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Bloggers Photoiam craig schaber i have 3 poetry books when i did my first book i wanted it to be amazing i think of this book as a learning journey. i wanted to find my style and see where i wanted to go with my writing.poetry has been a core passion of mine going back to childhood .it is nothing less then the emanipation proclamation of a young artist with a lot to is not easy for me i have been on this journey alone .but on this journey i clearly found my writing home base.i tryed my best to make this book passionate fun and empowering for the most part.whether its a girlfriend or just trying to fit in with with others.this book says dont stop going after your dream know matter what others say.i today stand at the brink of a new thrilling new phase of my career.with 2 more books and a new one on the way.its a wonder i have time left for anything else but i make time to give something back from volunteering in my city or just helping others in need.iam constantly changing but i like to think my morals about family and friendships havent changed.iam not done dreaming yet in the years a head i plan to push my career to greater heights while always remembering my fans and the faith they place in me.summing up my goals i want to inspire others,help and make an inpact. I hope i wont have long to wait. you can find my books at my

Good new

Blog Posted:2/7/2011 3:26:00 PM
i would just like to let you all know my next poetry book will be out every soon so keep an eye out for it you can find it at i will keep you posted thanks craig
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Date: 2/7/2011 9:11:00 PM
Many congratulations for this Craig. I too am trying to get my first one published. Will really like if you could give some advice.
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Date: 2/7/2011 8:57:00 PM
Congratulations on your book, Craig.
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Date: 2/7/2011 8:26:00 PM
Congrats Craig... remembering the feelings when my three books first came out.. much success on book sales luv..
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Date: 2/7/2011 4:32:00 PM
Congratulations, Craig on your book~~
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Date Posted: 10/2/2011 3:08:00 PM
hay every one
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Good new
Date Posted: 2/7/2011 3:26:00 PM
hay how r you
Date Posted: 2/5/2011 2:48:00 PM

