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Father Time's Interview

Hi. We don't have a lot of time, or, well, I guess you do, but I don't, so let's plunge right into the first big question: Which came first, form or function? False dichotomy. No such thing as a totally dysfunctional form, and no such thing as changing function without some form distinguished against a static background, or understory. OK, that was quick! Not really, it just seems that way to you. Whatever, what about space and time? Which came first? Same question. Same answer. Space adds formed place to time's potentiating and exforming bilateral linear function. All right, so hypostatic paradox meets coincidental evolution as co-arising time travel, I guess. About time. So you say. And, yang and yin? Same question. Yang empowers Time's flow while Yin unfolds as yin-yin nondual co-implicating bicamerality, delineating bilateral, binomial time and co-gravity frequencies, synergetic regenerative strings and cycles and tipping points, mutually revolving gravity waves; Double-binding, like not-not injunctions and co-arising natural intelligence as accessible as the nearest co-mutating cells, inductive intuition, subconscious non-languaged awareness of integrating communication as cooperative communion emerging from an enthymematic holding place of polycultural multisystemic Black Hole dual-dark love subconscious nonbeing, co-giveness, Fore-giveness, mutual subsidiary solidarity and coredemptive navigation from past stimuli, pulling, inviting, seducing, branching toward future's ecojust karmic response, ecological reconnections from past to future in each present moment, Re-genesis of The Tree of Co-Arising Death and Life, fear of too-brief time's revelation, revolution, between death and life and rebirth yielding both further death and purgation and further freedom and facility and harmonic diversity of eco-species and uniquely ego-centering song; until we sometimes overheat our climatic landscapes with less than fully optimized cooperative function. Wow! Was that good for you? I don't know how many nested climaxes you intended to create there, but, anyway, what about dark and light, black and white, dispossession and possession of transparency? Same question. Black is white light's full octaved closed-set form as light is emergent black's informating octave-ergodic dark-dense function. So is that like a color wheel observation or some kind of cosmologically universal statement? Yes. The ultra-violet spectrum completes time's full octave frequencies, your human natured atomic picture frame, the outline of a tree including the tree's equivalent subterranean understory, and undervalued root system. Undervalued by egocentric left-brain dominant culture, not by right-left bicameral balancers and health/wealth harmonizers and polyculturists, all the way back to shamans noticing naturally seasoned cycling systems of birth and decomposition and then new birth again. You did it again, that thing when you sound like you're channeling Bucky Fuller and you start talking about one thing and then pulling words about some other irrelevant thing, turning analogical coincidence into ecological correlates. Yes. I suppose that's how language evolved to iconically place-hold neural memory patterns of synaptic crisis and aptically benign eco-norms, structured as DNA fractals, cycling octave holonic frequent flow functions. I'll take a pass on even pretending connections between DNA's structure and revolving articulation of syntax. How about the chicken and egg? Which came first? What's the difference? I don't know. It's one of those questions philosophers like to ask. No. I mean, what's the difference between a chicken and its egg? Well, one has feathers and wings and sometimes lays an egg and the other is sort of oval and smooth hard-shelled, and gooey inside. This chicken you are asking about, did it lay the egg you are asking about, or did this chicken emerge from the egg you are asking about? Or, maybe both, at different stages of chicken with egg development? If so, then I guess they too evolved coincidentally. If I may comment off record here, you keep asking questions about evolutionary production and consumption cycles, as if progenitive decomposition, metamorphic transitions through self-renewing stages of paradox were not the reverse face of regeneration, as if we could have mature plants during summer's contenting heat without cold hibernation of winter's dissonant contentiousness, or any concept of optimized cooperative living without something we fear as death, loss of corporate-structured life. I told you I would only do this interview if you promised to not critique our stupid questions. There is no such thing, but some are much more perennially and permaculturally productive than others. If you say so. What would be the most insightful question I could ask you and please go ahead and answer it too. Save me some trouble. Why is the duration of your DNA's life potential measured only with egocentric "Closed Set Universe" rooted quantitative values? Because "Open System" inductive/consumptive life-form balance is only perpetually (not conclusively) defined by eco-ionic production of (0) sum binomial root systems, double-crossing Eulerian prime relationship spacetime function. The beginning and end of your DNA string appear terminal rather than transitional if you identify your self as ego, rather than as your co-operative portion of eco-regenerative consciousness. OK, well, thank you for that, I think. How do you feel about the ground covered so far? Anything else I should ask? I wish you would give higher priority to ecological and feminist justice platforms. What's the difference between a feminist agenda and an ecological platform? Nice job; very excellent question. Which came first is like asking which is the producer and which is the later consumer, when these functions emerge coincidentally throughout a life, a dream, a generation.

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Date: 7/26/2015 10:11:00 PM
Gerald, I am growing to love your writing style...pre-eminently because I have no idea what you are talking about most of the time, but I love the way you talk about it. This whole thing makes me wonder if I am stupid, or you are brilliant on a level I can't even begin to comprehend...and I know I am not stupid.
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Dillenbeck Avatar
Gerald Dillenbeck
Date: 7/26/2015 10:56:00 PM
Preston Graham--I love your name, so I just had to write both parts together. Well, of course I have a vested interest in seconding your notion of "not stupid." I was recently invited to speak about justice from a Unitarian Universalist pulpit, and maybe 50% of these very bright and educated people seemed to know what I was talking about some of the time, but one elderly woman came up to me afterward with a radiant smile and warm handshake she said "You speak a language that is uniquely your own."

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