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Words Poems

Words Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about words. This list of words poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples of words poetry. This list of works about words is an excellent resource for examples on how to write words poems.

New Poems

Premium Member Images
           The world's seen in words
         Painting pictures in our minds
           ...Read More
Categories: image, words,
Form: Senryu

The face of Nature
Your hair,

Wild lavender dancing in the wind,
Throwing Scents of heaven into our life,

Your Eyes,
Streams of running water,

Tears that flow across the landscape,
and across our hearts,

Your lips,
From which the sounds of Blackbirds Sing,
Enchanting us into the mystery of now,

And your passion,
Volcanoes...Read More
Categories: words, beautiful, bird, flower, garden, hair,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Words Can not Express, My Man
Words can not express the joy I get when I see your face
It encourages me to know I can make it from day to day

Words can not express the way I enjoy your touch
When we are together it's never to...Read More
Categories: words, appreciation, black love, boyfriend, emotions, first love,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Reassurances
You want to hear me say I’ll love you forever.
And yes, I well could say those very words to you: 
For after all, they simply state the current truth.
But at the risk of seeming callous or uncouth
They’re also words one...Read More
Categories: words, i love you, love,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member The Home of the Brave
Offensve words
No one dares utter
Where am I  -- in China?
...Read More
Categories: words, courage, freedom, satire,
Form: Questionku

Heaven is around
The corner so soon much hell
Not enough love
Liken a ship out
Out of waters
Burnt hearts shipwreck out

Lune poetry verse
Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2019©
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Categories: words, adventure, analogy, conflict, endurance, life, stress,
Form: Free verse
tulips and wine mello chello and bassoon
eased away 
the doubt
and allowed
 me to love

it's the only reason
and it's us I'm speaking of
I say these most
 meaningful words

I love and that's 
the truth
God blessed
me with your love

might I mention
with no uncertainty
Us together
is defined as 
you and me
when...Read More
Categories: words, film, guitar, music, song,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member BREATHING WATERS- -
Breathing Waters

I view the tides rise…
I come to the banks;
Up and down liken;
The rapid slaps, spanks;

New birth breathing child;
Splashing dancing tides;
Ships lost at seas bows;
Breathing Waters guides;


Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2019©
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Categories: words, abortion, adventure, analogy, bereavement, birth,
Form: McWhirtle
Troubled Soul
The autumn leaves happily dance across the ground
A touch of winter is in the air
I sit here alone with all my thoughts
Dejected - wondering why I even care

Have I given up on modern man?
Is my truth reality?
The lack of hope,...Read More
Categories: words, analogy, angst, anxiety, death, depression, sad, winter,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Fields Forever

I have used words and phrases from the Beatles song
‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ in order to create the
Desired effect in this poem.

How beautiful it must be,
Let me take you down,
Just you and me,
For no one else is 
In my...Read More
Categories: words, song,
Form: Free verse
Erotes Gerund
erotes might allow her to speak of you as her husband
might you meet the requirements of her conditions.
to become her husband she wishes these seven things.
then upon receiving these things she shall light
seven different candles
symbolizing each day.
he too wishes things...Read More
Categories: words, business, career, culture, future, guitar, marriage, money,
Form: Ballad
Half Empty, Half Full
How is this world
heavy pockets, empty soul
scent all over their body
but words are so foul...

Look how beautiful that
falling  leave  is
wow it's grace and lovely pave is
stones covered in those, such
that, like beard of man, before shave

Chirping birds, sounds...Read More
Categories: words, color, conflict, culture, dedication, environment, faith, youth,
Form: I do not know?
Judged at first sight
A moment, a glimpse
Was enough to make up your mind
It bears a gossip for your lips
My character harshly defined

With grime on my shoes
I pay less attention to my looks
Clothes within my reach is all I choose
Judged by the covers, like...Read More
Categories: words, abuse, adventure, age, anger, anxiety, fate, judgement,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Winged Warrior
A genuine soul 
Whose pen is so bright 
A master of words 
Whatever his write 

Always a cool cat 
Always polite 
Cheers! To you brother 
My & light...Read More
Categories: words, friendship,
Form: McWhirtle
Silent Love
"i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go . . . "
                   ...Read More
Categories: words, beautiful, beauty, imagery, longing, love, miss you,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Travelling Sounds of Poetry
Gazing through written words visualizing
Thoughts of sensitivity imagining creativity
writing whispering messages sending them upon the mind
Triggering various impulsive emotions though sound

Grafting minds together becoming one thought
With feelings of understanding and comprehension
An Inspirational processes creating these messages
Sending them forth onto parchment...Read More
Categories: words, poetry, travel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member ODE to a poeme
a made thing
      this verbal construct
an event
   in language
                 makers many
of fabrications
things of art
   ...Read More
Categories: words, poetry,
Form: Ode
Premium Member The unknown writer with words to be Said
With my quill at hand I must create ink to write
I will gather pine sap from a tree then bone black
Pigment while mixing it together with pestle and mortar
I will take the skin of a sheep and prepare it for...Read More
Categories: words, poems, poets,
Form: Free verse
Living in fear
Living with fear 
Let the brave 
Lead the way 
If am down and weak 
Remember am a 
Human when I fail 
So lift my fears
Cure my weaknesses
If am your friend

Living with fear 
Let the strong 
Push me up 
When am...Read More
Categories: africa, confidence, courage, inspiration, truth, words,
Form: Epic
Premium Member SKIES- -
Color me blue with pearls white,

upon a blanket of royal cotton puffs thundery;

Splendid I heard a, nighttime flying,

By the grave I saw the planes fly;

Once I sat engaged and flying;
The air around me exhausting;

In a kingdom full of fly-boys;

Passions weather-wise...Read More
Categories: words, analogy, appreciation, beautiful, engagement, environment, sky,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member CARtoon--
Full moon baboon
Croon poon, 
Communes high noon
Spoons  prunes
Harpoons balloons
bridoon buffoon
Tycoon Camaroon Boone
Inopportune a billiard saloon
Signature tune, Cartoon…


Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. © 2019
...Read More
Categories: words, analogy, assonance, confusion, engagement, mystery, tribute,
Form: Footle
Premium Member DISH WASHER- -

I am a dishwasher
White as a clean plate
Made to loosen up the stain and stuck food particles
I am surrounded by soap and water, cups and saucers, pans and pots
Eventually I will wash away all the food and grease
Liken my cousin...Read More
Categories: words, analogy, caregiving, endurance,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member somberFORCE--
 Somber Force
Regenerated compassion of brilliant plights
So dark in color or tone, gloomy.
So dull
blacken is the light, blinding is the darkness
So dark in color or tone, gloomy.
So drab, dingy, shady, ever I'm restrained subdued sober severe austere
Blacken is the light,...Read More
Categories: words, allusion, analogy, anxiety, bereavement, dark, grief,
Form: Pantoum
Premium Member LITTLE ISLAND GIRL- -
Little Island Girl

picking a bouquet
of a floral garden land
tropical garden

picking a bouquet
is such a little darling
little Island Girl...

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2019©

...Read More
Categories: words, analogy, appreciation, devotion, flower, girl,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Astro NOT
Astro NOT
Astro galaxies dark, deep in blacken space this universe, astro not
in the present tense, astro not
of the year 2025
Why, the sun refuse to shine, astros gone...
For the SON has come down

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2019©

...Read More
Categories: words, character, confidence, conflict, heaven, humanity, space,
Form: Light Verse

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