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Rhyme Words Poems

These Rhyme Words poems are examples of Words poems about Rhyme. These are the best examples of Words Rhyme poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Walking Again Down The Path Of Youth
Time has wrinkled our weeping faces,
never withered any of the embraces;
oh, how delightful is to walk again 
down the path of youth and not fear

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Categories: words, emotions, feelings, joy, lost

Lets Work It Out
The air in here is really dense
The room is completely tense
Feelings are out in the open
We are both wishin' and hopin'
This gets settled really fast

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Categories: words, anger, emotions, relationship, truth,

Say the words
23 April 2024 6:30 PM

Say the words that have meaning
Say the words that your spirit is screaming

Words of purpose and love and grace 
That send...

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Categories: words, blessing, courage, life,

Premium Member Book Hobby
Quote By Poet: "Don't Let Books or Poems Become A Thing Of The Past."

A bookstore I can not pass up,
I need a new book I...

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Categories: words, bird, humor, kid, poets,

Premium Member Zinnia
Quote By Poet "The faces of pretty flowers will brighten anyone's day."

Here in a lovely garden we sit,
growing very close-knit.
Our faces of pretty color,
are bigger...

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Categories: words, flower, garden, giggle, hello,

Courting My Shadow
Wrapping the words
in silence 
tying them with a bow
Gifting them to
my other self
waiting still to know
Leaving them
at the doorstep
of one I’d chased so long
A thank...

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Categories: words,

Premium Member LIFE
Life with it's ups and down's
I love you day and night
Family and friends make
Every moment extra special...

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Categories: words, day, family, friend, love,

Love and Words
What words shall lovers use to express burning desire? Solely of pain and heart ache do blind lovers sing.

Love mocks the sane by setting their...

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Categories: words, beautiful, emotions, encouraging, feelings,

Premium Member When Your Words Fumble
Don’t you hate it when you try to explain
And the words just won’t cooperate
You stumble and fumble, your message lost
Leaving you frustrated and irate

You had...

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Categories: words, confusion, cry, nonsense,

Premium Member Yesterday
By Poet  "I do not know where the time goes. It just goes running away."

Yesterday when
Everyone was kind
Smiles were on all
The faces both young and...

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Categories: words, books, day, happy, joy,

Premium Member Words of Love
You forgot my intonation, and my smile
What’s behind it, wasn’t of your concern
Maybe you did not appreciate my style
Knowing that I have a lot to...

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Categories: words, heartbroken, longing, love, love

Premium Member That Was Then, This Is Now
I love hearing stories,
stories from my grandparents.
They love to tell stories,
stories from many years ago.
Grandma tells about bread,
when black showed up they would cut if off.

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Categories: words, blue, child, food, grandparents,

Grey Matter
The philosophy
of language
its essence

The alpha
and beta
without names

All dialects
the sound
of the ink

Without words
and their meaning
— we ever think

(Villanova University: April, 2024)


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Categories: language, philosophy, words,

When poets of the world unite
Lines across a page,
defining our reality,
words that don’t start wars,
sharing our humanity,
against this troubled world,
of hatred and insanity.

We can hold a pen,
or maybe we can...

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Categories: poetry, poets, war, words,

Premium Member A time to reflect - Is The True Writer Gone
"A Writer must Feel The Words So The Reader Can Feel The Words. By Poet"

Have you heard about this new thing,
this new thing called AI.

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Categories: words, friend, poetry, poets, writing,

Book: Shattered Sighs