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Cry Poems

Cry Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about crying. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for cry.

New Poems

Pootie Mac
Pootie Mac

Little fella got a big gas tank

If Pootie roll on by,
and you down low try 
to pump a fake cry
Mac gonna give a mean honk

A huge sphincter toot,
that’s gut fuel premium rank
Guaranteed to stop all the traffic noise
of rumor-for-hire...Read More
Categories: cry, funny, humorous, identity, truth,
Form: Light Verse

Premium Member Let Truth Burn Away Your Deceptive Cloak, Sonnet Doubles
Sonnet Doubles:

First sonnet

Let Truth Burn Away Your Deceptive Cloak

Let truth burn away your deceptive cloak
lower vanity's shield, go have a smoke,
even if, a diamond, in love's gold crown
life shows greater rise, after falling down!

In vanity's false, self-proclaimed state
live many victims...Read More
Categories: cry, art, deep, encouraging, endurance, hope, life, truth,
Form: Sonnet
Are Socialists Human Beings
Are socialists human beings?
Do they need food?
Are they capable of goodness?
Do they deserve to be tortured, starved, abandoned, beaten?
What makes a socialist cry?
It isn't sad movies -- or is it?

Why should I stop hating them?
I have the right to punish...Read More
Categories: cry, abuse, america, brother, conflict, hate, peace, prejudice,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member We Will Not Forget
( We Will Not Forget )

The buildings stood there, the smoke billowed high into the air
Families watched on tv, frustration and fear is what they shared
Many ran down the street, fearing for their life
Children watched in disbelief, husbands hugged their...Read More
Categories: cry, memory,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member In A Word











...Read More
Categories: cry, death, grief, loss, moving on,
Form: I do not know?

Flowers in the Sand
Time’s like water – it runs through your hands 
Before you know it, you’re an old man
Don’t be one to question how you lived out life’s demands
While missing the flowers in the sand

Tell her that you love her
Don’t let another...Read More
Categories: cry, care, flower,
Form: Verse
Trudging on a path deep in a forest 
with the noise of loneliness humdrum in the ears 
Felt the thoughts to be slowing down
as if were on the edge of sleep.
In the quest of searching for one who cares
I hug...Read More
Categories: absence, break up, cry, depression, i miss
Form: I do not know?
A Friend
I may not always show I care
The time we’ve spent I'll always share
You've been a friend this is true
Oh, how much I will miss you

Call me when you want to talk
Come to me, we will take a walk
We'll laugh and...Read More
Categories: cry, friend, girlfriend, memory,
Form: Verse

I need you to release me , l did my time! My time is now! My chain is loose , jumping hoops! Hopes for Violets.

On my bicycle l am not going back ! No ! No ! He is trying...Read More
Categories: cry, 7th grade, absence, america, anger,
Form: Free verse
God Understands Our Tears
Author Dana Redricks
November 19, 2019

God knows each tear before they fall. Believe me, he's not supprized.  He holds us in the palm of his hands, and whatever we face he understands. Trust him he knows what's best. He was...Read More
Categories: christian, courage, cry, deep, depression, emotions, inspiration,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Believe
Abandoned! Assaulting winds thrash flailing limbs, 
denuding boughs of golden dress;
gone the gaiety of glowing beginnings
when springtime sun seduced soft soil,
fondling slight buds of green, foreplay in fecund fields.

Forlorn, like a vacant house,
dark windows blankly stare despair,
the fissured dream convulses;
Whistling...Read More
Categories: cry, hope, loss,
Form: Free verse
Categories: cry, deep, destiny, emotions, heart, love, soulmate,
Form: I do not know?
Choir Great Music Made
Choir Great Music Made

Together choir great music made,
While Jesus in His cradle had laid;
Animals in a flock,
Along with live stock,
And went to barn where he stayed.

Star can clearly be seen in the sky,
After being there it would pass by;

All those...Read More
Categories: cry, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member You're Mine
Guilty I voiced my plea
Whilst the fishies looked at me
There he stood-pleased and grinning;
Disregard of what was sinning

Guilty I yelled again;
Affirmation for the man
My heart you stole for I stole yours;
Exchange of hearts with distant shores…

The tide rolled in and...Read More
Categories: cry, betrayal, love, sea,
Form: Rhyme
A Smile
A smile is supposed to be real, not fake
But instead, people think that they can just take
Even when someone takes their life, just with the hold of a very sharp knife
Once you start bleeding, you'll soon be needing
A hug from...Read More
Categories: cry, depression, sad, truth,
Form: Lyric
Life derailed
While trying to live life to the full
Unaware of the dangers attached
Attired in vices to suit self best
Masked in virtues for human respect
Only to know that it stales fast.
As conscience stirs us upside down.

The journey towards the mature world
Enroute path...Read More
Categories: cry, dark, life,
Form: Verse
Premium Member brutal nature of war
swords raised, a peace cry 
a sea of blood heroes sleep
feed the hungry beast 

11/18/2019...Read More
Categories: cry, war,
Form: Senryu
Your personal touch
Technology advanced, men losing reins
Identity fast fading,in our shrinking globe
Faster than we gain speed and control
We write in fonts some one designed.

Wish I, for a letter from that old sling bag
A fulfillment as I hear the postman’s bell
As the waiting...Read More
Categories: cry, husband, life, love, sweet love, technology,
Form: Verse
Whoopee he's almost 3
When he was two
they said they were through
since he was all 
that they could stand.
Cry and rant, soil his pants,
there was nothing they could do.

They prayed for the day
when he'd go away
and leave them to their peace.
But that day was far...Read More
Categories: cry, children, humor,
Form: Rhyme
My Flower Love
I blink as I stare into your brown eyes,
Sifting through your features to find flowers -
I find a bright flower that never dies
And I could watch it grow in peace for hours.
What will I sacrifice to see this bloom
Into the...Read More
Categories: cry, 12th grade, angst, boyfriend, dark, deep, fire,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member My New Device
I found a bargain at the smart-phone store
   Let out a cry; felt I'd won the war
I took it home, where it soon broke down
   My smile was gone, replaced by a frown
   ...Read More
Categories: cry, money, technology,
Form: Rhyme
Not everybody is happy
I like to cry. I like to cry until my eyes are swollen like balloons, ready to be popped and to explode with sadness. I like the stream i call tears escaping from their prison, although they were innocent victims...Read More
Categories: cry, deep, depression,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Needle In Your Eye

Nothing's worse than a needle in your eye
Cringing is unavoidable as I try not to cry
Open them up
Wish you luck
It won't hurt a bit, well at least you won't die

...Read More
Categories: cry, courage,
Form: Limerick
A sacred Sin
Love is sacred and sublime
owned by the angels once, 
But as descended to us men
It lost its grace as hatred born.

Man born with a greed to own,
Nothing he has,than a scar on
That's the death mark of Cain.
The smell of the...Read More
Categories: cry, emotions, life, sin,
Form: Verse
You Changed My Past and Future
My hearts beating, fastly thumping
Inside my emotions jumping
From tears to joy happy and glee
Look at what you've done to me
Making me cry tears of joy
Happy that you are my boy
Gleeful I am not alone
All the love that you have shown
Make...Read More
Categories: cry, happy, heart, love, relationship,
Form: Rhyme