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Admiringly Poems

Admiringly Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of admiringly poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for admiringly.

New Poems

Premium Member Angel Alliteration Callings--
Angel Alliteration Callings--

the angel approaches
the angel avoids  Lucifer Satan
the angel achieves penance
the angel appears Holy

the angel agrees with God the Father
the angel applies toward human sufferings
the angel accepts his calling

actively flies
accidentally cries
admiringly smiles
agreeably praises God

written by James Edward Lee...Read More
Categories: admiringly, adventure, analogy, angel, appreciation,
Form: Alliteration

On the Wall
On the wall standing

Amidst the danger encroaching

Mirrors the alligator’s razors

Securely entrenched in mud waiting

A boa slides into the deep...

The seconds tick amicably.

A table for two served yet again

Another tango about to be untangled

Periodic busts of water

Jet from the sighing sea...

A...Read More
Categories: admiringly, conflict, confusion, dream, fantasy, heartbroken, holocaust, imagination,
Form: Classicism

Not an ordinary day in a garden where nature smiles at us, 
canopied with the blue sky, the flowers in their autumn beauty 
with the freshest hue. lulled by the infinite scent of nature, 
melodies from unschooled professionals echo...Read More
Categories: admiringly, love,
Form: Verse
Ode to the People's Monarch

The Land of Thunder Dragon,
The blest estate of saviour Guru Rinpoche;
The Last Shangri-la reigned by prophesied Wangchucks lineage;
Mighty Palden Mahakaley,the redeemer of the Dragon Power,
Sacred constitution,the holder of peace and order;
Graceful Jekhenpo,the guardian of religious theology
Ye all, the drums,the flute...Read More
Categories: admiringly, analogy, beautiful, blessing, celebration, courage, earth, wisdom,
Form: Ode
Unrequited Love
They say love hurts like hot
and believe me it’s like built pot.
Truly I have never felt such
pain of you,
The pain of loving you.
I love you with all my heart
Although you don't know my heart
I've never been able to
tellor let my...Read More
Categories: admiringly, africa,
Form: Alliteration

A feeling, love it epitomised, 
Once, just once i descried.
A girl kissing her beloved admiringly,
Her hand brushing her each hairstrand singly.

Oh yes, yes you heard me right,
She canoodled her girl beneath the moonlight.

Soon they parted,
As if something is erroneous,
Incorrect is...Read More
Categories: admiringly, gender,
Form: ABC
Picnics at the Park
Picnics at the Park

I wished that I had stopped
The hands of Mother Clock
From ticking on its tac
As time flew by steadfast.

Bye, bye my toddler sweet
Hello there little princess
New adventures you'll seek
Words small and big you'll speak.

You're so confident at three
A...Read More
Categories: admiringly, emotions, grandchild, granddaughter, missing you, tribute,
Form: Dramatic monologue
I am a soldier
I am a soldier
Lost in time
I know not weeks ,
Years nor days
Just to fight-fight
Till the day is over

I am a soldier
Sculpted by time 
Sometimes a general
Winning battles
Sometimes a coward
Running away from the battle
To save my own life

I am a soldier
The...Read More
Categories: admiringly, care, cute love, death, freedom,
Form: Light Verse
Still asking why am I here
Still asking why am I here?

When a place I dont have clear feelings about;
To find carelessness is the current spout;
While kindness and feelings lead to drought.
It is usual spot for those who like to flout
Blindness and deafness despite my shouts
People...Read More
Categories: admiringly, abuse, anger, anxiety, betrayal, conflict, crazy, cry,
Form: ABC
The aimless wanderer
 The lights of the city reflecting from the aqueous pitch, pavements in a kaleidoscope of colours create a melancholy ambience for the few who venture within. The city is transformed as the animated bustle of people, seemingly with purpose,...Read More
Categories: admiringly, care, city, lonely, sad,
Form: Free verse

Kimi Ni Koishite Iru: I'm In Love With You
I stare at you across the screen
	At your perfect features and personality.
I am like any fantasixing teen;
	Like a love-struck fangirl watching admiringly.

