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Slowly Turning Japanese

I think in Japanese,
write down my thoughts in English,
then twist it all back into sushi:
a tasty bite to eat.

My mind is origami
folding thoughts into meditation;
meditation unfolds
into a crisp sheet of city lights.

I love you big much,
love you big time;
I love the way you giggle nervously.
It must be amazing to find everything so funny.

Big city, sake sunset;
a karaoke moon rises 
over a robotic, neon inception.
Transformers, Transformers:
autobotic-neurotic Bumblebee
comes to the aid of Samurai Prime.
"Autobots, transform!"

Bored of the bright lights?
Weary of the snappy-happy gaijin
doing photo-photo
while they search for a sweet sakura-panpan?
Then head up to Hokkaido,
where there's less sucky-sucky,
and more bow-down-low-austerity
alongside the 108 gongs a-bonging.
Take a leisurely stroll,
chant a few prayers,
speak with the sacred cedars,
take a dip in the hot springs
with some smiling monkeys,
and together, watch snow fall.

Nippon, you offer everything.
I can eat 20 times a day 
without gaining a pound.
There's always more room
for miso, chanko nabe, shabu-shabu,
gyozo, okonomiyaki—
I am going to stop writing this list
before I drown in my saliva.

I refuse to look back,
refuse to go back to the boredom
of white picket fences and hamburger dreams;
I want to stay here forever.
I love you big much,
love you big time;
totemo ureshii da.

March 1st, 2012

Copyright © Chris D. Aechtner | Year Posted 2012

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cherry blossoms
swirl through the streets:
a ghostly veil
to help replace the men
who have left for war


Yamazakura: a type of wild Japanese cherry tree (the word can also be used 
to describe the tree's blossoms.

During WWII, the first Japanese Kamikaze unit was given the title 
of Yamazakura, to honour the last two official Samurai warriors 
who were part of the unit.
The Samurai Bushido code dictates death before the shame of surrender.

Falling cherry blossoms were believed to bring good luck to the courtships
of the teenagers who were left behind (in hope of many male babies), 
because the Emperor had conscripted all available men into the doomed war.

February 24th, 2012

Copyright © Chris D. Aechtner | Year Posted 2012

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Cornflower Blue

(a conversational collaboration with Christine Ueri)

"remember the dream I had when we were 10?
(waves and waves of cornflowers everywhere)
about the boy and the closet?
(sunflowers, circle, glass house?....closet, yes)
cornflower blue
(the closet was cornflower blue?)
the light in that dream was cornflower blue
(the air, the atmospheric light?)
yes, especially in the closet

I had that dream for so long
I'll never forget
little boy blue and the kingfishers --
the blue and white china plates
with the bridge and the lovers; the two doves in the willow tree,
that made me look for japanese letters....horse.
the funny things we do as children

(you are writing a poem....)
catch the words, my love
(you already wrote a poem up there; bridge it together --
I dried cornflowers with dandelions in a blue and white book; but it wasn't a dream.
Well, in a way it was, because at the time, I was floating in the clouds)

he wore a blue and white striped top in my dream

and I remember him
when I look at the sky,
the clouds and the golden sun --

I caught the words!
(yes! did you string them all together?)

not yet!"


August 29th, 2012

Copyright © Chris D. Aechtner | Year Posted 2012

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"I never travel without my diary, one should always have something sensational to read . .
 . " Oscar Wilde, 1891 

Tues    May  9:   
Just when I was busy with plans for Russia, Rudolf Hess dropped by with  crazy notion of
flying to UK for peace.   Said he bought  some new boots yesterday   for the trip  - 
dead   shiny .  I’d like a  pair like that.    I told him  -  forget the trip   and tell
me where you got the boots. 

Wed     June 22:     
Invaded Russia.   Eggs for lunch  -  hard boiled again -  I hate that. Must speak to Eva
about it.

Thurs    June 23:      
11:00  am - heard Chamberlain on radio again – that dreary voice!  that paper-waving 
droopy-moustached  old gopher!   My small black moustache  is much neater.     
12:30 pm -   inspected new bunker in East Prussia  with smoother concrete walls .   Eva
wants  to wallpaper  them    (nice little red flowers) and why  not?    
8:00pm -  after dinner,  practised  arm-gestures for  big Nuremburg speech  on Saturday. 
 Rehearsed a few ad libs. . . .  Eva liked them.

