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Suspended Poems

Suspended Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of suspended poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for suspended.

New Poems

Freezed, all is still, quiet and slow
Our earth is deprived of motion
We are struck down this bottomless hole,
by a brainless virus with deadly notion.

Melancholy traveling,
through uncovered sneeze
All feet trembling,
Covid-19 suspended in the breeze

Oh! How fast it crosses every lane
Pacing like...Read More
Categories: suspended, sad, sensual,
Form: I do not know?

Premium Member Sky Beings
Sky Beings

Present since the day of creation,
They define the firmament
Populating the night sight sky 
In ever changing relationships
As Galileo’s sphere revolves on it axis 
Only to reappear for the same journey each night.

The focus of fascination and the focus of...Read More
Categories: suspended, night, sky,
Form: Free verse
Searching for Bridges
I dreamed I saw an eagle covered in coal ash slurry 
Stripped of flight, with a dark eye of worry,
He searched for bridges in a sea of walls.
I dreamed I was walking on ten foot poles,
Suspended over a sludge of...Read More
Categories: suspended, environment, political,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Celestial Play
Celestial Play

In daylight hours when stars fall sleep, 
They opened wide eyes to see celestial wonder –
The sun and moon at play 
Racing across their blue playground in hide and seek – 
A game of tag – 
Leaving trails of...Read More
Categories: suspended, games, moon, sun,
Form: Free verse
A Green Rose I Send to Thee
A green rose I send to thee
on the wings of a bird set free.

With it comes my deepest desires,
that burn in the midnight moon on radiant fires.

Your secret mole, hidden from the public eye
flashes in my memory, dancing on ambers...Read More
Categories: suspended, humor,
Form: Rhyme

COVID 19 Cloaked and Frightening
Young and Free Cautioned By Corona 

Suburbs' worst imaginings bombard a squinting comprehension 
Suspended events filter faith, panic permeates a stoic psyche
Supporting mangroves supply a scurry of wood and honey
Stalking forested in silence, disguised tiger virus strikes

Copious having emulates control,...Read More
Categories: suspended, anxiety, death, recovery from, surreal,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
No Caution
There was no caution when
you loved me with your wildflower eyes
we hung the sun, the moon, the stars,
rocked the world and spun them all.

On the seventh day we rested
danced our blues across the sky
time a bridge suspended,
we will never die
because...Read More
Categories: suspended, love,
Form: Free verse
Diaries Of A Face In The Crowd

A morning chill shrouded in a veil of mist
And the moon, still suspended in the sky
A shy face spotlighted by the glare of sun
And where the winding and slidy road bends
blurred Shapes fade away in...Read More
Categories: suspended, pollution, society,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Return

Mountains so close they are
Holding in the bowl of sky
Keeping at bay the rising sun
Until late in the October
Of falling leaves
And golden larch spires.

Holding that same sun hostage
Now leaving rose colored
In the darkening,
In the cooling of the day,
In the laying...Read More
Categories: suspended, nature,
Form: Free verse
With Every Dawn
Wiping the tears from eternity’s past,
placing the future on ice

New memories lie frozen, suspended in time 
—to melt with each morning’s respite

(Dreamsleep: March, 2020)  
...Read More
Categories: suspended, time,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member UPSPRING

   i’m on Georgia turf, the land
of bless your heart,    pretense
   of the titillation of heat.

scurries the sun;         moon
damp on clothesline.
    burrowing...Read More
Categories: suspended, insect, rain, spring,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Cursed
unholy earth calls                              
darkness commanded by sun
powers suspended
resurrection at nightfall
an eternal damnation...Read More
Categories: suspended, dark, earth, evil,
Form: Tanka
Premium Member Clown at the abyss
Dark is the Abyss and 
Even darker where deep,
Suspended by 
an elastic tether, I am
bouncing in and out!
A jack in the box 
jack that is me,
A dressed clown,
To amuse all those,
Who see.
Amuse yourselves,
Pay me a price,
Laugh at me if
It pleases...Read More
Categories: suspended, analogy, conflict, deep,
Form: Free verse
Still. Particles suspended.
Gentle and quiet.
Our land is motionless.
The disease hit here too. 

