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Aborigines Poems

Aborigines Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of aborigines poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for aborigines.

New Poems

Premium Member The Australian Bush Fires
Listen up and I'll tell you a truth shall I
about crazy hysteria and a...Read More
Categories: aborigines, environment, fire, natural disasters,
Form: Couplet

Premium Member Jacob's Ladder

News is out; Armageddon is upon us, and it is time for all of us to go 
The world's armies have all gathered, and they are putting on a show
Heaven is calling and, everyone wants to know just...Read More
Categories: aborigines, humorous, write,
Form: Epic
November first two thousand nineteen
November first two thousand nineteen...
abuzz with Autumnal thrum

Divine myriad biota amidst
heavenly Lily of the valley
(Convallaria majalis),
he didst imaginatively greet
Edenic heavenly terra
incognita immeasurably sweet

nature's ensemble proffering
Gaia's quintessential orchestration
resplendent sensational treat
natural splendour regaling,
this fellow wayfarer
happenstance gifted autochthonous peoples

espied proud specimens unobtrusive
planted armada,...Read More
Categories: aborigines, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th
Form: Ode
Its Australia Day
It’s Australia’s day
We all cheer and say
A barbecue with lamb and beer
Is the plan we adhere

But now some exclaim
It’s a day full of blame
For we invaded their country 
Aborigines owned it you see 

For us it was a day 
With...Read More
Categories: aborigines, day, memory,
Form: Ballad
Severe Weather Predictions
Severe Weather Predictions...
Professedly Plagues Psyche

I do not watch, while
     feigning to sip ale,
nor listen to Wail
ling Jennings poor
     imitation by prophetic
     local aborigines scent
    ...Read More
Categories: aborigines, 11th grade, adventure, america, farewell, goodbye, natural
Form: Dramatic Verse

Mine Gerund Tilling Illogical Weltanschauung
Twas accursed destiny
     since birth alack
nascent emasculation abominable barrack
emergent deus ex machina,

     viz zit ting older sibling counterattack
thirteen plus chronological gap
    eldest sister struck like diamondback
surrogate "mother" role

 ...Read More
Categories: aborigines, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, conflict,
Form: Dramatic Verse
The Aborigines
Oh! He was killed by humans, 
He was caught for the theft 
Of rice to fill his 'small' debt.  
He was beaten by 'big' no doubt 

He was born in a family in woods 
He led a life of fatigue...Read More
Categories: aborigines, anxiety, betrayal, emotions, heartbroken, integrity, meaningful, visionary,
Form: Free verse
Critterary Verses: How the Kangaroo Got Its Name
When Australia was still the "land down under",
And British folks first lit upon its shores,
They found nearly naked people there
And stared at them in wonder,
As well as dingoes, emus, wallabies, and more.
One animal they deemed most fascinating
Because it jumped so...Read More
Categories: aborigines, animal, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member I can clean, I can drive
Plenty of sleep, no more tv, the wars in the Middle East
are resource wars, disguised as religious debates.
So Dad would say.

A beautiful winter day, hunting
season. A Gun In Every Home, in light of U.S. mass shootings
seems an irresponsible poem. 10K...Read More
Categories: aborigines, home, magic, poetry, religion, sleep, war, winter,
Form: Verse
The Lost Trooper
He rode the endless desert
As the days ran together in it

At first it was what he needed
But being alone finally exceeded

What he felt being the only law
In the Australian desert cut to the craw

He visited the homesteads occasionally 
And saw...Read More
Categories: aborigines, anger, endurance, pain,
Form: Ballad

Ghetto Good To Go

I’m not your average ghetto schmo,
I’m better than that
Much sharper than those dull D.C. politicos,
me just stating a fact

Another urban legend tidbit,
impo info you should know
Got laid back suburban wit,
I'm ghetto good to go

How do you talk to this Judeo-Africano
in...Read More
Categories: aborigines, humanity, identity, love, peace,
Form: Quatrain
Americans, Algerians, Australian aborigines,
Corrupt leaders of the world involved in illegal activities.
Bloodthirsty bullies brazenly bombing bystanders,
Militaries full of corrupt army commanders.
Charities for children, carers in communities,
Third world countries deprived of equal opportunities.
Doctors, dentists, drugs, disability and depression,
An angry generation full...Read More
Categories: aborigines, planet, political, pollution, weather, words, world,
Form: Rhyme
Forgotten Tribes
Australia the lucky country but not for all,
It's time to tell a tale that's not so tall.
The country's past is dark and really no mystery,
Most people know the country has a black history.
Captain Cook arrived, things would never be the...Read More
Categories: aborigines, humanity, hurt, sad, silence, truth, violence,
Form: Rhyme
Tragedy of Intelligent man
Sandy nations of Arabia
bushes of Tropical Congo
rocky lands of Afghanistan
the dry soils of Somalia
waters of the Mediterranean
bush land of Karamoja*
forestland of Colombia
ragged dress of ozone layer
swampland of South Sudan
homeland of Aborigines
All dance to rhythm of same music
tragedy of intelligent man!

