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Best Eel Poems

Below are the all-time best Eel poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of eel poems written by PoetrySoup members

A Greased Eel In A Vat of Astroglide
Slipperier than a Greased Eel In a Vat of Astroglide
That Hillary’s sociopathic streak is a mile wide
In case you haven’t noticed, the fix is in

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Categories: eel, america, political,

Premium Member The Heart of Christmas -EDITED
Tinsel sparkling on trees that toys lie beneath,
Holly with berries and the hanging of the wreath.
Everything is red and ever-green.

Hearth and home are comforting;
Evening is...

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Categories: eel, christmas,

Hook Line and Sinker

Me, my brother Tom and Uncle Pat were on a fishing holiday
three men in a rowing boat way out in Dublin Bay
we anchored up and...

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Categories: eel, crazy,


I have one sister in my home
Sweet, loving, with open arms and heart
With dark brown eyes
And an inviting laugh
And a passion
For life.

I have...

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Categories: eel, friendship, inspiration, love, sister,

Oratory - Power of the Spoken Word
As words escaped constricted passage
of time from eons of layered myths,
legends of demi-gods thus linked,
in glowing rendition, with whisk on hand
the Orator with staff, sang...

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Categories: eel, art,

Fried Egg
On the pan she cracks on the edges
Flows in her white gold love rashes;
Wet to oil, bottoms turn up in fumes
Sigh, sizzles to burns in...

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Categories: eel, art

When Octopus Came Round for Tea.
When Octopus came round for tea,
it was a tricky time for me.
Not knowing what he’d like to eat.
I wondered... savoury or sweet?

I borrowed spoons from...

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Categories: eel, childrenme, me,

An English Life
An English Life

It is midnight the Milk train pulls into darnall station
No ordinary passengers here
Steelworkers with their families
Loaded with fishing tackle, sandwiches and maggots
The Fossdyke...

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Categories: eel, childhood, happiness, passion, education,

Devil Damsel
Singing in soundproof water…
I am an eel starving from the aftermath deception of home 
Living there for so long, I finally notice the danger-
The peril...

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Categories: eel, allusion, conflict, crazy, dark,

Late Summer Nights Dream at the Cat in the Hat
    It was way after eight, at the Cat in the Hat.
    The whole plaice was swimming,...

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Categories: eel, imagination, nonsense,

Premium Member WINTER SPRING
W ind howling at my window.
I shiver and pull on my duvet slack.
N ight greets me as I go to work and back.
T hen proceed...

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Categories: eel, absence, art, birth, celebration,

The Ultimate Army
Jehovah of Armies
made a count one day
of all His weapons
keeping man at bay

of non leathal weapons
He gave the skunk his stink
and a little less harmless

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Categories: eel, allegorymay,

la la di dah dah la
Earth dwelling mongeese are neither toys nor coins and pedalling backwards then forward is not considered the primary way of jet propulsion off a very...

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Categories: eel, allusion, baptism,

Premium Member Six-Word Couplet Series Encore
His regular emissions
Worthy of politicians

To the anteater
Nothing is sweeter

Feel his chagrin
Labelled deadly sin

With justified reason
Deplores festive season

Mobile on belly
Recumbent in...

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Categories: eel, humor,

The trawlerman
As you sit down for your tea, take a moment to think of me
I am the one who leaves the quay, to bring home harvest...

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Categories: eel, food, on work and

Premium Member Beachside Food and Drink Slinks
A is for algae, red, green, blue cells, soaking up sun, sliming teeth 
B is for bacterial mat, clumping underneath, earliest born, never asleep

C is...

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Categories: eel, adventure, animal, beach, death,

The Game
My life has been one enormous charade,
A make believe game,
A play I have played, 
A story I tell myself, day and night,
Hidden from myself, out...

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Categories: eel, allegory, analogy, confusion, depression,

Witch's Stew
Witches have wacky tastebuds, as this poem will tell!

Cup of eel eyes
Cup of toad tongue
Cup of snakeskin, too.
Boil twenty minutes-
Recipe for Witch's Stew!

Bonus activity: Have...

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Categories: eel, childrenchildren,

Premium Member Canto XVII Hell translation
“Here the fierce with the thin pointed tail,
Who passes mountains and breaks arms and walls!
Here who with stench can the world assail!”

So my duke started...

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Categories: eel, fantasy,

Premium Member Which Fruits in My Basket
When asked what in my basket I would take
of any kind of fruit; well, here’s the truth.
I much prefer my fruit in pie or cake,

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Categories: eel, food,

Searching for my fate
Lost and traveling
Trying to redeem my reckless ways

I'm kicking up the dust
On this dusty ol' back road
Searching, seeking
To redeem my outlawed soul


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Categories: eel, change, growing up, heart,

Swallowed by waves
Intensely waged in war
A mariner swims seized
In anarchic zones

Colliding crests of clear 
Currents clash/clutch
Shifting and drifting it 
Further from shallow
Fluidic floors

Lingering lured beneath...

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Categories: eel, christian, dark, death, image,

Premium Member Sushi Rolls
Eel or salmon sushi rolls
Nori or rice wrapped 
Served as roll or hand roll shapes 
Eaten with chopsticks 
Served with wasabi
And gari


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Categories: eel, food,

Premium Member Nessie From Loch Ness
In the Land O' Scots nigh auld Iverness,

   Cavorts a lass named Nessie in Loch Ness!

      Is this...

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Categories: eel, humorous,

Premium Member Decisions Of Love

Germany post World War II,
torn, impoverished.
Ruled by Marshal Law,
imposed by the victorious.
Occupational forces walk
the rubble streets.
Civilians cower
in fear,
in hunger,

A farm boy, Ohio bred,
cook in the...

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Categories: eel, introspection, poetry,