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Red Light Poems

These Red Light poems are examples of Light poems about Red. These are the best examples of Light Red poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Still-life Water Lilies

On placid waters of the reflecting pool, 
petals fully open as in a gesture of silent 
imploring, surrounded by a world 
of shimmering reflections.

Small red...

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Categories: light, beauty,

The Continuing Event
Mother Gaia vibrates and is referred to as Eden, Earth, Heaven, The Fifth Dimension, Great Atlantis and Lemuria.

Vibrating at hire frequencies and connecting to hire...

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Categories: light, adventure, appreciation, growth, journey,

In blood-washed canyonlands a stallion stands,
soft eyes trained on a fire-hearted mare.
Watching her nervously circle the sands,
prancing forward and back; she weighs out his dare.


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Categories: fire, horse, light, love,

Premium Member The Tree Hugger and the Lost Paradise

"The Tree Hugger and the Lost Paradise"

They called her 
the tree hugger,
her forest was full 
of trees that watched
silently, they had 
no mouth to speak,

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Categories: dark, light, muse, mystery,

Premium Member Earth Hugging
What could I do? 

What to do
when your biological,
and even formerly sober ecological,
relationships suddenly veer insanely romantic?

Or worse,
and yet
not always distrustful,
or not,
maybe deeper sadness
and occasional...

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Categories: health, light, passion, peace,

Premium Member A Couple who Miscommunicates
I buy her the prettiest things he congratulates himself.
Why does she never wear any of them?
He tries so hard, she thinks. But I hate grays...

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Categories: light, confusion,

Laughing into 2023- Part 2
Stretch your ribs with laughter:

I was at the wedding ceremony and this woman opposite looked at me  and said" every time I smile, I...

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Categories: light, celebration, crazy, wisdom,


     With a rose between teeth
      red mouth calling me

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Categories: light, allegory, allusion, analogy, appreciation,

Premium Member I Say Nothng to These Vultures
At eighty my beloved grandma began buying insane, whimsical things.
Filling her house up with all kinds of feathers, glitter, and bedazzled stuff.
We’ll have to have...

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Categories: light, fun,

Premium Member Unspeakable Joy
There are wrinkles
Now, lines erasing a past
Where the fine contours of her face
Were drawn, in color
Crisp, clean lineages from 
Time echoing hope,
Soothing away the fragments

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Categories: light, faith, hope, inspirational, jesus,

Premium Member Spiritual Wisdom Download
My school,                                               ...

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Categories: girl, light, peace, school,

Premium Member Winter's Hue - WS

Sapphire and scarlet
Vibrant colors, singing love
Songs, joy erasing the night

Brilliant hues, graceful
Wings soaring in passionate
Purple, glowing, shimmering

Winter Sedoka Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Charles Messina
January 11, 2023


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Categories: light, color, imagery, winter,


jambo flowers falls from the red tree
it even resemble as it blooms, bolshevik
the whole street -painted carmine

ps   Obsolete form of jambul.

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Categories: light, allegory, allusion, analogy, extended

Premium Member Poor Fairy Godmother
The carriage arrived at the ball a few minutes fashionably late.
Which was exactly what Fairy Godmother had hoped for.
However, the carriage was empty.
The door opened...

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Categories: light, books,

Premium Member There Will Be More Christmases
With or without snow...
there will be more Christmases,
more candles that glow,
more carols for me to sing;
going that peace brightens all hearts!
I'll give the beggar, who's...

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Categories: christmas, evil, light, love,