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Voyage Poems

Voyage Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about voyages. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for voyage.

New Poems

Premium Member Meditation on Quiet Riverbank
Oh gentle waters, wide river passing by
Greetings, soft life living matching my within.

Yet, what invisible passaging passes unapparent to me
Held firmly in Memory’s eye for my dreaming to see?

From soft falling rains 
Gracing wild lands far beyond
To torrents formed in...Read More
Categories: 12th grade, engagement, mystery, perspective, river, voyage,
Form: Free verse

Racing to Live
Who the hell do you think you are?
Roaring by me in your motor car;

Did you not see me standing there?
Or was it just you did not care?

Care to see the world around you;
Racing to no place like a fool;

The rat...Read More
Categories: journey, judgement, perspective, rude, voyage,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Boatswain
His life raft drifted helplessly in an ocean of tears and lost dreams

		In tangible finite and impermanent flow

He lost his compass and the needle festered in Tom’s purulent arm

		A portal to hot flushes of receding pain

Chasing sea dragons and hobgoblins...Read More
Categories: voyage, drink,
Form: Free verse
Attila Ilhan translations
Ben Sana Mecburum
by Attila Ilhan
translation by Nurgul Yayman and Michael R. Burch

You are indispensable; how can you not know
that you’re like nails riveting my brain?
I see your eyes as ever-expanding dimensions.
You are indispensable; how can you not know
that I burn...Read More
Categories: voyage, break up, farewell, for her, lost love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Molly Magpie
My Molly Magpie endears to baked delights
Toiling in the afternoon, proving through the night
   Darkness raised the finest flour with courage
   Baked alive transformed, the test of scourge
Transfixed all mollified await the finest bite...Read More
Categories: jesus, voyage,
Form: Rhyme

Roasted Faraway, for Pius Adesanmi
By Izunna Okafor

Beyond the shrubs of Sahara 
Lifted a munt of brainy bond 
Over the Mississippi of Ethiopia
Lofted a penner with his hunky thoughts

Across the bridge of a foreign land
Hovered a book of beautiful pages
Tightly enclaved yet as an Ireland
In a skull...Read More
Categories: africa, death, life, tribute, voyage,
Form: Elegy
In the Whispering Night
In the Whispering Night
by Michael R. Burch
for George King
In the whispering night, when the stars bend low
till the hills ignite to a shining flame,
when a shower of meteors streaks the sky,
and the lilies sigh in their beds, for...Read More
Categories: butterfly, poems, poetry, poets, romantic, voyage, writing,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Odysseus's Quest
Odysseus's Quest

I succumb not to thee; to this mast, I shall be bound
As yonder lie lost souls of unjust blood and gore alas
Play victim to sirens songs and lyres, nor be drowned
This ship will sail sharpen rocks, allow not an...Read More
Categories: adventure, beautiful, fantasy, nostalgia, sea, voyage, write,
Form: Pantoum
The Isle of Fallen Stars
The Isle of Fallen Stars

The stars fell from the sky today:
I watched them fall from far away.
And though I traveled long to see,
To find the wastes where they might be,
I felt instead the ocean’s spray.

And so I sailed--the stars to...Read More
Categories: dream, fantasy, imagery, inspirational, sorrow, stars, voyage,
Form: Rhyme
Lay Down Your Arms
Lay Down Your Arms
by Michael R. Burch

Lay down your arms; come, sleep in the sand.
The battle is over and night is at hand.
Our voyage has ended; there's nowhere to go . . .
the earth is a cinder still faintly aglow.

Lay...Read More
Categories: voyage, beach, conflict, environment, holocaust, humanity, visionary, war,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Apollo 17 - Sniff Test

Astronaut Gene Cernan, claims the moon surface smells like spent gunpowder. 

So: If the moon smells like spent gunpowder, I can only presume the moon
was just an old cannonball, that ran out of steam before...Read More
Categories: voyage, beautiful, moon,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member wake
winter's wake
rows of black stones and rock salt...Read More
Categories: voyage,
Form: Monoku
Take it to the next level, 
Letting your voyage advance; 
Accelerate the vessel
That sails the sea's long distance.