Fri    June24:      
Rained all day.   Slow day  (almost invaded Egypt) - stayed in and read.      Eva dyed her
hair  creamy-yellow.    ( I’m gonna start calling her Blondy.)           That new german
shepherd Bormann   gave me  -  I took her out for walk. . . . she's called Blondi  too  
 (Joke there  - the guys will like it) .   After dinner we all  listened to Franz Lehar’s
“Merry Widow” again.  I love it.   Eva fell asleep;    so did the dog.

Sat   June 25:   
Nuremburg speech went ok. Got all the ad libs in except one.    Rommel was on the phone
talking about Africa and Libya, and some place called Tobruk. Must make a note – where is
Tobruk? P.S. Must find out where Libya is.

Sat    Dec    6:  
Just read the latest in the newspapers....almost four million Russian prisoners  now.
Sun   Dec  7:  
Those crazy Japanese have  gone and done it. . . . oh  boy, they’re gonna be in trouble! 
Thurs   Dec 11:   
Oh, what the hell. . .  in for a dime in for a dollar :  this Russian war is too  easy,  I
need a bit of a challenge. Think I’ll whiz down  to the  Reichstag tonight  and tell ‘em
we’re declaring  war on the USA.    Might  get a pair of those shiny boots there too.  

Written by Sydney Peck  
for Constance La France ( A Rambling Poet )  -  Contest Name:  The Diary

Copyright © Sidney Beck | Year Posted 2011

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Keep In Mind - The Choka Style

~Keep In Mind~ (Choka) God truly loves man He has for us a great plan You're very special to Him He loves us all way Remember Lord died for us Jesus did and that's so true God created man Earth and the whole universe Our God is an awesome God He loves you all time With unconditional love Saves, gives eternal life too. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2011
September.18.2017 So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13 (NIV) -“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 (NIV) - Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer Romans 12: 12 ( NIV ) -The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.” Exodus 14: 13 ( NIV ) “Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” - Mark Twain ~Author's Notes: The " Choka " is a Japanese poetry form or style.

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2017

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The USS Indianapolis

It was in July of 1945 
  And the USS Indianapolis
Had a crew of nearly 12 hundred alive
  But a Japanese sub fired and did not miss
American sailors had completed their job
  Delivering parts for the first atomic bomb
Some sank with the ship, others in the sea did bob
  No food, few lifeboats, ocean deceptively calm

Surprise attack, no distress signal had been sent
  It was four days later those floating were spotted
The survival rate was just 25 percent
  With hundreds of sailors’ bodies the sea was dotted
In the movie “Jaws” as Captain Quint had related,
  “The sharks came cruisin'. So we formed into tight groups.”
Six men per hour were killed while for help they waited
  All were lost but 316 Navy troops

Some victims died of exposure or starvation
  But far more were killed by the sharks that had attacked
These men lost their lives in service to our nation
  But bomb parts delivered had a deadlier impact

One of the last ships that was sunk in World War II
  The Indianapolis had turned the war’s tide
With a mission carried out by a courageous crew
  Victory was soon celebrated by allies worldwide

This is an entry for the History Poems contest

Copyright © Diane Locksley | Year Posted 2011

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Plesiosaurus Lives

I’m Peter the Plesiosaurus
My clan sings like whales in a chorus
     My flippers and gills
     Can give children thrills
So open your minds, don’t ignore us

*Japanese fishermen found an alleged plesiosaurus which was thought to have 
vanished during the Jurassic period.  Others believe the Loch Ness monster is a 
plesiosaurus.  You can see a picture of them at 

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2011

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

There's four ninja turtles
Cleaning up the streets
Trained in the art of ninja karate-e
They hide down in the sewers
Watching for criminals
Could it be for real or is it April fools

Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Six foot dudes they can hurtle
Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles
Ancient arts in Japanese circles

Leo, Donnie, Mikey and Raph
Quick with their hands  
And smart with their mouths
Trained by Splinter their sensei rat
Turtle doves with shells on their backs

Teenage mutant ninja turtles
six foot dudes in Aprils journals
Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles
Ancient arts in Japanese circles

Red, orange, purple and blue
Coloured masks to give you a clue
Fast with their feet and their weapons
Teenage turtles a force to be reckoned
Twin katana’s, Bo' that staff
Nun Chaka's, sai, there first class

Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Six foot dudes at your dispersal
Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles
Ancient arts in Japanese circles

These turtle buddies slip and slide
Still in their teens their skills sky high 
Their quick and mean and fast on the scene
Fighting the evil foot clan team
You better believe it, better run fast
These ninja turtles will kick shredders ass

Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles
Round house kicks in reversal
Teenage mutant Ninja turtles
Martial arts in Japanese circles






Cowabunga!!   what’s up dude??
I love you guys!!  I'm in a digital mood!!





