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Adolescence Poems

Adolescence Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of adolescence poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for adolescence.

New Poems

First Steps
First Steps
by Michael R. Burch

for Caitlin Shea Murphy

To her a year is like infinity,
each day—an adventure never-ending.
She has no concept of time,
but already has begun the climb—
from childhood to womanhood recklessly ascending.

I would caution her, "No! Wait!
There will be time...Read More
Categories: adolescence, age, child, childhood, children, graduation, kindergarten, leaving,
Form: Verse

Premium Member What is to Become of Me
What is to become of me?
    I feel the warmth of your pulse
as my blood turns cold
    and I slip the bonds of this Earthly life
where both pride and ridicule
    followed...Read More
Categories: adolescence, death, introspection, journey,
Form: Narrative
Photo of Emily Dickinson at Sixteen

New in her adolescence, the gaze is 
unflinchingly direct, the oval face plain, 
free of artifice, the eyes set wide, bright; 
the mouth small, tight like a purse,
the hands placid, domestic, shyly 
exposed from wrist-length sleeves,
the hair parted at the...Read More
Categories: adolescence, poetess,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member I Bring The Light
In a world of darkness, confusion, and chaos
fear has conquered mans soul so I ignite my Halo,
battle drums thumping my spirit ignites
heart strong, I am the force that brings the light,
you know in hell it's the conscience that reigns so...Read More
Categories: adolescence, inspirational,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Waithera,my first love
Sometimes I feel I know nothing about life

But I do know something about Kenya

I come from the gustily, hilly terrains of rural Ingavira

Where huts form bungalow sorts of flawless beauty

An ambiance of warm soothing atmosphere

And all my life

My home has...Read More
Categories: adolescence, africa, devotion, history, symbolism,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme

Teenage years were the coldest , held his first cigarette at age 16.
Chose wrong friends, this was the phase of a 'Rogue mindset' .
On a rollercoaster of emotions each and everyday , that innocent boy was gone!

Was he gone for...Read More
Categories: adolescence, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, age,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Picture of Dorian Gray: Paint Me As An Event

The Picture of Dorian Gray, a decent fanciful novel by Irish writer Oscar Wilde, published in 1890. The novel, the only one written by Wilde, had six additional chapters when it was released as a book in 1891. The work,...Read More
Categories: adolescence, angst, character, muse,
Form: Dramatic Verse
The Cynic: Experience

If your adolescence
was a turbulent experience
though of short duration.
be prepared for a longer life
of costly reparations....Read More
Categories: adolescence, dark, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member familiar magic
if only for a minute 
our fate shall prevail

like dew drops encompassing a rose, 
i covered you in the comfort of morn'-
fascinated by your ethereal compassion,
never needing…...Read More
Categories: adolescence, desire, hope, longing,
Form: Free verse
At the Doorly Zoo a well-trained guerrilla waves
It’s 3:00 am
Gorilla flung his manure like a combat soldier in guerrilla warfare
No one but the ground keepers are there, MAN DOES IT SMELL

The phone rings at 3:00 am
Do you know where the...Read More
Categories: adolescence, analogy, animal, corruption, environment, funny,
Form: Free verse


     Search for metaphor of my face
     ponders over perfect preface,
     starting from baby’s innocence
   ...Read More
Categories: adolescence, 12th grade, introspection,
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member If I had one wish
If ignorance were bliss
And I had one wish.
I would unlearn all that I know.
I would play as a toddler
with my granddaughter,
and have fun as we go.
I would do as she does.
Growing like a weed,
Learn as she learns.
And before I’m through,
I...Read More
Categories: adolescence, family, fantasy, grandchild, granddaughter, happy, imagery,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Boy Beyond

Precocious boy, yon ere the age of twelve,
Parades vast knowledge, complexity swelled,
Our simplistic share was well understood,
Kept back of minds, preserves naive childhood.

Green imparts years cherished adolescence,
Bottled, we heed, coupled coalescence,
Errant appendages spark normal steps,
Blessed gifted faculties, fellow class frets....Read More
Categories: adolescence, appreciation, boy, destiny, education, encouraging, endurance, smart,
Form: Rhyme
Scherzos and nocturnes
Hackneyed breath of words and the clichés hit the wall, 
A stream of summoned nonsense bounces off of me like superstition,
Benevolent limits of indulgence, on the other hand, - oh, well!

