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Writing raw and unadorned

Blog Posted:7/28/2011 3:11:00 PM
We begin our journey as writers with these tremendous God given emotions that for the writing artist must be unleashed somewhere. For the sensitive young soul this is usually in the cherished journal or diary.  I am sure that many have experienced the true humiliation when the secrets were exposed by someone sharing a diary entry with the entire neighborhood. Ah a new powerful emotion erupts: shame. It feels as though everyone realized that you desired that first kiss from the boy across the street. The natural first tender touch of lust needs to be most definitely hidden--shame resonates with a low and damaging energy.

Alas, these emotions both shame and desire are what spur the writer's pen. And like the tortured Greek heroes, a true writer hasn't the choice--the gods truth must be scribed: or what makes one suffer can never be reckon with. So despite the risk of shame, truth finds its way to the page. But the young girl or lad is still vulnerable from shame's first slap. And even the mature writer learns to hide better and question his or her new more powerful lusts, desires, and pain. Cover them sweetly away and pray.

To paraphrase Brenda Ueland, we worry what will upset our close friends and family members. To write the truth of how deeply we can be hurt by our poems/love'>loved ones is not a love poem in disguise-- it is the truth. And we are discovered, once again, by having that journal or diary scrutinized by husband, wife, lover, or friend; we question the purpose of this life as writer. But as Brenda would encourage--the only great writing is the truth--unadorned and raw. The only true question is do you have the courage to write greatly and tell your tale with  bravado.
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Date: 8/1/2011 12:39:00 PM
Such a profound write! Yes life is most simply about being human warts and all! And why should we hide our humaness? ONly those who choice to walk in the dark on the path of chaos need hide..others striding or stimbling forward on the path of creation or light need never hide...we are simply clothed in skins........
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Date: 7/31/2011 2:37:00 PM
This is not the only purpose for writing, only one aspect to why and how to write. An explicit sexual or suicidal style is definitely not me. Ueland also just loves the clarity of unadorned description of sweet emotions as well--as do I.
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Date: 7/29/2011 3:02:00 AM
hey Autumn, i agree with you, lots of my poems are the raw truth, and it has not always been recieved very well, but i do feel that sometimes it should be said, it is up to the recipient to ask themselves is the poem true?but i do agree with Carolyn some poetry on this site is way over the top.
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Date: 7/28/2011 8:07:00 PM
Some of the poetry here can be over the top for families -- erotica or very dark poems about suicide, etc. However, it is the depth of emotion that compels us to write our best work. Some of the previous contests here have asked us to write of our most embarrassing moments, serious hardships and pain. These contests are challenging, but generate some of the best poems on the Soup. It is not always easy to write "unadorned and raw" verse, but, yes, some of us do, Autumn. Interesting blog! Best wishes, Carolyn
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Date: 7/28/2011 4:18:00 PM
Interesting. I see it as a coping skill for some of the kids I work with. For them, it might be easier to write than to discuss. I write for fun and to ease frustration with society in general. If the only gerat writing is truth, then nothing has come out of Washington D.C. in about 100 years (possibly 1976-80 is an exception). Welcome to the Soup. Vince
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