© Copyright K.C.Leake
30th October 2014
All Rights Reserved

Copyright © kevin leake | Year Posted 2014

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Tin Can Sailors

The mighty 3rd to the north did steam,
Chasing a ghost not to be seen

Guard the landing your task assigned,
Quiet the day is to be benign

At dawn the Imperial fleet does appear,
Surprise complete, ranging fire splashes near

Outnumbered and out gunned, duty is clear,
Close the range you must in spite of your fear

Laying smoke, a jagged course you take,
An account of yourselves you will make

Steel your heart and make sure your eye,
For each salvo keeps you alive

Toe-to-toe the battle, you exchange mighty blows,
Triumph impossible, yet into the fray you all go

In perfect rhythm, the mad dance goes on,
As smoke filled gunhouse loads powder and shot

Decks strewn with the dead and dying, 
Teams repair to keep the ensign flying

Struck and struck again, yet to point blank you steam, 
Hard to port, you cross the “T”

“All guns to fire at the turn, torpedoes away!”
The enemy scatters in disarray

Too late, mortal blows you take
To the deep, no more your enemy to rake

One final salute their captain does render,
For you fought to the death and did not surrender

On this all men do still agree,
These were the finest two hours of Taffy 3

On October 25th, 1944, 3 destroyers and 4 destroyer escorts of Task Force 
Taffy 3 engaged a combined force of Imperial Japanese Navy battleships and 
cruisers in a 2 hour running gun battle to protect the escort carriers and troop 
transports taking part in the Leyte Gulf landings in the Philippines. Two of the 
three destroyers and one of the escorts were sunk while sinking three 
Japanese heavy cruisers and damaged three more. Due to the fierceness of 
the attack, the Japanese fleet retired from the area thinking they had been 
attacked by a much larger force. At the outset of the battle, the commanding 
officers of these 7 ships, without orders, individually decided to attack and 
headed at flank speed to the fight all knowing they would most likely not 
survive the day. Almost 1600 did not. In a final act of respect, the commander 
of one Japanese cruiser saluted the crew of an American ship that had just 
sunk as his ship passed them floating in the water.

Copyright © Steve Harris | Year Posted 2014

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Yo Parents So Strict

My curfew according to my mom is, “before the sun goes down!”
She never gives me the time to meet with friends and hang around
My dad on the other hand lectures me in Korean
He still doesn’t realize that I literally cannot understand him
He might as well be talking in Japanese and his english is ‘berry weak’
These are the reasons why we don’t really speak
Dinner’s always the same, no taco Tuesday or leftover Monday involved
Every meal is eaten with rice- but one time we had mashed pot- just kidding that’s never happened at all 
Brown rice, white rice, skinny rice, fat rice, guess we got some variety there
Mom says, “Be grateful, there are starving children everywhere”
Come to think of it, a family meal at McDonald’s is something we’ve never had
Guess that means all my meals are very sad
Neither parent wants to give me the independence that I need
But I won’t complain for I’m afraid mother will hit me
Like a bird I want to explore the world
But my strict Korean parents clipped my wings- they might be disturbed
So I spend my time visualizing the world through the T.V.
Never had cable cause cable’s ‘not pree’
Netflix is what I got, a blessing I love having
Bob’s Burgers, Parks & Rec, and The Office keep me laughing
My mom finds it annoying, my dad doesn’t get the puns
He’s always asking me how people sitting in an office can make me laugh so much
On another note, high school parties, are wild and pretty cray
I wouldn’t know, I’ve never gotten an invite, but my parents would never let me go anyways
I check the snapchats of my friends, they’re out bowling at 1:35 am
If it weren’t for my parents, then I would be out with them
No matter what I do, my parents just can’t see
That they’re Kim Jong Un and I’m a helpless North Korean trying to break free

Copyright © Anna Lee | Year Posted 2016

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As heavy frost settles 'pon the brown hill
And floats down to the level, thoughts are stilled
Words rise up to nettle but spirits thrill
Winter's north breeze meddles_ spring's buds to kill

Japanese Magnolia's buds wait until
spring's warm rains flood the earth; then sap buds fill.
Winter's pause, earth lauds rebirth, and birds' shrill
Vexing cold squads stay away and be still

At spring's rebirth be awed, winter's cold distill
Death where is resurrection's applaud, still
Waiting for spring's hallowed birth, rapture's real
Transformation follows, one's fate sealed

Not part of the poem:
There is a powerful difference in having to say something
and having something to say!!