The oeuvre of life, I live, leans towards the attraction,
Sprinkled...Read More
Categories: adolescence, life,
Form: Free verse
But it's all in the Game of Adolescence to Womanhood
Adolescence is usually such a hard game to play.
The game board is a complicated one to go through.
You worry, fear, love, say you can’t go through the day,
But it’s all in the game of adolescence to womanhood.

You try to be...Read More
Categories: adolescence, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th
Form: Free verse
Demon already loosed out this curmudgeon beast
Ignominy hewed into comeuppance, 
where yours truly aggrieved state 
far worse fate  
than becoming deceased, though 
years gone by since meek kin 
grievously afflicted soundly did berate
deplorable marital indiscretion 
this mister (wordsmith) forced opaque  
double life...Read More
Categories: adolescence, 12th grade, absence, black love, heartbreak, husband,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Slow-Cooked Conversion Stories
I was raised in one of those white nationalist churches,
passing itself off as a Christian evangelical Bible church,
where "evangelical" meant fundamental
and "fundamental" meant we did not interpret scripture
but accepted it as God's literal trans-historical Word
of universal white male dominant
Bible thumping...Read More
Categories: adolescence, childhood, christian, earth, faith, health, integrity, senses,
Form: Political Verse
adolescence lent
Somehow the sun leers from beneath the earth
Today the same as yesterday
Nightmares haunt the moments since
Broken and bruised
your image trickles through my mind
On some occasions
bright and vivid
held within my hand
childhood spent
adolescence lent
to times of wasted hours
A broken vase
of forgotten times...Read More
Categories: adolescence, poetry,
Form: Free verse
These Haunting Fears -1 Samuel 17: 45
Throughout life, particular fears have haunted me
in school, adolescence band adult life up to now
the fear of speaking to others especially strangers
it's been so natural to fear them and just bow

Recently someone said you can speak fine
it's all the rest...Read More
Categories: adolescence, christian, faith, fear,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Evanescence of Youth, the Fleeting Spring of Life
My autumn approaches! With summer's end, 
the dying embers of my aging dotage, 
now sovereign, dominate and portend  
the fading of Youth with my greying image.  
How now, dear Lord, do I live, thrive, prevail,  
succeed, and...Read More
Categories: adolescence, age, autumn, god, life, spring, time, youth,
Form: Sonnet

Along some bank of ambiguity.
Isolated while in wonder,
I lacked motivation.
Consequently, I preferred to be someplace different.
I perceived myself wandering near the banks,
Concerning one Tiber River in Rome.
"What is behind me,
Is not in front of me!"
Snickering, I proceeded onward.
Moreover, moments diminished,
And...Read More
Categories: adolescence, beach, confusion, humorous, imagination, memory, nostalgia, parody,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Shepherd who forgot his Flock
It's raining again, grey neon skies,
washing away suppressed surfaces,
to reveal unhealed wounds,
to scars the eyes cannot see

sometimes they bleed.

Some say words heal,
but I resist to express them,
because I'm afraid of my vulnerabilities,
anxious about tears I've never cried.

You only see the...Read More
Categories: adolescence, childhood, emotions, father son,
Form: Free verse
a slip of a girl
a slip of a girl

Her body is enticing 
Like a bud not yet a flower
Unashamedly in the shortest of short
Clinging to her plummy bum
Dance into my cafe.
Soon she will be a beautiful
Woman bursting with poise 
She will get much attention
Some...Read More
Categories: adolescence, blessing, celebration, devotion,
Form: Blank verse
The ONE you
You are so beautiful..
That sparkling smile
That heart-wrecking tears
That bursting anger
That glowing idea
That sickening freight
That widened exclamation
That thrilling surprise
That skipping-heart crush
That spell-bound love
That out-of-world romance
That contagious humour
That loud laughter
That immunic sickness
That awesome childhood
That immature adolescence
That matured adulthood
That fierce youth
That vicic oldness
That...Read More
Categories: adolescence, confidence,
Form: ABC
A mother she is
A feather, she is, delicate but marks one’s essence,
Makes the bird fly above, in its adolescence,
Falls when fluttered, when age it earns,
The old featherless bird, only then, its importance it learns!!
A root, she is, bearing the entire plant,
Nurtures and nourishes...Read More
Categories: adolescence, love,
Form: Sonnet