Take it to the next degree, 
Intensify your vigor; 
Just aim for the victory
By applying your ardor.

Take it to the next ranking, 
Chase...Read More
Categories: voyage, poems,
Form: Quatrain
Nothing Has Embraced Me With All Its Might
Its Grip Is Firm & My Hope Diminished
I Have Searched & Searched For An Ending
Night & Day Day & Night To No Avail
Throughout Years Of Struggle & Torture
I Have Come Only Too Find...Read More
Categories: voyage, brother, death, extended metaphor, life, mirror, remember,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member And Home Again
Beneath the yawning, azure skies of Earth,
          We left our seed to wend the Sea of Suns,
              ...Read More
Categories: adventure, fantasy, future, humanity, universe, voyage,
Form: Sonnet
by Michael R. Burch 
Yesterday the wind whispered my name
while the blazing locks
of her rampant mane
lay heavy on mine.
And yesterday
I saw the way
the wind caressed tall pines
in forests laced by glinting streams
and thick with tangled vines.
And though she reached
for...Read More
Categories: voyage, anxiety, break up, change, confusion, sleep, time,
Form: Verse
Six feet under
6 Feet under...

Six feet under! Six feet under! Six feet under!
Oh no! l am not James Dean, l aint going to die whilst
the curse of youth is flowing though me like thunder to Thor.

Six feet under! Six feet under! Six...Read More
Categories: voyage, 11th grade, 12th grade, america, anxiety, cheer
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Between intrusion and abandonment
Between intrusion and abandonment
We  hope to find a  place  of trust and care
A place where we can  spend our loving wealth

Communion starts.our hearts enjoy love’s health
Here our bodies and our souls are bared
Between intrusion and abandonment

Walk...Read More
Categories: voyage, 4th grade, africa, allusion, anxiety, giving, history,
Form: Villanelle
English onomatopoeic words tick tock does punctuate
English onomatopoeic words tick tock does punctuate...
audiological "second" associated with ordinary soundlessness

Second of time not decided arbitrarily, but...

Under International System of Units,
the second currently defined as
duration of 9,192,631,770 periods
of radiation corresponding to transition

between two hyperfine
levels of ground
state of caesium-133
atom at...Read More
Categories: voyage, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
The Happy Fisherman
Sailing with my true blue friend,
Every wave was a new lesson to learn
Every storm, a new chapter to open;

Listening to its deep voice,
Every story was a reverie to follow
Every silence a whisper of love;

Guided by the wind of my destiny,
Every...Read More
Categories: voyage, adventure, analogy, blessing, humanity,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member The Prophet Returns
Do tell me sir was one so loved
That women fell at sun-dried feet
To refresh with tears such withered skin
To gain in touch a taste of sweet.

Never did I think there was such passion
Driving heart and mind to direct these things
To...Read More
Categories: friend, happy, hope, myth, religious, spiritual, voyage,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Morning Dew
Sun rays fills me with warmth
Reflections of the sun reflects my thoughts..
Life twisted with turns..
Curves and winding roads..
Avenues of fear..
Lost in a stream of confusion..

Reaching for the stop sign..
Dived into a dead end..

Early morning dew appears..
A soft wind blows as...Read More
Categories: voyage, encouraging, life, metaphor,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Laura Lee's Funeral
Laura Lee's Funeral

                                     ...Read More
Categories: voyage, absence, allegory, bereavement, death, death of a
Form: Free verse
The path back home
Final stage of dementia, imminent oblivion,
Mind slowly dying, waning to black obsidian,
A trail of breadcrumbs, left behind in my wake,
Beacons across time, for the trek I now face,
Paving the way, for my journey, back home. 

These markers I’ve set, some...Read More
Categories: death, deep, inspirational, me, meaningful, senses, voyage,
Form: I do not know?
To the Ends of the Earth
To the Ends of the Earth 

Like a glossy starling flying away 

Lost in a group of chaos 

Always knowing the path. 


November 27, 2019
To the Ends of the Earth
Edward Ibeh
...Read More
Categories: bird, flying, journey, voyage,
Form: Kimo