Sponsor: Isaiah Zerbst
Contest: Interlocking Rhyme
Written: January 19,2015


Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2015

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By Now You Have Forgot' - To Whom It May Concern - Part 1

…an extended version of an earlier poem

Remember all the Wise Men on their knees upon your yacht?
With orphans on their backs they'd crawled (and others that'd they brought)
Through rubble on the highway sands and residues of Lot.
They came from severed cities selling postcards of your thoughts,
Though offered for a penny piece, not even worth a jot.

They mused 
How are you feeling? What it is you want, you’ve got. The words you scrawl on calling cards: ‘I AM - the others NOT’, Shun wisdom of the seven seas: ‘Salvation can’t be bought' - Your fathers tried before you and your fathers came to naught. You started out by gelding goats and then by casting lots Of bodies to the battlefields, contorted, tight and taut, Then wallowed in the wake of trails the dervish devil trots. With marching bands of fatherlands, and drums of Hottentots, You lure your legions in harm’s way like giant juggernauts. Like Tweedle Dum your minions come (the sober and the sots, The troglodytes, barbarians, and mislead patriots, The Vandals, Huns and Hannibals and seaport Cypriots, The Japanese, the Congolese, Americans and Scots) To vanquish bows and arrows, spears and catapulted shots Of those who hide in bamboo huts their families, pale, distraught, (Their withered wives with dried up breasts, their swollen babes in cots) Who swoon, engulfed in poison darts and vats of acid hot, Consumed by magic mushroom clouds, atomic megawatts. In churches of your deities, your Holy Huguenots, Your Imams, Rabbis, Voodoo Dolls and Mitered Lancelots Lit wicked kindled candled walls in temples (while we fought) (Used pins and needles, magic spells on makeshift mock whatnots) And mosques, cathedrals, synagogues have blessed each new onslaught With prayers for pipers, puppets, pawns, youir rigid, armed robots.
Continued in Part 2…

Copyright © Terry O'Leary | Year Posted 2012

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Random Entries From My Diary

"I never travel without my diary - One should have something sensational to read"
...Oscar Wilde, 1891

30 May 48:  I graduated from high school today now thank God I'm free!
No more doggone homework, perplexing algebra or teachers bugging me!

7 Jul 48: Enlisted in the Air Force today!  Good Lord! What have I done!
The sarge said, "Forget Mom, Dad and Susie Q! You're now mine, my son!"

21 Oct 48: Finished basic training today with about a hundred other guys.
I thought it'd be more like a Boy Scout Camp! Boy, was I in for a surprise!

15 Feb 49: Graduated tech school at Fort Warren and sent to the Bermuda Isles.
Quite a change for a country boy!  Water, water everywhere for miles and miles!

12 Oct 52: Was married tonight at Perrin AFB with Vera as my beautiful bride!
She was very pert and calm, but diary, I was somewhat nervous I must confide!

23 Aug 54: Our family grew by one today! Leanna, a little girl, my fondest wish!
She was measured by a nurse holding her by the heels! Just like measuring a fish!

15 Aug 55:  Boarded a crowded troopship in New York and set sail for Morocco.
Was beset with a bit of mal de mer since the ship was wallowing to and fro!

17 Oct 57: Our little 'arab' Leslie was born today near Casablanca! What a dolly!
She has a hearty set of lungs, but that's OK, she's a healthy little dude, by golly!

11 Jan 68:  Son Mark was born at the Air Force Academy and seemed a healthy tot!
9 Apr 68:  Alas, we buried Mark today at Evergreen.  Boy, do we miss him a lot!

24 Jun 71: My family and I arrived in Tokyo, Japan, to begin our three-year tour!
Japanese is foreign! For "good morning" do I say, "ohio gazamus" or "bon jour?"