You simply are the perfect one
	Your life is right out of a fairytale.
There is nothing that can't be done
	By...Read More
Categories: admiringly, i love you, irony, longing, love, love
Form: Rhyme
Cataclymic Lover's Spirit
Cataclysmic Lovers Spirit,

Love, lover, you arrive and tame the wild spirit inside,
Set the pace, it slows to a walk to observe and feel and look and notice,
Drops of dew on a rose petal,
Pink sunsets sets, high above in a sun...Read More
Categories: admiringly, lost love, love, sad love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Living Love Fire
Take a look my Love
do you see how the diamonds of our dreams
are burning so brightly and violently
silhouetting the lips of our wishes against the walls of ancient Latin gold
in the sacred villa of Love's Kingdom where there is no...Read More
Categories: admiringly, inspirational, love,
Form: Romanticism
All The Ghosts
All The Ghosts 

Families hushing 
Around crackling transistors, 
Like the sound of rushing 
And muffled whispers,
And all the ghosts enter 
Through a heart-shaped door
Where a nervous presenter 
Is announcing war. 

Post cards and kit bags
Are strewn in the hall, 
Their...Read More
Categories: admiringly, war,
Form: Rhyme
I sit down here…
Staring admiringly at my big belly.
Round and firm like I have never seen before.
Love resides there.

I caress it slowly…
Hoping he/she knows I’m here.
I smile thinking how blessed I am.
Love resides there.

I cringe lightly….
He/she is such a kicker.
Must...Read More
Categories: admiringly, birth, children, devotion, faith,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Naked Beauty
She stood there in all her naked beauty,
the man approached her with reverence,
as he stood in front of her drinking in
her exquisite womanhood with awe struck wonder.

Gently he runs his fingers up and down her
searching out her body and crevices.
Pausing...Read More
Categories: admiringly, appreciation, beauty, body, care, creation,
Form: Verse
Pure Beauty
Gazing admiringly upon her mesmerizing photo; lovely
Her spellbinding in beauty's enchanting, Gypsy Queen...
Never having truly been one whom delves into pictures
That they might take flight beyound, their still frames ?
Not amid this light surely these, her hues; quiet refrain
Poetics muse;...Read More
Categories: admiringly, angel, beautiful, beauty,
Form: Free verse
You have unfailingly demonstrated your love
      every law     supporting      our galaxy
is so      harmonious      that this
little blue...Read More
Categories: admiringly, angst, business, education, faith, health, hope, life,
Form: Free verse

When I was still in the company's 
rank and file,

my 'rolex perpetual' made people 
smirk and smile.

They said I was a victim in a 
swindler's deal,

but jewelers' swore my late gramp's 
wristwatch was real.

Sold it for a fortune, now I've...Read More
Categories: admiringly, funny
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Traveler and The Rose
A strange blue rose - alone
midst an array of clustered flowers -
a few of them her friends -
the shy violets, lovely white lilies, and bold marigolds.
In the gracious garden spot the traveler singled her out -
his gaze resting admiringly upon...Read More
Categories: admiringly, allegoryday, blue, rose, flower, blue, day, flower,
Form: Personification
Mystical the old Hill standing
Over it thick mist hazing
Kids, we were at its foot playing
In a large green meadow dallying

Heedless, innocence enjoying
The Hill’s slopes utterly ignoring
In youths, up we were growing
The Hill in our eyes was swelling

The mist little by...Read More
Categories: admiringly, lifegreen,
Form: I do not know?
Nature's Kiss~
Connecting with nature
Walking along I find peace…
Autumn leaves surround me
Crunching rhythms at my feet
I Step inside harmony ~

Brown leaves start swirling
A Tiny tornado forming
Admiringly…I stand glowing… 
A mighty wind blows off my hat
Quickly…I wonder …what was that?

As I hold onto...Read More
Categories: admiringly, imagination, life, nature, philosophy, uplifting, visionary,
Form: Rhyme
Coyly Samba
eyeball to eyeball, deep, labored breathing,     
sidestepping, pulling, twirling, pushing;            
bodies swaying to the fast Latin beat,        ...Read More
Categories: admiringly, art, funny, people, pets,
Form: Free verse