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Sex is Violent

Blog Posted:10/27/2012 7:28:00 PM
Hello all,

Check out my newest blog post at:

Thanks mucho,

Woody Lucas
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  1. Date: 10/29/2012 9:51:00 AM
    no negative vibes.....babyyyy!!!!!

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  1. Date: 10/28/2012 11:55:00 PM
    So we are discussing Sex here!Next what will be discussed?Pornography?It is surprising some PM s are using this space as a link to read their personal blogs!Number of blogs posted by a PM should be fixed by the TPS.

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    O. Avatar Ruben O. Date: 10/29/2012 10:06:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    I can't type a comment and laugh at the same time...: D
    rose Avatar ela rose Date: 10/28/2012 11:56:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    No. Of blogs Per month......
  1. Date: 10/28/2012 10:57:00 PM a communion of love between life partners...can be a rare moment when one is truly connected to the universe...jimbo

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  1. Date: 10/28/2012 6:48:00 AM
    I see, in part, what you are attempting to say. What I interpret is that those who engage in sex without commitment can never know its potential. That when we treat intercourse as purely a physical act, we fall short of its divine purpose. Society DOES use sex to call attention to itself, as a form of propoganda. I suggest that you change your blog title to: The role of love in physical union... or something to that nature. Your blog title, by your own definition, is violent. Those who engage in one night stands may be missing out on divinity, but I do not believe they are acting out of violence, which I see as a biproduct of rage and fear. Your blog may miss being understood.

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  1. Date: 10/27/2012 11:00:00 PM
    When I saw your blog title I instantly thought of Jane's Addiction and their 1987 album, "Nothing's Shocking" -- then lo and behold, your blog included Jane's and the song, "Ted, just admit it". I agree that sex has become a weapon to help disintegrate our global social fabric. That said, making love is my favourite thing to do. If I had to categorize myself within a religion, it would be the Church of Making Love....the female essence is my Temple of worship, the alter that I bow before.

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    Aechtner Avatar Chris D. Aechtner Date: 10/28/2012 10:45:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    I dunno? A gentle slap on the ass to help get the blood flowing? I just really enjoy making love.
    O. Avatar Ruben O. Date: 10/28/2012 3:38:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Which is the connection between "sex has become a weapon to help disintegrate our global social fabric" and "sex is violent"??? We can say that there is a "cultural obsession with sex and violence" ...BUT ...we can say that there is a cultural obsession with religion and war also... Sex is violent??? A rape? Im lost.
  1. Date: 10/27/2012 9:50:00 PM
    Im with Ru.. Really?

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    Edwards Avatar Tracie Edwards Date: 10/28/2012 4:17:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Hiya Ru! xx
    O. Avatar Ruben O. Date: 10/27/2012 10:10:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Hello, Tracie!
  1. Date: 10/27/2012 8:36:00 PM

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    O. Avatar Ruben O. Date: 10/27/2012 10:10:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    MacMillan Avatar Cyndi MacMillan Date: 10/27/2012 9:26:00 PM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Yes. But it is veeeeery expensive. Duct tape please. Pretty please. LOL.

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