1 May 74: Chaplain Porter notified me that I had been promoted to Chief!
Happy day, dear diary!  I've reached the highest rank!  What a blessed relief!

1 Aug 78: I retired today at Offutt AFB, after 30 wonderful years of service!
After wearing the 'blue suit' all those years, wearing civvies makes me nervous!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Placed No. 3 in Constance La France's "The Diary" Contest - April 2011

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2011

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Eat Pray Love

On the edge 
of the evacuation zone
Miyuki holds her daughter 
tip-toeing in pink sneakers 
her small hands fragile 
blossoms opening
to the man with the beeping wand 

They were outside in the karesansui 
washing and raking 
rocks, when the school 
heaved, convulsed 
then pressed into silence
voices rising inside

So now they wait with strangers
in ordered lines of sorrow 
for bread and drinking water 
as an adolescent, eyes downcast
sees the small pink laces and
offers up his only ration 
of precious onigiri

Hooded and white masked they walk 
three days and bed-less nights toward 
Ishinomaki by the ocean
to family, friends, and home forever 

The landscape jumbles unfamiliar
with plastic wreckage 
and automobiles 
detritus flooded in a field
where Japonica once grew
while moon-suited men 
and women gather
albums for the living

And after sunset Miyuki moves 
her little girl away 
from a white-taped blue-bagged 
lifeless form 
toward the humming black-robed Monk, his
prayers for light 
and workers burned
exposed to radiation ten 
thousand times too high 

And in the shadows one old man kneels
beside a fetid pool and scoops  
rice to carry back to neighbours 
moved to higher ground, un-opens 
one last bottled spirit
bows his head and offers
Miyuki and her first and only 
everything  he has 

At last they reach the shelter’s glow
beneath the starless robe of night 
not used to wearing 
shoes indoors
Miyuki helps her daughter fold
sheets of painful news into
an origami box to hold
her last and only pair

And in the morning as they face
the stretch of road for home 
to unknown love and losses there 
they turn and gaze toward the east 
awaiting still 
spring’s warming breeze 
to rise with brilliant red once more
new light of wondrous dawn 


'karesansui' is a Japanese rock garden or 'dry landscape'.  Rocks are often washed.
'onigiri' is the emergency rice being distributed to survivors in Japan.
'Japonica' is a type of (short-grained) Japanese rice.

for Debbie Guzzie's contest, 'Tribute to Japan'

by ~Soulfire~ 


Copyright © Soulfire | Year Posted 2011

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Monet's Garden

The gate to Monet’s Japanese garden’s open,
beckoning, and green as Giverny’s winter wheat,
but there’s no time to glimpse the pond’s lilies within.
Monet’s Rose Cottage-locked to all but the wrens-
though curved trellises invite, and a path entreats;
the gate to Monet’s Japanese garden is open,
but the tour bus’s door closes, we can’t go inside.
Deep within submerged, asleep, in their frosted retreat
but there’s no time to glimpse the pond’s lilies within.
Black skies sully the palette, a torrent begins
all hope lost in the thunder’s accompanying beat.
The gateway to Monet’s Japanese garden is open;
with a glance, we leave; we can say that we’ve been?
A dream sought, not found, Normandy’s gem incomplete.
but there’s no time to glimpse the pond’s lilies within.
Accustomed to beauty, the plump driver’s chagrined;
yet, he’s kept to schedule; we’ve stayed in our seats.
The gate to Monet’s Japanese garden is open,
but there’s no time to glimpse the pond’s lilies within.

First Published in Allegro Poetry Magazine Fall 2015

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2016

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Always And Forever - The Lanturne Style

~ Always And Forever ~ ( Lanturne Suite ) Hold You so Close always Your loves in my Heart Your Love makes Me happy With you my heart Sings Each Day I Desire more Your love dream of You You Are so Beautiful Through you I feel Love Each Day you're A blessing You're in my heart Thoughts I Love you Always and Forever my Love. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2017
July.14.2017 “Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” - Mark Twain- ~Author's Notes: The "Lanturne or Lanterne" is a syllabic Japanese form or style shaped like a lantern.

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2017

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No, my Lord,

Mercy, for their wretched souls, I could

Never ask

Let them burn into eternity for their atrocious crimes,

Committed against humanity 


Against the law of Thy infinite love !*

© Demetrios Trifiatis
  07 FEBRUARY 2015

*After burning a Jordanian pilot alive, decapitating two Japanese 
journalists and killing a woman for not wearing shoes, yesterday the 
fanatics decapitated a father and a son in Iraq. When all this end?

