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Statement Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of statement poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for statement.

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Premium Member Love is the essence
Love is the essence

inflamed two lovers desire

creation alive

Love is the essence

joy beyond comprehension

new mother's dreaming

Love is the essence

spiritual, divine, I woke

integrity, faith

Love is the essence

sacrifice one's life purpose

humanities hope

Writers statement:

Conceptually love, is a universal feeling that people understand instinctively. It...Read More
Categories: statement, humanity, love, spiritual,
Form: Haiku

Premium Member Breathless Love

breathless waits my heart
for your velvet touch of love
my eyes seek fire

ethereal song
answers hearts first melody

a bouquet of sweets
kisses tied with a ribbon
my love beckons me

fingers graze my cheek 
hungry lips kiss fingertips
petals opening

passion finds embrace
moans of delight cradle love
always...Read More
Categories: statement, love, passion,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member forbidden fruits
oh my big cousin
a dusk gaze beamy lashes
a little temper

how foggy you are
forbidden fruits of knowledge
through bathroom keyhole

once she spanked the boy
but punishment was more like
a hidden caress

luckily she died
before I grew up enough
to do stupid things

I still try to...Read More
Categories: statement, cousin,
Form: Haiku
natural beauty,
a need to be free, the world...
she wanted to see!

for the love she brings,
we would give all things, to have...
for which the bird sings!

but who is this girl,
whose life we have watched unfurl...
like sand into pearl?

some say Czarina,
or Egyptian...Read More
Categories: statement, beauty,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Haiku - eat the nature

                                       a...Read More
Categories: statement, beauty, nature,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member They Learn Young

a face with a smile
laughter endears it to you...
tears spill from your eyes.

children playing games
sounds of happiness abound...
the crack of a gun

a place of learning
instructed by skilled teachers...
in a state of shock.

panic starts to run
some will never walk again...
roses mark...Read More
Categories: statement, 10th grade, america, anger, angst, emotions, feelings,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Reborn
shooting stars twinkle

sprinkling sparklers on the loose -

fading light expires

vows everlasting

impermanence tightly squeezed - 

woes’ storms intertwined

sunshine’s radiance

reflects warm silent repose -

disquieting loss

winter breeze swishes

seasoned kindness transgresses -

permafrost daggers

future corroded

skies disunited in pain-

new love on the rise

listen to my words

it...Read More
Categories: statement, love,
Form: Haiku

All By Myself
"I awake to a new dawn,
Hoping my dreams will spawn

Into the realities I seek,
And success to speak

That my efforts are in line,
For the goal in mind

Each hurdle surpassed,
Defeat I will outlast

For my confidence grows,
With each problem I depose

Striding towards my...Read More
Categories: statement, confidence, inspiration, success,
Form: Rhyme
"I awake to a new dawn,
Hoping my dreams will spawn

Into the realities I seek,
And success to speak

That my efforts are in line,
For the goal in mind

Each hurdle surpassed,
Defeat I will outlast

For my confidence grows,
With each problem I depose

Striding towards my...Read More
Categories: statement, confidence, growth, me,
Form: Rhyme
Emcee or poet
I'm told this isn't hiphop, just a bunch of well constructed words
And its not poetry either because it rhymes like a rap verse
At first, come to terms with the terms that your using
Then try to structure the point that your...Read More
Categories: statement, identity,
Form: I do not know?
Innocence lost
When I was just a teen that was when I became mommy
I asked if baby had a soul when is it considered whole
Questions I had couldn't wait
an appointment was made that decided my fate 
She gave me a cup, or...Read More
Categories: statement, abortion, betrayal, confusion, creation, innocence, memorial,
Form: Free verse
Happy Fourth of July, Or Happy Independence Day
Happy Fourth Of July, Or Happy Independence Day