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5/8/2016 slowly rot away Light Poetryanger,confusion,
11/30/2014 SPRING'S LOVE LOST Free verseautumn,emotions,love,
11/30/2014 POINT OF NO RETURN Epicbetrayal,celebration,dark
11/27/2014 THE MAN HE WAS NOT Light Poetryabsence,age,conflict,life
11/27/2014 things easily seen Free verseart,body,change,conflict,
11/27/2014 what's there to doubt Acrosticautumn,beautiful,
11/23/2014 my grandpa I do not know?emotions,grandfather,symp
2/10/2013 IN LOVE BUT ANGRY Imagismhope,imagination,lost lov
2/10/2013 RELIVE MY YOUTH Blank versedeath,life,memory,me,life
7/5/2012 SOCIETY Acrosticart,depression,devotion,e
6/11/2012 Truth is we're extra close Light Poetryfamily,friendship,life,me
6/10/2012 Today I had someone tell me Dramatic Verseart,forgiveness,friendshi
5/9/2012 as our lifes go on Light Poetryart,imagination,work,life
5/8/2012 random stuff Blank verseart,confusion,work,me,old
4/7/2012 If i have ever hurt anyone in any way I'm sorry Narrativeart,forgiveness,friendshi
4/7/2012 You can only wish for something for so long Blank verseart,family,imagination,li
4/7/2012 When you're in love Light Poetryfriendship,girlfriend-boy
4/7/2012 There are words that show feelings Lyricgirlfriend-boyfriend,life
4/7/2012 There are moments in life Blank versegirlfriend-boyfriend,life
4/7/2012 The bluest skies Acrosticart,girlfriend-boyfriend,
4/7/2012 The awkward moment Balladeart,hope,love,passion,rom
4/7/2012 Never make a perminent decision on temperory feelings Prose Poetryblack african american,fr
4/7/2012 Before I found you Lyriclife,love,peace,people,lo
2/13/2012 INSYNC Acrosticart,
2/13/2012 THE EXQUISITE MORNING Light Poetryart,day,day,
1/22/2012 Lifes not the breaths you take Light Poetryart,
1/21/2012 Okay so just to remind you Prose Poetryart,peace,,cute,
1/17/2012 THE RULES OF LOVE Verseart,love,romance,love,
12/31/2011 No Love Lost No Love Found Blank verseart,life,me,
12/31/2011 Things never come out the way you planned Light Poetryart,devotion,imagination,
12/31/2011 I hate one thing Drama Dramatic monologueart,life,
12/26/2011 Happiness is a child's laugh Free verseart,
12/26/2011 I want to be the guy Light Poetryart,love,romance,beautifu
12/25/2011 Please don't judge me Narrativeart,imagination,life,me,p
12/24/2011 Real love stories never have endings Light Poetryart,hope,life,love,univer
12/23/2011 When a GIRL is quiet Free verseart,girlfriend-boyfriend,
12/23/2011 Look okay I have NO clue what to say Verseart,imagination,love,i lo
12/23/2011 I want to be blown away Lyricart,song-
12/23/2011 I've heard it a million times Blank verseart,love,romance,love,
12/23/2011 A PERSON YOU SPEND HOURS WITH Light Poetryart,love,
12/8/2011 RACEING MY SHADOW Light Poetryart,imagination,me,time,
12/8/2011 GLUE THAT HOLDS Haikuart,imagination,cancer,
12/8/2011 MY BEST INTENTION Rhymeart,words,
12/8/2011 my five great uncles that went to the jungle Epitaphadventure,art,
12/1/2011 I dont want a relationship Dramatic monologueart,words,me,world,me,tru
11/25/2011 CIGGYS DAY OUT Acrosticart,friendship,imaginatio
11/25/2011 CLIP IT ON Limerickart,funny,imagination,son
11/25/2011 CTRL ALT DEL Verseart,imagination,
11/25/2011 MANY CONTOURS Light Poetryart,imagination,
11/25/2011 MY FIVE GREAT AUNT'S THAT WENT TO FRANCE Light Poetryart,funny,imagination,peo
11/22/2011 GRANDMAS STRAWBERRY JELLY Light Poetryart,family,food,funny,
11/22/2011 I WAS BOARD Free verseart,work,work,writing,poe
11/13/2011 PLASTIC GIRL Balladeart,fantasy,imagination,m
11/13/2011 SELENA GOMEZ ABCart,
11/13/2011 ARE YOU SMOOTH Verseart,imagination,
11/13/2011 DRUNK AND IGNORANT Prose Poetryadventure,art,confusion,d
11/13/2011 JESUS HOLY CHRIST List art,faith,hope,life,passi
11/13/2011 RANDOM Light Poetryart,imagination,work,
11/13/2011 TROUBLE ECONOMY Narrativedepression,devotion,faith
11/13/2011 THE PAIN I FELL INSIDE Imagismeducation,fear,health,ima
11/10/2011 UNICORN DREAM Lyricadventure,animals,hope,im
8/6/2011 I KNOW YOUR POISON Concreteart,imagination,
8/6/2011 Bubba bubba bound Bubba bubba bound Balladadventure,art,faith,song-
8/5/2011 IN LIFE WE GO THROUGH STUFF Verselife,life,life,may,
6/30/2011 THE SHUTTLES TERRIBLE FATE I do not know?peoplesky,,fate,
6/30/2011 LIFE IS FULL OF TWIST, TURNS AND UNEXPECTED THINGS Dramatic monologuelifelife,hope,life,
4/9/2011 HER IN THE STREET I do not know?confusionday,life,
4/9/2011 JUST A THOUGH FOR YOU TODAY I do not know?inspirational,philosophy,
4/9/2011 I WALK THROUGH LIFE AND SEE I do not know?visionary
4/9/2011 I AM DONE WITH YOU I do not know?lost loveme,life,me,time,
4/9/2011 AN EMPTY PROMISE I do not know?lost love,mystery,work
4/9/2011 GIRL IN MY LIFE I do not know?adventure,girlfriend-boyf
4/9/2011 COCONUT I do not know?funny
4/9/2011 EVERY MORNING I do not know?funny,girlfriend-boyfrien
4/9/2011 67 CENTS I do not know?funnyme,
4/9/2011 Do not know where I am going I do not know?confusioncar,
4/9/2011 SONG OF PRAISE I do not know?inspirational,life,religi
4/9/2011 DAYS WILL COME DAYS WILL GO I do not know?deathme,time,snow,day,lov
4/9/2011 THINGS I CAN NOTBREAK FREE I do not know?depressionbeautiful,me,be
4/9/2011 CAN YOU SEE WHERE I REALLY WANT TO BE I do not know?peacemom,dad,me,time,dad,
4/9/2011 BIG DREAMS I do not know?lifework,may,work,
4/9/2011 A PICTURE OF WAR Dramatic Versewargod,me,war,heart,god,h
2/10/2011 LONG DARK NIGHT I do not know?artdark,dark,sleep,
2/10/2011 ONLY YOU NEVER ME I do not know?workheart,heart,mirror,
2/9/2011 A SPECIAL NIGHT I do not know?adventurelove,me,
2/9/2011 SHOW ME TELL ME I do not know?confusionme,me,
2/9/2011 SO MANY SECRETS I do not know?work
2/9/2011 LADY OF LIBERTY I do not know?art

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