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Swaggering Poems

Swaggering Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of swaggering poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for swaggering.

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 _My eyes lay upon the way
In sceptical and anticipation 
I know I needed someone
*Till death do us part.*_ 

 _I saw her come to me
In her coruscating lissom figure,
was touched by the softness of her...Read More
Categories: swaggering, 2nd grade, love,
Form: Free verse

Sassy sobriquets schooled sissy spindleshanks
Sassy sobriquets schooled sissy spindleshanks...
studious skinny scruffy scribe

Scathing, scolding, screaming,
scorning, searing, sing,
sociopathic sarin soaked skewed
squirt, sputtering, squawking, sleepily
staggering, stabbing, swaggering
sweltering sadistic, sarcastic,

savage, systemically systematically
stigmatized, supersized saber sharp
schick shaving, shunned, sabotaged,
scarred, scorched, smote, sanguine,
stippled, speckled schizophrenic
sensibility, spurring, seething,

somewhat stultified, sophisticated,
spellbound spirited...Read More
Categories: swaggering, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, baptism,
Form: Free verse
the beast detests the prince of pomposity.
the chin upturned. each blackened strand of hair

in place with grease. his too white smile released
to aproned maids — the town with hordes of them.

his shoulders straight, his swagger thrills his mates.
they clink the...Read More
Categories: swaggering, humor,
Form: Blank verse

A flame of scarlet crept in a swift diagonal across my cheeks,
Then a gentle sarcasm ruffled my anger,
They felt a melancholy monotone beat of my heart;
The world!
This time, not a mere figment of a poet's fancy.

This is not a swaggering...Read More
Categories: swaggering, poets,
Form: Free verse
The Swaggering Schroon
Paddle down, it’s before noon,
on the winding river Schroon,
still see a sliver of the moon,
hear the maddened cry on loons…

Meandering through forest,
no wind here, the sky’s at rest,
mallard upstream, quite well-dressed,
onwards the canoe I press.

Ahead is a sandy spit,
stop and...Read More
Categories: swaggering, boat, imagery, mountains, nature, peace, river, water,
Form: Rhyme

Being A Cool Kid

• By daniel miltz •

You're not born with cool, you've got to find it. A leather jacket that fits like a glove knows it. Cool is an act. Cool is by learning to stand out from the crowd, stay ahead...Read More
Categories: swaggering, cool, crazy,
Form: Bio
Government show Shut Down December 2018
Government (show) Shut Down December 2018

Messianic Don found tarnished appeal
trumpeted bluster thwarted
with muted (hip hip hooray) Democratic zeal
played (on microscale) like quashed
ill fated braggadocio big deal

bombast, sans General George Armstrong
Custer's last stand,
viz Little Bighorn, achilles heel,
where Native Americans 
showed deadly...Read More
Categories: swaggering, america, anger, anxiety, grief, holiday, judgement, men,
Form: Free verse
Couach potatoes!  Scrambling for trivialities 
The eyes delight, detrimental to their intellect 
Immersed in gape at the melanin free race
Laying eggs of colloquialism to metamorphose into
Formality cherishing fool's errand with hilarious gestures 

Blindly swaggering when near a shelf of...Read More
Categories: swaggering, 5th grade, anger, cry, depression,
Form: Blank verse
How Bout Stoichiometry For A Conversational Hook
How 'Bout Stoichiometry For A Conversational Hook?

Nary a clue exists about
     the relationship between
relative quantities of substances
     taking part in a clean
(non GMO contaminated) 
     gluten free reaction,
...Read More
Categories: swaggering, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
Flat Tire Did Not Ply Deflating Psi Lance
True add verse situation,
     whereat me mission
     trans send dint state didst ache
after yours truly nearly
     did nearly break
chassis 'pon took drastic
     over corrective...Read More
Categories: swaggering, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, funny,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member LITTLE BOYS
The world would be such a different place
Without the delights and joys
Of the zest for life,grubby-kneed
Fighting,tumbling little boys.

I watch outside my window
The little kick-boxers at play,
Brandishing sticks like mighty swords
As the wicked villain they slay.

