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Long Actress Poems

Long Actress Poems. Below are the most popular long Actress by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Actress poems by poem length and keyword.

Rejection Slips 3
Rejection Slips 3

by Michael R. Burch

When I was closest to love, it did not seem
real at all, but a thing of such tenuous sweetness
it might dissolve in my mouth
like a lozenge of sugar.

When I held...

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Categories: actress, death, desire, family, heart, life, longing, love,
Form: Rhyme

Juvenilia: Early Poems IV
Juvenilia: Early Poems IV
I wrote this around age 17.

Bible Libel
by Michael R. Burch

If God
is good
half the Bible
is libel.

I read the Bible from cover to cover at age eleven, ten chapters per day, at the suggestion...

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Categories: actress, poems, poetry, poets, teen, write, writing, youth,
Form: Rhyme
Poems about Children II
Poems about Children II

On Looking into Curious George’s Mirrors
by Michael R. Burch

for Maya McManmon, granddaughter of the poet Jim McManmon

Maya was made in the image of God;
may the reflections she sees in those curious mirrors

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Categories: actress, child, childhood, children, grandchild, granddaughter, grandfather, grandparents,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Picture of Dorian Gray: Paint Me As An Event
The Picture of Dorian Gray: Paint Me As An Event
The Picture of Dorian Gray, a decent fanciful novel by Irish writer Oscar Wilde, published in 1890. The novel, the only one written by Wilde, had...

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Categories: actress, angst, character, muse,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Juozas Miltinis Learning Years in Paris

It was September 
Of one thousand 
Nine hundred seven
The end of summer
With apples lying thickly
Under the apple trees
And the smell of Autumn
Covering the grass
Filled with ripe yellow
And orange squash
He was born in a little
Wooden house...

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Categories: actress, art, destiny, french, history,
Form: Bio

Premium Member Unquotable quotes: Paris the last week of the August reprieve- XXXV Part Two
Unquotable quotes: Paris, the last week of the August reprieve – XXXV Part Two

The first signs reek tell-tale

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: actress, august, autumn, farewell, lost love, winter,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Cameron Diaz
Herpetologist meets actress (Cameron Diaz).
If he's funny he's me.
South America or Africa (on location).
In a diamond mind.
The protagonists (lovers), the diamonds, the miners and the minders.
By minders I (he) mean (means) watchers, organizers, supervisors.
As all...

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Categories: actress, america, beauty, funny, happiness, peace, political, science,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Come and Go
Her back never faces the door

“I’ll only need you on certain days”

she says

“I’ll have to write them down
my memory doesn’t work so well
especially when I am caught up”

she’s thinking
(a lovely stare)

“Who is that in the...

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Categories: actress, mental illness,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Unquotable Quotes VIIIL: SEXUAL HARASSMENT - the feminist kind
Unquotable Quotes VIIIL : SEXUAL HARASSMENT* - the feminist kind

(*”aggressive pressure or intimidation”: Is it really “any different” in most cases in the act, judging by Hollywood standards?)

 - standing with legs...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: actress, beautiful, crush, cute love, desire, humor, men,
Form: Free verse
The victim list keeps growing

But no one really cares

The gristmill claims another one

Keep your hands in and don't stare

Hollywood is the golden land

The eternal silver screen

But many souls are lost here

A lot of greats or...

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Categories: actress, america, betrayal, culture, loneliness, pain, society,
Form: Epic
Premium Member One Summer Night
I was rehearsing for an upcoming play, but it wasn't going well,
For I somehow lacked inspiration, and my delivery did not excel.

If only I could read more feelingly, I uttered with a sad sigh,
I would...

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Categories: actress, career, dream, fantasy, magic, rose, summer, time,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member For Years
For Years !!!

Four years have been on the run, on the wane
and yet, I still feel your beauty, still feel the pain
that came with – an end – the end you made me aware,
of, we,...

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Categories: actress, love hurts,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Curtain Malfunction
Curtain Malfunction 						

Last scene seemingly enacted, 
the curtain’s closing due to ensue,
a worn pulley jams 
leaving long, gathered velvet pleats 
strung-up in the rafters.
Bows not yet cued, the players trudge about the stage 
with no...

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Categories: actress, confusion, humorous,
Form: Free verse
Dedicated to Valerie Haper, actress and John Denver, singer!
Who were just wo, of hundreds who launched  the Hunger Project,
In 1976!
Original title was a Salute to Valerie Haper. But it was not
adequate. It was more...

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Categories: actress, dedication, inspiration, love, motivation, poets, remember,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Netflix, Hulu
Neftlix, Hulu, autumn elaeagnus
thorns, small hairy buds, twigs hyper-lenticelled
fruits supposedly edible, leaves elongated, oblong
xerophytic but found in wetland
introduced species, some say invasive

Xbox is invasive
Hulu is the best source of foreign films
and foreign films represent reality...

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Categories: actress, dream, fear, february, people, romantic, time, winter,
Form: Verse
Seventeen Hours
I have uncovered something of importance
Well importance of me
I admit
my attention has been shared
my attention has been stolen, distracted
but my public
you already know the details
but my public
you already know the stories
yet I call you here...

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Categories: actress, cute love,
Form: Free verse
Two-week Lovers, Part III
So came the pattern they would embrace,
each spent two weeks a year at the other's place.
The dates sometimes varied on her schedule,
but each made sure that their time was not dull.

She got some bigger roles,...

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Categories: actress, angst, celebration, confusion, desire, love, love hurts,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member You Don't Like Me
you don't like me...and that's ok
you need your comfort zone in tact
and so you keep away
passionately intense people
can make life a little messy
blood bath of emotions
on display
night or day
It's ok

Never thought you had it in...

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Categories: actress, truth, , literature,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Jasmine, the girl in gym with me, has a reputation of the school, theatre slut.
I BET IN THE NEXT TEN YEARS... she will become a famous actress who will end up
Being apart of the biggest...

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Categories: actress, high school, irony, judgement, life, drug, ,
Form: Free verse
By Street Cries

The flesh is like feed me feed me when you follow this world that's when things get greeze
Flesh is like feed me feed me when you follow this world things get greeze

He grow...

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Categories: actress, betrayal, deep, destiny, drug, irony, life, lust,
Form: Epic
''To Much Truth''
      What are you thinking don't you know others read this,whatever it's supposed to be
      Truth or fiction if this gets back to the papers...

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Categories: actress, abuse, allusion, anger, drink, political, power, success,
Form: Narrative
Not Really That Special, Part I
She was a young woman named Cassidy,
and she was not really lacking for looks,
the type of girl who liked the party scene,
would look at her phone, but not that much at books.

She had only reached...

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Categories: actress, beauty, humanity, lust, men, relationship, sad, women,
Form: Narrative
Aging long haired pencil neck geezer
(alternately titled no particular reason:
bring unto “fake” trumpeting Caesar
seven salad dressings from deep freezer
and lettuce deign at your plea azure.)

Graced with boyish good looks,
innocence and naiveté to boot,
an especial loathing toward me
chicken legs re: spindleshanks


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Categories: actress, 12th grade, 7th grade, creation, humor, hyperbole,
Form: Free verse
I know it is not so
but I have the clear feeling
that at any moment
you will open the door
with your noisy key ring,
and I will hear distinctly
the off-key sound
of your slow and heavy steps
that no longer...

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Categories: actress, death, father, loss, cat,
Form: Narrative
A Circus Clown
A Circus Clown   Story/poem

Once there was a circus clown. He lived to make the people happy.
Everyday he would dress up, paint his face to be ready for his show.
This clown was not like...

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Categories: actress, uplifting,
Form: Free verse