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Stepped inside Bucky's Universal Credit Union today to ask what could I invest in with least risk and greatest potential for self-optimizing return? He invited me to sit down to consider cooperative transactions as our intentional understory camouflaged within our ecotherapeutic relationships, like summer's warm sun emerging from winter's cold clouds, like noon folding out from appositional midnight, like death enfolding regenerative life, like life unfolding transmorphic death of Mother's absorbent egg, like space unfolding time's eternally present diastatically emergent NOW. So, here I sit while economic advisor Fuller explicates his negative corollary: sociopathic Win-Lose strategies of domination and dissonant relationships with oneself others, Earth and all her diversely lovely tribes, is business-as-usual competitive investment or disinvestment away from: cooperative compassion, ecotherapeutic justice for all, choosing to live within mutual subsidiarity and solidarity of purpose. I was hoping to find and incubate a nest egg free of unbalanced blemish, divested of too much Yang empowerment of competitive Western culture, Left-brain domination of Earth's Yin-Yin Win-Win chronic thrival of the integrative fittest, like permaculturist designs and cooperative lifestyles, time's yang/yin spirally revolving balancing ergodic act of thermodynamic and electrogravitational balance, rather than increasing climatic eruptions within and without. This Universal Credit Union follows Intelligent Cooperative Design, synergetic, active mutual-mentoring principles and investment policies, Bucky responds, supporting our logical conclusion, our current ecological outcome, that Yang-Left brain competitive Win-Lose cultural domination trends already toward burning, consuming more of Time's resources, enspaciating incarnating a planetary hydraulic temporal crisis. Our decompositional function, as a species, has not kept pace with regenerating Earth's Solar Systemic balanced nature. We "educate" both producers and consumers about most everything except how to keep these two primal Yang with Yin flow and form and force functions in balance as individuals and families, neighborhoods and indigenous communities of increasingly siloed, isolating, marginalizing disrespecting desacralizing our evolved diversity. Those with eyes and ears to see and hear eco-centrically, join this Universal Credit Union. Those who see and hear best, most ecologically, remain most rationally and mindfully-conscious and cooperative economists; rather far afield from Dominatrix short-term stock holder incorporation, incarnation, enculturation about ownership without commitment, passive-aggressive possession and dispossession. I would very much like to invest in this natural resource we call time. To invest in working with time, is to divest of working against time. To struggle with time together, is to divest of struggling against time. To invest in designing with time's natural seasons and days and consumer-producer balancing ways, is to divest of designing against time's intrinsic permacultural nature. Our Universal Credit Union's self-optimizing ecotherapy balances dipolar time's negative correlational view of full Yang as overly dominating and toxic power, and full Yin as overly chaotic, entropic disynergetic, disunitarianism; lack of discernible relationship, resonance, resolution, regeneration, redemption, lack of an on-target balance, wu-wei response. Predicting cooperative economic optimization follows permacultural design precedent, balancing four essential natural functions, each within its dynamic season: Summer's full production follows new life's energetic consumption, as winter's decompositional design analysis follows autumn's falling regenerative seeds. Ecojustice practice seeds naturally cooperative production as ecotherapeutic temporal design and intention informs future's regeneration of living diversity, evolution. This permaculturing credit union actively loves win-win cooperation with time. Time's power is not our ultimate shared enemy. Time reveals its nutritious and/or toxic nature through our relationships, our transactions, our actions together or divisive, through what we absorb, consume, and what we produce, what we dissonantly or confluently offer with each communication, day, and life. Given your current assets, responsibilities, investments, vocations, family, property and cooperative political and sociotherapeutic values, and disvalues, all your confluences and dissonances, all your positives and negatives, all your loves and your hates, all your ego power and your eco-passioned mind, your win-win gaming assumption that we are all invested in regenerative life together, then what do your negative dissonant competitives teach you about future possibilities for positive confluent cooperatives? For each human natural system, whether we sub-optimize with ego-centric awareness, or synergetically optimize with eco-centric consciousness, depends on which one we feed most nutritiously. Never give up. Always give down stream, whenever possible. Time's creative right-now interdependent risk, for freedom and opportunity, for justice with peace, is Yang-future as Yin-past karmic eternal presence, gifting each one forward toward downstream, while looking out and up stream with gratitude for all who have come through this DNA string back to our shared RNA original point of time's awareness, meaning, and balancing purpose of synergetic, loving life. We only give downstream, toward our future, what and whom we would all hope to receive from upstream's past. We never give out to a hopeless past; we always give in to our faithful present. We never give back our gifts from time's past. We always give forward to cooperatively invest in our shared therapeutic future. We soar through time's economy together when we avoid competing to individually fly up and out and apart.

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