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Definitely, Maybe (2008) – Could Be A Whisper! Movie Review: Five Stars - Joseph Spence Sr's Blog

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Greetings my friends. I am looking forward to working together with you. I am Prof. Amb. Dr. Joseph. S. Spence Sr., a prolific, worldwide acclaimed award-winning, best-selling poet. I follow my faith and am a World Peace Ambassador of Human Rights, Humanity, and International Diplomacy. My mother taught me how to read, write, interpret, and recite poems in high school, and have uplifted worldwide humanity with inspiration since. Served in poetic leadership positions, conducted seminars, recitals, and assisted poets worldwide to publish the golden words from their crystal inked musing pens. I authored ten uplifting poetry books and numerous peer-reviewed articles. My recent book, “Sincerely Speaking Spiritually,” uplifts and inspires souls to press on and achieve the highest heavenly prize for which ordained. This is the link to my book:

I studied English literature, creative writing, African Diaspora, Japanese linguistics, and poetry at the University of Maryland Global Campus, Howard University, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. During my military service as a decorated U. S. Army officer, I wrote poems for my comrades in arms who named me “Apollo,” Greek god of poetry. Received worldwide awards for my uplifting poems, short stories, and articles. Inducted into various International Scholastic Honor Societies. Governor William Clinton appointed me Goodwill Ambassador for Arkansas, USA.
I look forward to us working together. My residence? Wisconsin!

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Sweet as syrup, shining armor off the shelf; savoir-faire.
Red-blooded poetry connoisseur and radioactively lovable!

© Prof. Amb. Dr. Joseph S. Spence, Sr., USA (Epulaeryu Master)!


Definitely, Maybe (2008) – Could Be A Whisper! Movie Review: Five Stars

Blog Posted:7/3/2020 4:46:00 PM

On one side is the school pushing sex education, on the other is a single father going through a divorce and in the middle, his curious 10-year old daughter seeking to advance her sex education knowledge.  These are some of the characters blended together in a swirling comedy and love story where a single dad is pulled into telling his story about his love life, and a curious daughter who needs to know the full story, especially the identity of her "real" mother.

            Will Hayes (Ryan Reynolds), is in the midst of a divorce and finds himself confessing to his 10-year-old daughter, Maya (Abigail Breslin) about his romantic encounters. The topic of sex education in school sparks Will's testimony while enduring direct examination by his inquisitive daughter.

            Wisconsin proximity has a secure link in this film. Will, a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, moves to New York with political aspirations.  He and his long time girlfriend, Emily (Elizabeth Banks) went separate ways.  His love life changes on the campaign trail. Maya is trying to get to the truth of the story. If you like riddles, puzzles, or solving mysteries, you will surely like this film. Will relays the events in the form of a puzzle that Maya must solve regarding her mother's identity. Like Joe Friday says, "Just the facts…just the facts!"

            Packed with contemporary realism in family relationships and life in the Big Apple, this film is humorous, yet serious, as it portrays life in different ways. By no means is this just a "chick flick." Men can enjoy this film as well.

            The featured songs will have you tapping your fingers on the seat while listening to a variety of lyrics and rhythms.

            Flashbacks bring to life Will's relationships with females in New York as he confesses to Maya. She is hot on his heels to fit the pieces of the puzzle together. Scenes of Presidents Reagan, Clinton, and Bush bring some humor to the script. 

            The audience reaction to this movie was mixed based on the sounds of laughter moving throughout the theater like music. One could not help but catch the spirit of the moment. Some people dropped a tear or two as they empathized with the characters. One could hear sniffling sounds from the audience during certain scenes. The sexual innuendos were there, but no steamy scenes.

            The plot is right on target, especially in this election season. There is a spark of politics and presidential campaigning in the film. Recounting his adventures with each female and how they relate to each other mixes with politics. This could be a sociology study in itself. The ending will be surprising.

            One must wonder if 10-year-old daughters usually place their single dads under a microscope like Maya, who brings this aspect to life in the film. Is this reality? If not, get a grip. Life is evolving! The script is contemporary and believable. The audience gets so engrossed in the plot one could hear sounds of "umm," "ahh," and "oh my" as the movie progresses.

            Remembering names of Will's favorite female acquaintances is fun, such as Emily (Elizabeth Banks), to whom Will states the ph balance in the water is evident in a kiss. April (Isla Fisher) who decides to learn as she goes; and Summer (Rachel Weisz), the free-spirited journalist was a form of introspection for Will as he spun the puzzle for Maya.

            Knowing which female says, "Definitely, Maybe" is worth finding out in this film. This is an excellent movie for laughter and reflection. Watch how the wheels of love continue to turn, as Maya solves the puzzle of her birth mother's identity, while Will plans his next move.

            This one hour and fifty-two-minute film is worth the price. The makers of this film also produced "Nottingham Hill" and "Love Actually." Consider this, who will be your "Definitely, Maybe" with April flowers on the way. 


Director: Adam Brooks

Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Isla Fisher, Derek Luke, Abigail Breslin,

Release Date: February 14, 2008

Distribution: Universal Pictures

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Rating: PG-13

His Excellency, Dr. Amb. Prof. Joseph S. Spence, Sr. USA. (Epulaeryu Master)!



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