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Bright Light Poems

These Bright Light poems are examples of Light poems about Bright. These are the best examples of Light Bright poems written by international poets.


On the Horns of a Dilemma (I)
by Michael R. Burch

Love has become preposterous
for the over-endowed rhinoceros:
when he meets the right...

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Categories: light, fun, funny, giggle, humor,

Premium Member Self-existent light
In the deepest darkest sea,
where sunlight is non-existent,
the deep-sea angler fish lures its prey
with a bio-luminescent bait
made by its symbiotic bacterial mate.

Deprived of light from...

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Categories: light, nature,

In the realm of life, where shadows dance,
There exists a force, a divine expanse,
A beacon of light, through darkest night,
A flame that flickers, ever burning...

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Categories: light, 1st grade, allegory, christian,

Premium Member Shall We Seek Truth, Light And Heart's Golden Shield
Shall We Seek Truth, Light, And Heart's Golden Shield

A banquet of wine and cool summer breeze
in a year of bounty and fellowship fine 
Life gives...

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Categories: light, appreciation, beautiful, deep, emotions,

Premium Member Lost

In spite of my fear
Allow me to hear – Your gentling,
Your light, Your inspirations so bright

In spite of my darkness
Allow me to grow – through...

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Categories: light, appreciation, blessing, christian, conflict,

Premium Member Bright Lights
Bright Lights

Lights within the night.
In shapes that raise spirits high.
Bring tears to ones eye.

Josehf Lloyd Murchison...

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Categories: emotions, light, spiritual,

Premium Member God made him that way
"Here comes trouble" some people said,
just because his hair was red..
He saw he was different with his bright,
red mane but knew on the inside he...

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Categories: light, abuse, bullying,

the world
Once I lived far of hundred miles,
I saw people chasing lies

the forest and cottages and holy sky 
how can people forget in whose love they...

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Categories: light, for teens, writing, youth,

Premium Member There's a Light that Shines Ever Bright
There's a Light that Shines Ever Bright
There are deeper depts in the darkness
Come Father I shall come
I will be drawn unto thine wisdom
O' I shall...

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Categories: light, analogy, creation, inspirational,

Screen of awareness
As years go by, our bodies start to age,
Aging brings changes, our beliefs evolve.
Yet amidst this ever-changing stage,
Awareness remains constant, it resolves.

The screen of our...

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Categories: light,

Premium Member Echo of the Son

Just beyond the azure sea, sun reflects
Hues in tangerine and blushing effects

Breathing joy through the clear, cool night
Holding a guitar built from songs so bright


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Categories: light, appreciation, beautiful, christian, hope,

Life - A journey's tale
Life is a voyage, that we must all embark,
We win or lose, with every move we mark,
We must delve into the unknown,
And climb every hill,...

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Categories: light, celebration, courage, dedication, destiny,

Premium Member I'm just an orphan
I'm just an orphan.
A transplant to this state.
Basking in the sun light, sitting by a lake.
There's people all around me but I know not one.

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Categories: light, nature,

"...some birds aren't meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright..." - Red, Shawshank Redemption 

He was bound in an iron chain 

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Categories: bird, freedom, light,

Premium Member Nature's colour spectrum
Across the valley the gentle meadows lay
The lush grass would grow and then become hay
But for now on guard the poppies stood
Their masses formed lakes...

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Categories: color, light, nature, snow,