meaning (and "meme"ing), for "Universe", "Earth", and all DNA/RNA encrypted Earth Tribes sharing a cooperative vocation to balance our co-gravitational solidarity with our thermodynamic eco-DNA/RNA harmonic default preference for Win-Win mutual Yolk and White subsidiarity, reverse-hierarchical governance eco-norms, electromagnetic with elder webbed transparent nutrients co-mentoring infant yolk. I think more rainbowed folks will like these yolks but I'm not so sure our whites will appreciate such co-arising/co-falling transparency.

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