On this day we celebrate and commemorate the birth of our nation, The United States of America's Independence from Great Britain's monarchical hold and liberty's triumph
Congress voting in favor of Richard Henry Lee's...Read More
Categories: statement, america, birthday, celebration, firework, food, freedom, fun,
Form: List
Loyalty And Trust
Keep loyalty for only yourself 
forget what they say
be true to you not someone else 
and do it your way

Be aware you’re valuable 
it’s why they value you
when weakened and vulnerable 
see if they value you

Don’t assume if you give...Read More
Categories: statement, truth,
Form: Rhyme

At the end of the long walk on the rough road
Under the twilight sky of the setting sun
You might look back at the fading footprints
You will hear they find a frail voice and tell you
To write a eulogy for you...Read More
Categories: statement, life,
Form: Free verse
What we should despise
Oh, the wonder, this statement of past, bygone days, the opposite of mental stability ! Now, take a moment of concentration, if you are able! These small lives, tiny stature, once sweet, and adored. Children, children, said twice for those...Read More
Categories: statement, abuse, political,
Form: Free verse
Gone Are the Days
Gone are the days when quality was a brand
Good manners made their statement in sand
Values were of high repute and best
No place for vices like treachery and haste
Calm and cool were the folks just lo..!
No hue and cry for the...Read More
Categories: statement, day, fantasy, recovery from,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Today, would never be elected!
He'd be run out of rooms.
How dare he ask us:
"Ask not what your country can 
do for you, ask what you can
do for your country."

I remember being so moved by
that statement.
But our country has taken a new
And...Read More
Categories: statement, america, brother,
Form: Free verse
A warning
Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski 6/9/2019

Almost in all of Europe, the limit has been exceeded
Not yesterday - long ago, but the minority
Had everything except empathy and servants on the leash: 
Officials favored by governments, police, and army
- This is how the...Read More
Categories: statement, boat, death, faith, future, god, war,
Form: Free verse
The Bread Shop
The chairs are neatly arranged and they are waiting for the end game, eight men and two women are among the execution pack
They say that they have a better way to run the show and take you out of the...Read More
Categories: statement, art, change, conflict, confusion, cute love, encouraging,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member God Mode

            I'm now in god mode

       Explanation, if you will

   That I have the power

 To give life or take it

We...Read More
Categories: statement, analogy, life, love, metaphor, soulmate, true love,
Form: Free verse
The Sun was drowsing quietly,
Once upon a century, 
Mister Ocean calm but afraid, 
She was far but had a selected destiny. 

The ship was named unsinkable, 
She was the biggest ship ever, 
On those times, she was also famous, 
She...Read More
Categories: statement, april, boat, death, england, god, love, simple,
Form: Narrative
Trying to Understand
This can’t happen, why didn’t I react faster
Feet planted in the ground, a dandelion too afraid to move
or someone’s wish will never come true
but if I’m only here to progress someone else’s will
who’s going to progress mine?
She reached out to...Read More
Categories: statement, relationship,
Form: Free verse
Gone from Us
Gone from us, no more to see
Left only with sweet memories
All to soon on wings of white
The angels took her home last night

They carried her throughout the night
They guided her through darkened flight
But sometime soon I think we'll meet
Perhaps to...Read More
Categories: statement, bereavement, heartbroken, lost love, memorial, wife,
Form: Epitaph
i asked
she sent
me recently
photos of those
things that may grow

since last
seeing her her
finger and toenails
have certainly grown

as she 
she lifted
her charming

arms and
revealed as
i reveled in her
new growth which

me make
the statement
let your hair down...Read More
Categories: statement, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member RE: POETRYSOUP

What makes a poet, be a poet?
What makes a pilot, be a pilot?
What makes a janitor, be a janitor?
Circumstances bears some weight.
Determination will unlock doors that circumstances bars.
Natural abilities also bears weight in what they call, 'a gift'.
Same rules applies,...Read More
Categories: statement, appreciation, character, devotion, imagination, inspiration, poems, write,
Form: Prose Poetry