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Urban Sonnet

Contest Judged:  2/20/2018 12:00:00 AM
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Contest Description

​I created a poetry form called the "Urban Sonnet". They now use this form at Oakland University where I'm a TA weekly.

​Form: Rhyme scheme: ABABBB- CDCDDD- EFEFFF-GG



My example: "Echoes of a Reflection"

Echoes of a reflection mourn for you,

distant memories cry out in the night-

Silhouettes of ebon ways adore you,

for I have been blinded by pain’s poor sight.

Nothing is better; nothing seems quite right...

oh, if only you could be mine tonight.


I sat in the diner and saw you stare,

you and your masculine scent so intense-

Peaceful and barren skin so debonair,

with passionate and deep eyes so immense.

You walked up to me, it was very tense,

all of a sudden, my life didn’t make sense.


Echoes of a reflection cry in vain,

they cease to exist when you are so near-

You captured my essence, heartache remains,

leaving nothing but a soft shadowed tear.

All the shocking insanity, the fear...

left me echoing alone, standing here.

You need not worry for I'm not afraid...

reminiscence of betrayal conveyed.


1.) Must use for syllable count

​2.) Make sure your rhyming is spot on, there are many sites to help

​3.) Any theme you wish

4.) Please good rhythm

5.) Date must be at bottom or no placement

​6.) No names or initials


​many thanks and good luck!

​Laura Loo :) Be blessed everyone!