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2015

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One in a Minion - Minions Contest

In a crafty world... of cyber writing, The words are warm, passionate, inviting... Where poets connect and voice an opinion, Comes a new contest that’s one in a... MINION!!! *** Lovable creatures, trying their best, To pen some jest for Silent’s contest, But they seem to be hiding. Just one Minion muse, Is all I need to light my pen’s fuse. Perhaps they are hoarding a billion bananas, Or dancing merrily with their maracas, Firing one of their friends from a cannon, Or smashing the daylights out of a melon. Dressing as girls, they’ve done on occasion, Please, don’t take them on your vacation, In destruction and mayhem, they’ve got expertise... Speaking English: no Spanish... Italian... Japanese? They’ve often tried to take over the world, Aiding their leaders who end up being hurled Out of their thrones and onto the curb, Uh oh! This poem doth little minions disturb. “Oh POOP!” Now they are constantly everywhere, Crazy minions with so little hair, Desperately seeking a new perfect lair, There goes another, flying through the air! Bob, Stuart and tall Kevin too, Despicable critters in yellow and blue, Led by their favourite, the once evil, Gru, Beware the Minionizer, lest it get you. But when you are sick, they’ll bring you some stew, They’ll make you laugh, chuckle you new, Sing you a Happy song if you’re so blue, Minions: loved by all... especially YOU! 19th February 2016 Minion Contest by Silent One

Copyright © Nicola Byrne | Year Posted 2016

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Winter - The Japanese Haiku Style

~Winter~ (Haiku suite) Winters approaching autumn mournfully whispers leaves on ground whither Squirrels run, stock food the trees starting to get bared weather gets more cold Snow will be falling kids will make snowmen, snowballs time to wear a coat. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2010 November.15.2015

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2015

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The Cherry Blossoms Will Bloom Again

The power of nature has ravaged the Japanese shore,
Leaving in its wake devastation and unimaginable gore.
The mettle of this gentle people has been tested, it is true,
But next spring, they know that cherry blossoms will bloom anew!

Alas, whole villages along that rugged coast were torn asunder,
As the raging tsunami raced inland gobbling up its plunder.
When all hope was lost and they thought they'd surely meet their doom,
They were cheered knowing that cherry blossoms once again would bloom!

This stalwart people who'd suffered the ravages of falling shell and bomb
Dropped from silver birds, faced another holocaust with great aplomb.
With little but hope they vowed to rebuild their lives ever keeping in view,
The cherry blossoms that would bloom come next spring with dainty hue!

Alas, the 'quake leveled schools, ancient temples and magnificent torii,
But this patient people will restore them once again to their former glory!
They will persevere again and again as surely as the rising sun at dawn,
To enjoy another season of delicate cherry blossoms 'til their scent is gone!

The brotherhood of nations rallied as one to provide succor with speed.
It was neighbor helping neighbor in keeping with the Master's creed!
Even though the nation was rocked with misery, shock and searing pain,
Out of the depths of disaster the cherry blossoms will bloom once again!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Placed No. 8 in Deb Guzzi's "Tribute To Japan" Contest - May 2011

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2011

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Angels of Mercy

Angles of Mercy
Kevin L Fairbrother

There is not to many of us that can say that the owe their existence on this earth to a Native in a Foreign country, in my case I can say that without the help of the Fuzzy Wuzzy  Angels of New Guinea, I would not be here to write this 

My Father served with the Australian Imperial Forces in the Middle East, New Guinea and Borneo, a sapper in the engineers his service with the AIF overseas was over a period of 4 years.
The time my father served in New Guinea fighting against the invading Japanese has great consequences for me as I was conceived not long after his return to Australia and back home to Tasmania.
My father along with thousands of diggers who served in New Guinea, suffered not only from the Japanese forces but from internal diseases that were rife at the time, the mosquito spread Malaria and Gengy fever and the climate of New Guinea and poor sanitation spread Dysentery throughout the camps.
A big push by Japanese forces pushed the diggers back into the hills and forests and as the numbers of sick and wounded were growing at a very fast rate, the Generals decided that they had to find a way to get the sick and injured back to Port Moresby. 

