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Light Poems

Light Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about lights. This list of light poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples of light poetry. This list of works about light is an excellent resource for examples on how to write light poems.

New Poems

Lovitivity v1
Time is the recorder, measuring events that expire
And not the Judge, deciding when events transpire
it silently and anonymously prints beginnings to endings
The world juried our Love affair
Earth’s, Mountains and Rivers observes Us moving as fast as a locomotive
Its verdict mellow,...Read More
Categories: light, earth, i love you, love, space,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Miss Takes and Miss Deeds
 Miss Takes had been brought to light ~
   Miss Deeds proved that she hadn't been right...Read More
Categories: light, truth, word play,
Form: Epigram
Premium Member Sacrifice
Offering up poetry to be consumed
Publicly by members of society,
Resembles standing naked in the spotlight,
Caught in it hard glare....Read More
Categories: light, poetry,
Form: Sapphic stanza
Premium Member The Heart is a Lonely Stranger
The heart is a lonely stranger
found in the darkest void from a shattered life
It will wander endlessly
until the depth of pain has bled all its blood
upon the solitary floor of the mind
To leave a stain etched in the growing mold
that...Read More
Categories: light, dark, loneliness, pain,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member FROM FREEDOM LIGHT- -
You see the night it shine bright
I come you came from freedom light
Now break upon my life ward edge
Peaks the valleys of broken ridge
Often not more than opt to be sought
So what is more so but upward?
To score descend backward...Read More
Categories: light, analogy, appreciation, blessing, courage, freedom,
Form: Blank verse

Premium Member Never Ending Praise
Never Ending Praise
I shall in my sadness praise Him
Praise Him in the glorious light
for I find out that when I praise Him
I shall in my sadness praise Him
I should continually do so always
For in this everything shall be alright
I shall...Read More
Categories: light, analogy, appreciation, blessing, desire, devotion, how i
Form: Triolet
Premium Member Right now
Right Now.
If you knew how I feel right now
you’d be drinking too
A breath away from ending it all
Feeling lonely
And a very dark shade of blue
The ceiling is coming down
The walls are closing in
I’ve just had too much
And my resolve is...Read More
Categories: light, absence, anxiety,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The preying night
Remember when time was new?
An early day, a long night too!

Remember when you once knew a child who put up a fight with you?
A child who saw the fading light in you. A star so bright you both once knew....Read More
Categories: light, abuse, addiction, age, conflict, dream, drink, sad,
Form: Free verse
Daffodils and My Ageing Aunt

I try to visit her at least once a week
for lunch, or take her shopping, then spend
a few hours listening to a waterfall
of repeated small talk soaking my brain
and wearing away my endurance,
but pretending to hear for the first time....Read More
Categories: light, age, daffodils,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Born again Christian
Born again Christian, imagine that!? She found Christ at the laundry mat..
He appeared some where between rinse and spin and now he definitely resides with in..
 She no longer drinks. She no longer smokes. She doesn't hang out with unsavory...Read More
Categories: light, christian, religion,
Form: Light Verse
Practicing for Heaven
Most of the music I’ve written will never see the light of day
I guess it wasn’t meant to be heard here
But that’s okay because still I persevere
Driven by a sense that it’s not for nothing

That there’s an eternity coming…

Where the...Read More
Categories: light, christian, faith, heaven, introspection, motivation,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Trying to remember, why I write
Trying to remember why,I write 
Why I tried with all my might 
To create words that made me sound
Like I was educated and extremely bright
I guess,I was created too write to inspire others
To never loose hope or sight of the...Read More
Categories: god, hope, inspirational, light, lost,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Love Lull into Weightlessness
Beautiful picturesque soft glowing light 
against the darkness, whilst burning shooting
star catapult through the sky in its flight. 
Spinning fine idyllic thread flow, moving.

In mine heart, I evoke the narrative 
wist of our youth. An inexhaustible 
love; now lost in...Read More
Categories: light, dream, love, sorrow,
Form: Sonnet
Clean burn
It is my delight to wright 
In the early morning light

When the coming day is on the edge
With coffee that can float an iron wedge

Sustenance and wonder meet
Words fall out in a steady beat

I rarely ever write in rhyme
But that...Read More
Categories: light, funny, writing,
Form: Rhyme
Not Condemn but to persuade
Say goodbye to the masquerade.
Let Light come in, let darkness fade.
The Word we cannot sugar coat.
It’s what separates the sheep from the goat.
But we simply can’t throw stones.
Or leave the fire shut up in our bones.
We cannot water down the...Read More
Categories: light, christian, gospel,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Silent Pitch and Sportsmanship
It is not a conversation you overhear,
Like the questions rolling underfoot,
"Who goes there?".
You can see the grass has told
How tall to grow
To the chicory, dandelions and clover.
At the edge of the pitch
Where competition is stiff,
They grow bigger, taller and bolder;
Yet...Read More
Categories: light, flower, nature, sports,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Online Dating
Looking for love on computer lines
in the faces of many strangers
where no light of love ever shines
dancing in and out of dangers.

Looking for love electronic
manly visages on pages.
No welcome home yet in the dark,
broad range of generous ages.

Where is the...Read More
Categories: light, love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Sonnet And Rhyme, A Double Presentation
Sonnet And Rhyme, A Double Presentation

Are Poets Truly Born To Be Cannon Fodder

Heart struck, blood-let by black arrows thus shot
within soul- can not poetry reward,
those that ink giving freely all they got
playing face up, each and every card?

Does this darkened...Read More
Categories: light, art, character, conflict, creation, truth, wisdom, writing,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Gift of Laughter
the gift of laughter
decorates a life with light
fills a heart with joy...Read More
Categories: appreciation, humor, inspirational, life, light,
Form: Senryu
Premium Member Show Me The Way
Show me the way to where light does dwells
And I will lead you from the house of darkness

Show me where love does magic spells
And I will show you the place of peace

Show me the doorway to heaven
And I will show...Read More
Categories: light, emotions, encouraging,
Form: Free verse
Last night
I poured some memories into a glass 
They didn’t fill it, not at all
The bottle was almost empty 
When I started pouring
Someone else’s history
I sipped, gulped, finished it
I always drink too quickly
When I like the taste
Such a stupid thing...Read More
Categories: light, break up, cry, dark, depression, friend, grief,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member death of an angel
emerald green were her frantic eyes; short dark chestnut hair, soft as silk-
the beautiful in her knew not her beauty, which is why she was
so perfect for me

love sewn on my heartstrings with thread so delicate it could wither at...Read More
Categories: light, angel, death, deep,
Form: Verse
Premium Member In YesterSmiles of YOU

When we were young

We ran in circles 

We had fun

Skipping over puddles

As we played

We’d sing and dance in rain


I often recall

We’d be hugging 

All night long

I'd feel you breathing softly 

Next to me

In vivid memories

The Yesternights

When we would walk

Along...Read More
Categories: light, love, memory, smile,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Collective Guilt LM
‘What good´s permitting some prophet of doom? To wipe every smile away …’

The orator grins at his drunken audience through make up and mask

Opens the cabaret’s veil in the theatre of forsaken minds on the run

Champagne flows from magic fountains...Read More
Categories: light, history,
Form: Free verse
Stand together
As young as she was left in the dark alone and scared and left out 

She found a light to guide her way,

As cold as it was that day she was young not understanding

She found a light to guide her...Read More
Categories: light, betrayal, confidence, dedication, for her, growth, peace,
Form: I do not know?

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