Rumor. Something small.
Nothing to fear.
Then like a spark,
It ignited and burned all.

Serpents. Greatest liars.
We were naive.
You kept your secrets.
Representatives, the guilt is yours.

Death. Natures Law,
Cannot be broken.
The mindless...Read More
Categories: suspended, betrayal, death, sick,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Helios and The Tempest

"Helios and The Tempest"


full knowing his azures
she watches him rising
he sends sunlight 
to her windows
full knowing the thoughts
non-conditional behind
her shaded jades
what fresh hell is this
spring green now
becomes her dazzling day
he doesn't miss a trick
he sends golden smiles
they're forever in eclipse
when...Read More
Categories: suspended, imagery, light, love, romance, sun, sunshine, symbolism,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member Looking Back At Earth
In my dreamy dream I am floating, defying gravity,
like a buoyant cloud I drift up and around the moon;
I sail and hover, suspended, just hanging,
and then, I am wandering the surface of the moon;
looking back at Earth, I shed a...Read More
Categories: suspended, dream, earth, moon,
Form: Verse
Premium Member our dalliance has ended
i shall never be able to forget our affection
was deep as first love, and wild as all regret-
crimson and medallion encompass my soul;
‘neath the autumn moon i still etch your silhouette

sincerity arrived and remorse soon followed,
for i needed compassion, someone...Read More
Categories: suspended, lost love, metaphor, missing you,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Requiem For The Lovelorn
              Supine, his fathomless eyes fixed 
     on clusters of grey clouds suspended above him.
       He's busy...Read More
Categories: suspended, loneliness, longing, lost love, memory, symbolism,
Form: Free verse
Turning the corner is round the bend 
Upended or suspended from a bagpipe squeeze
Something knee-deep in surreal screams 
Or kept in small transparent jars
Like really old scars
Or rusty screws you’ll never use
But don’t throw away never know , ...Read More
Categories: suspended, crazy, for teens, humorous, imagery, life, perspective,
Form: I do not know?
Still life Blue Hill Maine

August. Mid-morning. The small bayside village 
is hardly out of bed.
From the bridge, I gaze down: Mallard ducks 
frolick in the shallow rushing stream; webbed
russet feet like tiny oars paddle their bouyant bodies.

The stream quickly widens out, leading 
into...Read More
Categories: suspended, places,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Epiphany

Slowly shifting winds of time
Blow through the outstretched arms
Upon a hill
Held in silhouette
Against an evening sky
To set the steel bound soul of Everyman,
Within the rising towers
Dotting the dreamscape
With visionary signature –
The line of hope to take from Time
Its darkness and...Read More
Categories: suspended, light, wind,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member TRUE LOVE
My feet suspended
from the end of the
foot rest of my recliner.
Socks gently removed,
your hands warm the oil,
softly, tenderly massaging its
mysterious healing properties
into my dry heels,
my weary arches,
my sore soles and toes.
Your reflexology of love
simultaneously, lovingly
massaging my soul.
(c) 2019, The Book...Read More
Categories: suspended, devotion, love, marriage, wife,
Form: Free verse
Have I been too long at the fair
Have I been too long at the fair?
by Michael R. Burch
Have I been too long at the fair?
The summer has faded,
the leaves have turned brown;
the Ferris wheel teeters . . .
not up, yet not down.
Have I been too long...Read More
Categories: suspended, absence, allegory, allusion, analogy, autumn, child, childhood,
Form: Verse
Premium Member A Lull
I lay me down in the land of a languorous lull,
A leisurely liaison laxing amidst the silenced still…
No weeping words wander upon the constructive canvas.

The day mourns the nebulous neglected nestled night,
Where the shadows sustain the seductive sorrows…
Condolences for a...Read More
Categories: suspended, absence, identity, missing, motivation,
Form: Tristich
Premium Member SPEECHLESS
The back of my head is attached to source
The straight bent double 
Faces in blind spaces 
Anxious anxiety bared
Running late into the cold laugh
Avoiding the lamp
Slipping round corners 
Hiding under the heart’s thunder and hoping no one sees

This be where...Read More
Categories: suspended, conflict, crazy, creation, deep, for teens, imagery,
Form: Free verse