The only way down from the steep mountainess jungle was via an old supply trail used by the natives to sell their wares at Port Moresby, It became known as the Kokoda track and to this day many thousands of people trek this notorious track to relive the past and to familiar themselves with the torturous and dangerous trail of misery and death and to pay homage to the Fuzzy Wuzzy angels act of sheer strength and perseverance to carry and support the many sick and injured, the dead and dying to a place of safety at Port Moresby.

 Even as the column of misery descended down the track the Aussie diggers were fighting the Japs in a rear guard action, this hard fought battle turned the tide for the Japs were beaten back and even though many diggers were killed and injured it was a turning point in the war against the Japanese invaders.
Thousands of diggers reached the safety of Port Moresby and so many owe their lives to the Fuzzy Wuzzy angles, many were shipped home, and others recovered from sickness to fight the Japanese in Borneo. My father was one of these men who helped beat back the Japanese army and have an influence in the Japanese surrender.

I salute the courage and tenacity of the Fuzzy Wuzzy angels and thank them for bringing my father to safety and eventually home. Like many diggers of World War 2 they kept their feelings and stories of war to themselves, my Father never said much about his service in the war and what little I know has been told by others. 
I also salute the courage and fortitude of our diggers who kept Australia safe from invasion from the Japanese. 
My Father, (rest his soul in peace) went on to have a productive working life, rearing 9 children, 6 were born after the war including me and 6 of us still survive today. The six of us born after my father returned from the war owe the native Fuzzy Wuzzy of New Guinea a big thanks for without their courage’s deed of mercy we would not be here. 

Kevin L Fairbrother
Who were these men of such courage and fortitude?
Whose hair curled and matted reached for the sky
Well, muscled and full of resolve to complete the mission
To get the sick and injured Aussie Diggers home to safety

Never thinking about their own well-being or safety
The Fuzzy Wuzzy angles as they became known
Carried and supported the Diggers down the mountain
Never flinching nor feeling that they would fail the mission

Endless rain, a sea of mud, so steep hard to stand up
Raging rivers, swollen streams, impenetrable jungle
Constant darkness from the thick forest canopy
The Fuzzy Wuzzy persevered with strength and courage

On stretches, on their backs using their bodies as support
These angels carried an endless tide of sick and injured
Down the notorious Kokoda track of misery and death
Contemplating to never give up on their mission of mercy

With Japanese mortars and bullets befalling the column
As the Diggers fought a rear guard action to stem the Japs
The Fuzzy Wuzzy continued their mission down the mountain
For their job was to get as many Diggers as possible to safety

Eventually they reached the safety of Port Moresby
Largely due to the push by the Diggers to push back the Japs
The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels were given a hero’s welcome
And to this day a revered and honored for their mission of mercy

