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Long Caroline Poems

Long Caroline Poems. Below are the most popular long Caroline by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Caroline poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Sandy Hook Poems 2: Student Tributes
Here are tribute poems for exceptional children and teachers who should be alive today:

Emilie Parker,
the horror grows starker
as we see your sweet image
and cringe at the carnage;
but dear, how you mesmerize
with those vivid blue eyes

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Categories: caroline, children, school, student, teacher, usa, violence, war,
Form: Verse

Some Places I've Called Home
Home is where the heart is,
Or so the saying goes.
There Is really much more than this,
As everyone, surely, knows.

Home is where you hang your hat,
Is another slogan that Is nifty.
There’s much, much more than that

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Categories: caroline, adventure, heart, home, heart, home, places,
Form: Rhyme
Christmas Landia
On the Twenty Fifth, December Night,
Black Skies Sparkle with  bright light!
Church Bells ring,Ding!Dong!Ding!
Chores of angels  ,start to sing!
Merry Christmas!Everyone!
Happy Birthday,Jesus Son.

We rejoice in prayer and joy,
as We thank this New Born Boy,
He is...

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Categories: caroline, friendshipchristmas, time, prayer, christmas, time,
Form: Name
I am Caroline Foster

I am Caroline Foster.
I am fifteen-years-old.
I am shortish.
I am rather thin.
I am intelligent I guess.
I am oblivious.
I am weird.
I am childish.
I am different and not in a good way.

I am the girl who sits in...

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Categories: caroline, angst, anti bullying, anxiety, beautiful, dark, depression,
Form: Free verse
2020 Glastonbury Fest
Dancing and singing along with the rest 
With the sun beaming down
It’s Glasto at its very best

The teatime slot my favourite spot
Iconic performances from idols past
Still going strong as they sing all night long
Never dreaming...

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Categories: caroline, inspirational, joy, music, tribute,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member I've Made Love To (?) here @ The Soup
Amy Green, Poet Destroyer and Skitty S.K.A.T. Pooh.
Just a few of the Great Women I've made love to here at the soup.
Carolyn Devonshire and Sara Kendrick too
and Andrea Dietrich, you fire cracker you.
A Rambling Poet,...

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Categories: caroline, dedication, women, sweet, love, sweet, women,
Form: Rhyme
What Exactly is Christmas
What Exactly is Christmas?
By: Caroline Knudsen

Christmas isn’t just about the presents you receive and the food.
It’s not based on all the cute decorations.
It’s more than that.
Christmas is about the birth of Christ.
The joy and love...

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Categories: caroline, birth, caregiving, celebration, christian, december, jesus,
Form: ABC
A swinging sixties chick was I dressed head to toe in Biba
Miniskirts my mother loathed and free love too, so I was told
Music of choice was Motown and Soul that played upon my radio
At weekends...

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Categories: caroline, music, nostalgia, youth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member What Goes Up, Must Come Down Contest
What Goes Up, Must Come Down
Sponsor: Catie Lindsey

~Different beliefs can be a blessing~

He was born on a chilly Saturday afternoon, sweet boy with lots of love,
we all knew he'd be very special because he had...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: caroline, angel, birth, cancer, grandchild, heaven,
Form: Couplet

The steady winds blows
Across the sea to the land
We were building a tent
Right there on the sand

The sun shines so bright
With the most bluest sky
And we would stop to look
When the girls passes by

It was...

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Categories: caroline, introspection, life, day,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member First and Last Palindrome!
(I'm really sorry if I left your name off, but I tried to do
 all the premium members I could imagine plus the 
non-premiums with whom I regularly communicate.
 If you are not here, I'm...

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Categories: caroline, peoplepoets,
Form: List
Today we sing 
Great joy we bring
To those sweet souls  
Words long forgotten

For just a while we take them to
  a peaceful magical place
    a place they knew

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Categories: caroline, music, song, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme
The Deposition by Michelangelo
The Deposition by Michelangelo

He could not stop once he began the work
Of shaping a most painful scene in stone
For the whole world to see and remember
Hoping they will feel what he felt so strong
Jesus, His...