*Karamoja...Read More
Categories: aborigines, humanity, satire, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
The 5 Eyes Clic
The 5 Eyes Clic
Written By: D. Collins 4/13/17

Every time I hear it; it gives me pause.
How these five nations could even have the balls?
Australia and New Zealand belonged to Aborigines.
Canada and the U.S. brought Indians to their knees.

Let’s not forget...Read More
Categories: aborigines, color, corruption, education, political,
Form: Sonnet
Bait and Switch
The devil done put a new face
on an old sales technique
It's brash, it's bold
It's tricky sweet
But it tastes sour, this maggot treat
He swapped the fresh for the spoiled meat
Had to bait the trap good,
hide the kill switch under the hood
Alternative...Read More
Categories: aborigines, betrayal, death, history, political, truth,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Premium Member Les Protecteurs - Translation of Oodgeroo Noonuccal's The Protectors by T Wignesan
Les Protecteurs – Translation of Oodgeroo Noonuccal’s “The Protectors” by T. Wignesan

(Note: Oodgeroo never claimed to write poetry à la manière des poètes occidentaux; she said - without mincing words – her lines were sheer ‘propaganda’. Others thought otherwise:
Judith Wright,...Read More
Categories: aborigines, bullying, character, conflict, culture, discrimination, humanity, judgement,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member L'Assimilation Non Translation of Oodgeroo Noonuccal's Assimilation No by T Wignesan
L'Assimilation – Non! Translation of Oodgeroo Noonuccal’s “Assimilation – No !” by T. Wignesan

Born Kathleen Jean Mary RUSKA on November 3, 1920, in the North Stradbroke Island, off Queensland, she was deemed as an aboriginal (poor whites too were subject...Read More
Categories: aborigines, anti bullying, child abuse, conflict, freedom, prejudice,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Ou allons nous: Translation of Oodgeroo Noonuccal's Where are we going by T Wignesan
Où allons nous? Translation of Oodgeroo  Noonuccal’s “Where are we going” by T. Wignesan

Ils sont venus dans une petite ville
Une bande à moitié nue soumise silencieuse
Tout ce qui restait de leur tribu.
Ils sont venus à leur vieux territoire bora...Read More
Categories: aborigines, discrimination, grief, horror, prejudice, racism,
Form: Free verse
Conquered Race
It is utterly wrong and disgusting 
To keep a race of man too weak and feeble for so long
Be they Red Indians of America
Or the aborigines of Australia
All human beings are with souls engraved with dignity and honor
Be they colored
Be...Read More
Categories: aborigines, freedom,
Form: Free verse
A Journey of the Mind

A Journey of the Mind

I'm a little closer to heaven up here in the hills
Far away from the big smoke and all the city frills
Winding up the Alpine Way, whether day of night
Is such a blissful thing to do, as...Read More
Categories: aborigines, nature,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Far From Home
Land of dreams
Land that’s far 
Far far away
Far and wide
Wide open arms
Wide welcoming smiles
Smiles and hugs
Smiles mean friends
Friends for ever
Friends to trust
Trust the future
Trust your luck
Luck is needed
Luck at work
Work for gain
Work very hard
Hard earned money
Hard to adapt
Adapt to customs
Adapt...Read More
Categories: aborigines, journey, places,
Form: Blitz
Premium Member Australia Down Under
Down under continent
Down low is Australia
Australia the big island
Australia sixth largest continent
Country whose desert known as outback
Country who has the largest reef
Reef called the Great Barrier
Reef found off northeastern coast
Coast 35,877 kilometer of shoreline
Coast provides fun in the sun
Sun beats...Read More
Categories: aborigines, nature, weather,
Form: Blitz
Premium Member Geese in Winter
Full of courage, winter, 
geese fly north. The car
almost wouldn't start.

Drive along the Mohawk
flood plain. Cattails, grasses, 
no doubt ash and elm.

Restful tans and browns.
Flat, low, but still city.
Arrive at the interview.

Corner of State and Clinton,
luminous blue corporate logo
between empty...Read More
Categories: aborigines, beauty, blue, jobs, joy, science, winter, world,
Form: Verse
Terrorism,I venerate your abject cowardice
Preying on amiable,zealous souls' innocence
Your farfetched,timorous scheme to hide
Among aborigines and by pugnacious animosity abide.
...Read More
Categories: aborigines, satire,
Form: Epigram