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Hindi Poems | Popular Examples of Hindi Poetry

Hindi Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry for the Hindustani language. While many of these poems are in English, you can also find verses in the Hindi language like ghazals, kshanika, Hindi dohe, Kavita, and Hindi Shayari. This list of Hindi poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Share, read, and learn how to write poetry about topics unique to the Hindi language people of India. Read short, long, best, and famous examples of Hindi poetry.
Anthony Gonsalves
My name is anthony gonsalves, Me duniya me akela hun alone....Read More
Categories: betrayal, boy, hindi, i
Form: Name

Kroor Kutil Kaamuk Kathor
?????? ?? ???????? ??? ???????, ?? ???????, ??????? ????????? ???? ???? ?? ???? ??? ?????? ????, ??-??? ??? ?????? ???? ??????? ???? ?????? ???, ???? ????? ?? ?????, ??????? ??? ????? ??? ??? ???? ????? ??? ????? ?????? ?? ????, ??????...Read More
Categories: hindi, 10th grade, dark, endurance,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Manu and the Fish
Manu strolled to his stainless sink To wash his hands and have a think. He reached for soap, a bar was handy, A square pink cake that looked like candy. He ran the water, fresh and cool, And in his...Read More
Categories: animal, fish, friendship, hindi,
Form: Rhyme
AJ purani rahon say Zafar mujhay awaaz na day, Mohinjo daro ki yad na day koi bhi chappa na day, Gaand me Meri bazo na day koi bhi harapa na day, Bhol Chuka Sara story koi bhi jado...Read More
Categories: hindi, addiction, cry, depression, film,
Form: Lyric
The Last Wish
Ye duniya Ye mehfil, Teray kaam ki nahi, Na tujhay Khuda mila, Na tujhay Bhalu mila, Ye duniya Ye mehfil, Teray kaam ki nahi, Mein tera baaap hun, Tun mera baap na ban, Yahan wahan phone kar, Logon say khabar Lay,, Zafar Khan baita kisi...Read More
Categories: hindi, abuse, drink, drug, fire,
Form: Lyric

Mujhay teray DiL me nahi, Teray tatton me jagah chaye Kyun kay me hun Gandooo Mr Pando,yes,I am gandoo. Note.(Baad mein dekhen gay)...Read More
Categories: hindi, abuse, addiction, drink, drug,
Form: Free verse
Scales always imbalanced In heart once filled with malice... Found profound solace In learnt lessons from unknown Sources of benevolence. --- Swati is the fixed star Arcturus in the Sanskrit language, Hindu religion, and Vedic (12-sign sidereal) astrology, positioned 0º Libra...Read More
Categories: allusion, hindi, philosophy, spiritual,
Form: Tanka
Seven Principles Seven Symbols
A seven day event Based on African descent Culminating in giving gifts and a large feast Based on African festivals ranging from the West to the Southeast. Within, you will discover the seven principles and seven...Read More
Categories: hindi, africa, black african american,
Form: Rhyme
Hindu Festivals
1.Diwali..Festival of lights.. 2.Holi..Festival of colours.. 3.Krishnashtami..Occassion of the birth of krishna.. 4.Sallikattu..Package of coins.. 5.Karwa chaut..Women pray for their men.. 6.Durga Puja..Worshipping goddess durga.. 7.Navaratri..Nine nights.. 8.Dussehra..The day of victory.. 9.Ram navami..birthday celebration of rama.. 10.Ganesh Chaturthi..Ganesh anniversary celebration.. 11.Dahi Handi..Pots filled with yogurt.. 12.Makar...Read More
Categories: hindi, celebration, firework, happy birthday,
Form: List
Suno Bacho Kahani Mera Lund Badshah Chooot Aik Raaanii.....Read More
Categories: abuse, hindi, nonsense, pashto,
Form: Nazm
Jasneet Sharma
Jasneet sharma mat laga baraf par garma,, Zafar Bhai tujhay phair day ga Varma.. Note.Bachii Bach ja pathan kay qehar say.....Read More
Categories: hindi, celebrity, dance, for her,
Form: Rhyme
Chandigarh University
You are the real Face of INDIA Zafar Bhai is proud of you GirL You did an amazing revealing Job You are an inspiration for females You filmed sixty naked Girls WOW.. Note.Mogambo Khush Hova!!...Read More
Categories: body, girl, hindi, inspiration,
Form: Didactic
The Writers Box
So I write, I write and I write. I like to write. I like to write so I write. There is no purpose There is no expenditure There is no outcome There is nothing other than me writing. I'm in...Read More
Categories: hindi, 2nd grade, analogy, birthday,
Form: Alliteration
Obnoxious Substance
Sonali Singh,42,died in Goa under mysterious circumstances. The Police said her associates mixed some obnoxious substance in water and forced her to drink after that she began to stagger.She was taken to hospital where doctors declared...Read More
Categories: hindi, addiction, career, celebrity, drink,
Form: Free verse
Precis Writing
The personal life of Sam Grover, a popular talk-show host, turns upside down when he accepts an assignment from a media tycoon.The job plunges him into a deadly cat-and-mouse game hiding behind a veneer of...Read More
Categories: business, celebrity, hindi, words,
Form: Tazkira

Specific Types of Hindi Poems

Read wonderful hindi poetry on the following sub-topics: class, funny, inspirational, life, love, patriotic, romantic, school and more.

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