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Categories: caroline, artpain, write, life, write,
Form: ekphrasis
Charlotte Sweet Charlotte
Charlotte Sweet Charlotte
You are quiet tonight
You can still see the stars from your streets
A city so charming
And filled with delight
This southerner sure can compete

Unlike other cities
With tall buildings and more
You still have the grace of...

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Categories: caroline, community, football, mountains, places, poetry,
Form: Personification
Premium Member My Ten Grands and More
One of my grandsons, name of Benjamin
He likes eating toast made with cinnamon
But uses his wits
To not eat his grits
Then excuses himself like a gentleman

Charlie thrives on competition
Out smarting you is his mission
Bear hugs
Tiny bugs,...

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Categories: caroline, familyme,
Form: Limerick
Jamaica, no problem
Tonight from our distant, foreign shore
Tonight where the waves of Florida splash the shore
Tonight, like children hunger for a mother's breast
Tonight, Jamaica, your lore abates the stress.
And the children in the yard playing there
Hide and...

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Categories: caroline, places, upliftingchildren, life, children, life,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Little House On The Prairie
~Lttle House on The Prairie~

I just love that T.V. show  Little House On The Prairie
To me is nicer and more fun to watch  than Tom and Jerry 
I still enjoy watching this ...

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Categories: caroline, beautiful, books, celebrity, family,
Form: Rhyme
Out cast
. …Yes sweet Carol Brown
the out cast drives himself away...
never a thought for another way...
selfishness hast cast the rod ..
suggesting he is more than god...
come uppance he must pay...
Lovely verse sweet Caroline...
constant fire insatiable time...

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Categories: caroline, adventuresweet, sweet,
Form: Rhyme
Thank you fellow poets in poetry soup
Thank you fellow poets  in poetry soup

For leaving all your kind thoughts and critiques

You have given me the inspiration to  continue on

And for that I am humbled and grateful

May twenty ten be filled...

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Categories: caroline, thank youautumn,
Form: Free verse
Lady Caroline RothClare
She was bad, cunning. pretty and bold,
And her story I must tell before I get old,
Her father an Earl who fell on hard times,
Turned Rogue and then was hung for his crimes.

She was brought up...

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Categories: caroline, father daughter, romance, violence,
Form: Ballad
Watermelon Memories
Watermelon Memories

When summer time comes around
Down memory lane is where I’m bound
Time to get some watermelon
Not the kind the stores are sellin’
But the kind that Grandpa grew
Pink and juicy through and through
We’d go down to...

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Categories: caroline, childhood, memory,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Little House On The Prairie
I just love that T.V. show  Little House On The Prairie 
To me is nicer and more fun to watch  than Tom and Jerry 
I still enjoy watching this  very clean family...

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Categories: caroline, childhood, family, happy, house, husband, love, parents,
Form: Rhyme
M. I. A. ( Missing In Action )

The date was nineteen and sixty nine,
A soldier wrote a girl named Caroline,
The VC were starting to close in,
He wasn't sure when he could write again.

But there was...

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Categories: caroline, lost love, sad, war, god, heart, god,
Form: Rhyme
A Memorable Night

It was an EVEning to remAMBER for Jane,
WEN DA men gathered in the GLEN,
OL I VER there were Taylor's friends uNOAHn
So, she was STEPH AN' FREDDYn' alone 
Then HER MAN, Taylor, called out
In an almost...

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© Jo Daniel  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: caroline, fun, word play,
Form: Narrative
A Ride With Mom
A Ride With Mom

All alone in bed
Tonight I am dreaming of the dead

Mom and I were in the car driving
I had no idea where we would be arriving

It was a sunny day
Mom didn’t have much...

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Categories: caroline, lovemom, me, write, thanksgiving, love, me, mom,
Form: Lyric