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Hindi Poems | Popular Examples of Hindi Poetry

Hindi Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry for the Hindustani language. While many of these poems are in English, you can also find verses in the Hindi language like ghazals, kshanika, Hindi dohe, Kavita, and Hindi Shayari. This list of Hindi poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Share, read, and learn how to write poetry about topics unique to the Hindi language people of India. Read short, long, best, and famous examples of Hindi poetry.

New Poems

Myself, HADDAD IQBAL is a occasional writer if you like my work please follow me and stay continued...Read More
Categories: beautiful, deep, hindi, independence
Form: Rhyme

The First Love
It is a story of past,when the story actually begun, That batch in college was epic,it was silly. Friends were very naughty and made me speak about everything. And then i got a sayani,who made me think everything...Read More
Categories: hindi, care, faith, feelings, first
Form: Free verse
??? ????? ?? ?? ????? ??? ???? ??? ?? ???? ?? ?? ???? ?? ?????? ?? ??????? ?? ??????? ?? ???????? ?? ?? ???????? ????? ?? ??? ?? ??? ??? ??? ?? ???? ?? ?? ??? ?? ???...Read More
Categories: hindi,
Form: Rhyme
I researched how to modernize
I wanted to be like Afrikaners Admired their wars and wins Then I saw their scars and manners: "Folk are folk; some know SPIN!"...Read More
Categories: hindi, africa, appreciation, childhood, education,
Form: Quatrain
Unasked questions hide truths from you Asking them offers hope Why did the East long shun Europe Until post - '92 [1492] ...Read More
Categories: america, education, hindi, history,
Form: Quatrain

senryu 2020May31: JEWHICHRIS
I Life: Jews hallowed it all Greeks: forced matter from Spirit Hindus: God is in ALL II Matter is about measure Not real; just words Creation unties God NOTE: In the last line above for SENRYU II, "unties" is not a typographical error....Read More
Categories: allah, animal, creation, hindi,
Form: Senryu
ki kash ki
chal pada main aah me unki khoyi nigaho me jidhar mera savera ek din na hua raho me aur rate badti gayi aur kasme chadti gayi bad ek bad aur bhi rasme gadti gayi jab tak ki dil jara bhi...Read More
Categories: hindi,
Form: Rhyme
BE WISE about MATTER by Doctor Deo
1. "Matter" is such a human "mind" illusion. Science keeps looking for stuff, runs into CONSCIOUSNESS and patterns. There is more FORM than matter (Namarupa, as Vedanta teaches us. Thank you, India, or Bharath Desh). 2....Read More
Categories: hindi, creation, environment, freedom, god,
Form: Epigram
US Residency yet delayed year 9, but JESUS IS REAL to me
I wanted to write & testify, one-time suicidal Dr. Anil Deo, is reborn during second half-century on earth! Yes, Jesus is real to me, to revive hope and the desire to live or write, or...Read More
Categories: hindi, child, education, endurance, family,
Form: Prose Poetry
Whenever she kept thinking of him, She realised that he was becoming her day and night. Ohoo! Don't call them lovebirds, They were just the best of friends whose story seems to be incompatible. Whenever she spoke, he would...Read More
Categories: hindi, best friend, character, destiny,
Form: Free verse
The matter of MATTER, Nama-Rupa of SANSKRIT
I The Greek origins of our word for "matter," is the same for "measure" and MEASURING, as well as a few other terms that carry surprises. First, however, there is no separate word for matter in Sanskrit,...Read More
Categories: education, hindi, me, perspective,
Form: Prose
Birthday Blessings: Women of South Africa RSA
I A day after Mayday, not observed in the US of A But everywhere else, that's where my loves "stay" On May 2, I celebrate the birth of one fine woman Who went to University of Hard Knocks, and...Read More
Categories: africa, appreciation, birthday, hindi,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Allama Iqbal translation: Cordoba
Excerpts from "Cordoba" by Allama Iqbal loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch I Chain of day and night Creator of events Foundation of life and death Two-toned silken thread Weave of attributes Pitch of future prospects Chain of day and night Sitting in judgment Setting a value...Read More
Categories: death, destiny, god, hindi,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Allama Iqbal translation: The Tulip of Sinai
Excerpts from "The Tulip of Sinai" by Allama Iqbal loose translation by Michael R. Burch 1 My heart is bright, from burning inwardly. My eyes weep blood, for all the world to see. Am I the fool, or is it only...Read More
Categories: hindi, desire, flower, garden, heart,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Allama Iqbal translations 2
Bright Rose by Allama Iqbal loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch You cannot loosen the heart's knot; perhaps you have no heart, no share in the chaos of this garden, where I yearn (for what?) but harvest no roses. Of what use to...Read More
Categories: garden, heart, hindi, mother,
Form: Verse

Specific Types of Hindi Poems

Read wonderful hindi poetry on the following sub-topics: class, funny, inspirational, life, love, patriotic, romantic, school and more.

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