In their special world of make-believe
Their...Read More
Categories: swaggering, children, fun, imagination,
Form: Rhyme
The Shame, So Shamelessly Held
I cannot say with any certainty
why it came to me, then, there,
but it came to me
unexpected as birth.
The kitchen was bright as the summer
and comfortable as the paving
next to the swimming pool.
Our hosts were pleasant as we were,
the conversation pleasant...Read More
Categories: swaggering, birth,
Form: Free verse
Glad To Depart From My Rampart
I could write you a blank cheque
To fatten the purse you adore
In the morning in a cash prayer you partake
A major part of your adopted folklore

Which despite tons of reticence, silence and patience I dislike
To the extent moribund manners like...Read More
Categories: swaggering, poems,
Form: Free verse

I ham aghast at increasing banality, deviltry, ferocity,

   imbecility, liability, obscenity, rapacity, ugly

   offal popularity witnessed by Donald trump

hence aye aerate thoughts, 

   how ass a nine his banal, demoniacal, 

 ...Read More
Categories: swaggering, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, betrayal,
Form: Cowboy
April's sudden Enlightenment
April’s Sudden Enlightenment 

By Stina Lu 

April walks down from the decaying Chinese rose
Pushes away the flirty wind
Neglects the sunlight’s sudden closeness and farness 

Leaves wear a shining green crown
which is granted by the season 
All charming flowers are ordered...Read More
Categories: swaggering, art, cute,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Earth Activists
A pro-active journalist
is like a research-committed teacher
teaching and listening to cooperative research designs
and presentations.

The opposite of the journalist's deconstruction
of events
is reconstruction through predictive narrative.
Just as the opposite of permaculture's green activist
is pathological degeneration
emerging from past too-monoculturing memory

Back toward too much...Read More
Categories: swaggering, caregiving, earth, education, environment, health, humor, sun,
Form: Political Verse
On the mountain top
Dancing with a swaggering hop
Leaping along with swinging head
Flashy the sky with twinkling stead

Lonely the autumn made me
Softly the whisper kin she 
Winkling my leads gets down
Arouse my nerves went round

Ache in my head was her love
Gentle,...Read More
Categories: swaggering, 2nd grade, love hurts,
Form: Quintain (English)
The End of an Era
Father Sky wept tears of sadness and despair

Onto the vast wild plains

Where buffalo lay slaughtered

Cast about haphazardly 

Like pebbles on a beach

Their blood mingling with his tears

Forging ribbons of crimson rivers

Gunshots rang out from the eyes of the iron horse...Read More
Categories: swaggering, culture, history,
Form: Free verse
love of words
zilch = the current net result dabbling with said medium
which upside per literary skill 
   allows, enables and provides
a golden opportunity 
   to write my own nonestablishmentarian epitaph.

Though gleeful at assiduous followers 
(one attractive babe, who...Read More
Categories: swaggering, appreciation, creation, emotions, freedom, fun, image, joy,
Form: I do not know?
I ham aghast at increasing unpopularity
witnessed by Donald trump
hence aye aerate thoughts,
how ass nine his banal, demoniacal, fanatical, and hurtful
culling frightening insight,
where portentous Portuguese Man 'o War debacle
doth crowdsource, flickr, and indeed long foster 
plenti full over active imagination
to induce...Read More
Categories: swaggering, crush, evil, hate, pain, parody, prejudice, women,
Form: Political Verse
Social Tedium
So did your cloak and dagger swaggering self-flatter quite sufficiently?
Did you believe your baseless propaganda mantra would diminish me? 
Or that the instagrammed aggression of your engineered passivity would finish me?
There are no lies remain can yet disguise the truth...Read More
Categories: swaggering, betrayal,
Form: Narrative
Reflecting On A Match Won
Well, well, well..
It was fast and furious action in the squash courts today...
One burly player was confident and swaggering cos he has been away...
He was fresh and feisty, 1st set was a blitzkrieg, he was a runaway train...
Luckily he slowed...Read More
Categories: swaggering, community, encouraging, friendship, happy, motivation,
Form: Free verse
A Psalm for the Soul
Let me walk you under a gentle sky
Where there’s no grief, no reason to cry,
Where as far as your eyes can see
Happiness and joyfulness reign freely.

Beyond the wanton ways and lustful prowls,
Swaggering struts and smirking scowls,
Walk with me but with...Read More
Categories: swaggering, beautiful, daffodils, happiness,
Form: Rhyme
I was young- nearly twenty-
the day innocence became ill.
I remember the funeral well
that ninth month.

As the sunlight shattered another night,
I awoke in a dim lit room, silenced
by a strange sunrise
as it splayed across the earth,
then darkened in the most
somber and...Read More
Categories: swaggering, depression, emotions, loss, patriotic, remembrance day, september,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
my way
My Way 
I saw the three tenors sing “I did it my way” mind, the fat one died, 
and the two others hate each other and never appear in public if
 they can avoid it. Of the two one looks...Read More
Categories: swaggering, character, depression, desire, destiny,
Form: Blank verse