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Pride of the Motherland

Riding an elephant
Down the narrow trail looking triumphant
Scanning the golden landscape
Like Hannibal with enemies in flight
Sight from a lofty height
King of the jungle moving
With lioness by his side

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
Guides by my side with packs on their backs
Some paths steep with rocks
Boots slipping below our tired feet
Beautiful birds in unison flight
Moving with terrestrial light
Stunning sunlight summit on the peak

Praying in an Ethiopian Church
Preserved in rocks built by humans’ hands 
Never touched by conquest plans
Protected from the invaders’ footsteps
Queen of Sheba and Solomon’s nest
Touched by Arch of the Covenant
Mary, Joseph, and Jesus once slept

Eating yam, sipping palm wine, and tasting milk
Freshly squeezed by experienced hands
Taste of life in the mosaic grassland
Sustaining and soul refreshing
Cradle of humankind adorning
Invaded for its gold, riches, and human capacity
Birth of life on earth with tenacity

Respecting its living and arduous journey
Essence of life once was and is again to come
Riding a camel across the hot Sahara sand
Once wet now dried, exported gold from Mali…
Treasures from the hearts of once African empires
That which was, is, and shall forever be
Africa the birthing Motherland
We still love and respect thee!


Seventh Place Winner
"African's Pride" Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Adeleke Adeite
June 30, 2010


Copyright © | Year Posted 2010

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Date: 5/16/2016 10:29:00 AM
Salute to your pen and a well done to the mind out of which this sea of wisdom emanated. A definite 7
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Date: 7/29/2010 9:54:00 AM
OK Joseph, your beautiful lines of Africa are similar to my novels. Only they are about the Sandhills of Nebraska back in the late 1880's. Book 1. These Hills of Sand. Book 2 The Romance. Book 3 Ours Forever. Needless to say it is about a teacher and a Cowboy. Great poem Joseph. God Bless, Cile
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Date: 7/15/2010 11:57:00 AM
I like all the wonderful adjectives in your poem here. Congratulations on your win in the contest! Love, Susan
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Date: 7/6/2010 10:17:00 PM
Wow, that was really good, I love the descriptions, very engaging to the reader throughout, great job~! bless
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Date: 7/6/2010 1:13:00 PM
Thanks for your encouraging words on ...talents ta..., such a creative write this is , describes Africa at it's best...congrats you deserved it....regards..rinki
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Date: 7/2/2010 5:57:00 PM
Absolutly beautiful! Congrat's on your well deserved win!~Tirzah~
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Date: 7/1/2010 10:07:00 AM
Congratulations Joseph on your win in Adeleke Adeite's contest "Africans Attutude" Love, Carol
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Date: 6/30/2010 9:37:00 PM
Congratulations on your 7th Place Win in the contest, Joe! This wonderful poem goes to my favs. THanks for leaving your kind comments on mine. Peace, Audrey
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Date: 6/30/2010 3:19:00 PM
Congrats Joseph on your winning poem in the African attitude contest by Adeleke.. with this wonderful write and win .. bravo my friend. a great one..enjoy your big win.. with luv from the "Sweetheart" in Hawaii.. thankxxx for your many compliments on my poetry eads too..
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Date: 6/30/2010 12:37:00 PM
This piece is just incredible! I love each lines and the passion with which you write Accept my warm congrats. Thanks for supporting my contest. I wish you all the best with your writings. You are going places! Love, ~Adeleke~.
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Date: 6/30/2010 11:37:00 AM
Honestly Joesph, today you just became one of my favorite poets. I am amazaed on how well you did with this poem. I alos love the ending on how Africa is the Birth Mother land do to all do respect. I am adding this one to my favorites,..Sidney Lee Ann
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Date: 6/30/2010 10:01:00 AM
An awesome tribut to the African continent and its remarkable people, Joseph! Adeleke will love this! Best wishes in the contest. Love, Carolyn
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Date: 6/30/2010 9:46:00 AM
What a beautiful picture you have painted in my mind Mr. Spence ! This poetry is simply fantastic Sir ! james
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Date: 6/30/2010 8:29:00 AM
Wow! That is one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read! Very inspirational and I can tell you love your homeland as I love mine!
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Date: 6/30/2010 4:27:00 AM
Enjoyed your write, Joseph! Excellent tribute to your homeland Africa, the cradle of mankind! Best of luck for the contest and thank you for your kind comment on "Silence"...Keep your creative pen flowing...Gert
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Date: 6/30/2010 3:44:00 AM
Excellent write about Africa...Good luck in the contest with this fine work..It was as if I were there with you...Let the inspiration overflow onto the page and bless us here at soup with your work..Sara
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Date: 6/30/2010 12:02:00 AM
Beautiful picture,Africa the birthing Motherland,the land we stole her child from,stole her riches and gold,If all that belong to Africa is returned,than Africa can live without more poor and We can enjoy the richness of this beautiful land much.I want to go to Africa,ride on the elephant,watch the lion and lioness,drink from the palm leaves,I ride again on a camel,It was ok:)..taste the honeyed milk,rest on mosaic grass,watch kids fill their belly,You made me wanna go to Africa:)Outstanding!
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Date: 6/30/2010 12:02:00 AM
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Date: 6/29/2010 10:59:00 PM
Great wrote x thank you for my comments Joseph sarah x
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Date: 6/29/2010 9:19:00 PM
A wonderful entry to the contest. Good luck
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Date: 6/29/2010 9:12:00 PM
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Date: 6/29/2010 8:04:00 PM
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Date: 6/29/2010 7:37:00 PM
Hey, "Sweetheart" what are you doing over there. Next time put me in your suitcase. I hope you're having lots of fun. Lord knows I need a vacation. I bet the water, music, sunset, and splendid weather have taken your heart away. Blessings, Joseph
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Date: 6/29/2010 7:32:00 PM
Awesome write Joseph.. good luck in the contest with a wonderful Narrative for competition.. every word paints a picture.. with luv from the "Sweetheart" in Hawaii..
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Date: 6/29/2010 7:25:00 PM
I forget to rate
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