Copyright © Kevin Fairbrother | Year Posted 2015

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I am Me, Set me Free

I am given to you by Creator Himself My Limbs long to grow straight and tall Bathed in sunlight from above, paying homage Fulfilling my God given task From the dawn of creation, in the Holy Books I’m told A gift was given to all nations to hold The Tree of Life to feed and cure and clothe. I am Me – Set me free To live in a world- your world, to be appreciated I am needed by you and the multitudes Use me, Recycle me again and again Plant me in your soil, I will take root I live to Heal you, to Cleanse you To Rebuild you to Purify you I am Me – Set me free Do not believe the lies in your ears they whisper Free me from my confined goal, Where troops have placed me Sullied my name, Denied the Existence of my core I am Me – Set me free Yet I am you, and you are me Vital it is for us living beings Your DNA and my RNA- we talk -we communicate I am not only here to just take away your pain But here to let you - Live Your Life Again I am Me – Set me free Do not be stripped of your human privileges The Greedy will always deny Man his God given rights In the name of Democracy, Controversy, Hate, Idiocrasy, They are chained in their Bureaucracies and Hypocrisies And do not see the woods for the trees I implore you do not be Of a ‘Sheeple’ people mentality I am Me – Set me free In a world encased with chemicals, plastics, synthetics Created in the name of greed, A world that is stifling, suffocating, stagnating Poisoning you and your children Let your Farmers Plant me, grow me as in days of old, I am no weed I have been here since time has begun My leafy fingers and my palm point up to the sun Absorbing and turning it’s energy into a life giving elixir I purify the very air that you breathe I am sustainability, I am Life I am Me – Set me free I can offer you the finest spun threads of my being Does not the Japanese Emperor look good in his ceremonial clothes? And did not ‘Mona Lisa’ smile - as she was stretched on my canvas? Glowing from the oils of my seeds are Van Gogh’s ‘Stars’ And my finest for Raising Lazarus by Rembrandt My spun cloth has stood the test of time Carrying your very first Stars and Stripes still in existence And did they not all feel proud when the Declaration was signed But like Judas they turned their backs without our acquiesce I am Me – Set me free Haven’t my ropes tethered and towed ships from Days of yore Until synthetics came along and put a stop to it all My woven fibre sacks once carried your food? But now with synthetics, I lie totally unused I am self sufficient I am your nutrition I am Me – Set me free Use my Oil and Mill my Seed My healing powers are all you need Leave the chemicals for the powers that be My gifts are bountiful - I give with grace Strength is in numbers - I rest my case The way for us to become stronger United we stand - we will conquer I am the Tree of life I AM ME – I AM THE HEMP TREE A Gift from Nature - Healer of Humanity
Footnote: A poet from Poetry Soup read my poem and the Footnote of ‘Christmas in July’ and was curious about the cure for Dementia with a certain Oil which would have prolonged my Mother-in-laws quality of life and indeed her life. She emailed me to write a poem and spread the word about this species. Thank you sincerely. Our family company in Australia and have been pioneers of not only Organic Skin Products but of Hemp products. We encountered resistance but were successful in countering it and were able to bring it to the people. Including a special oil. We have witnessed miraculous results with the marvelous, fine food tasting oil and products of this plant ranging from Epilepsy, MS, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Nerve related conditions, inflammation, auto immune and the list goes on. It has even been shown to make cancer cells literally commit suicide. You can freely view research results on the internet. Hemp is not weed but a species which does not contain the all feared THC. It is a total nutrition in itself and is delicious food product that can be used for culinary delights as well as smoothies. A specific Oil that is extracted and has very special properties.

Copyright © Maria Williams | Year Posted 2017

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M o u n t a i n s - The Choka Style

~ Mountains ~ (Double Choka) Over the mountains Sun shines in all its splendor Beautiful trees stand out tall Birds assemble there Eagles soar right to the top Wild flowers covers the ground Blue mountains stand grand Deers and bears roam all around Eyes can't get enough nice scene All trees seem to glow You can feel God's loving touch Breathe in enjoy all the view. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2015
July.24.2017 “Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” - Mark Twain- ~ Author's Notes : The " Choka " is a Japanese poetry form or style.

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2017

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Beaded tresses and silk kimono rustle with finesse, Her geisha heels tapping restlessly on moist Yakasa weeds From an enchi...there he comes secretly, through groans of monks’ bells
*enchi---Japanese garden ----------------------- 7 Line Max Contest: Rick Parise

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2013

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Z is for Zaria

A-Z Latin and Common names of plants.

A is for Acanthus Mollis the Latin name but this does teach us
B is for the common name we know it as bears Breaches.

C is for Campanula some are short and some of them tower
D is for the common name the pretty blue Dalmatian Bellflower

E is for Erigeron a daisy like flower not keen on the rain
F is for its common name, a strange sounding Fleabane.

G is for Galtonia its nodding head like a bowing nymph
H is for the common name the snowdrop or summer Hyacinth.

I is for Imperata Ruba not so hardy let me tell you alas
J is for the common name It’s known as Japanese Blood Grass.

K is for Kniphoria Triangularis a tall flower when unfurled
L is for the common name the pretty Light of the World.

M is for Morus nigia a stately tree with hearts shaped leaves 
N is not for the common name but NEEDS care when pruning as it bleeds 

Oenothera biennis is for an ephemeral beauty a perfume delicate on the nose 
P is for the common name, and we know it as the Evening Primrose.

Q is for Quercus Ruba a fast growing plant that looks tremendous against a wall
R is for the red leaves that this plant displays when in the fall

S is for Salvia greggii you will of heard of this I’ll will wage
T is for its common name we know it as a Texas Sage.

U is for Ugni a fruiting tree with leathery leaves that is second to none
V is for variety in fact in this tree there is only one.

W is for Wisteria that loves to ramble up wires and twist
X is for Xeranthemum the flowers are straw like and crisp

Y is for the Yucca plant a flowering beauty that last for weeks
Z is for Zantedeschia a lily, a variety of colours for you to seek.

© 27/03/2013 

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