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Surfer Poems

Surfer Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of surfer poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for surfer.

New Poems

Premium Member At The Seaside
A quiet 
but windy day 
at the seaside.

A family's out
in the morning sun;
one of the children
look for shells.

A surfer yonder
is riding the waves 
unceasingly splashing 
against the rocks
like a tossed grenade;

taking it all in
at daybreak
in mute amazement,
a lifeguard...Read More
Categories: surfer, beach, imagery, nature, sea,
Form: Imagism

nothing special
Crimson kids
Rebellious cars
Parked outside bars, staring at stars

Burn the place with an icy glare
Make them all stop and stare
Lilac girls and painted skies
Never have time for surfer guys

Jump off a roof
Watch it on loop
Like and share
Truth or dare

Summer spell
Kiss and...Read More
Categories: surfer, beauty, fantasy, feelings, humanity, people, poetry, time,
Form: Free verse
I Am Not A Robot Part 2
Me a zombie?
Just a viral doofus poseur,
Brainiac and hacker on the loose tapping into other genie lamps,
Wireless Stikbot floater skipping ID challenge.
Hurdles that authenticate saliva from a silicone palate.
Trojan horse webber getting kicks from pop up photos and their tick...Read More
Categories: surfer, color, computer, creation, fantasy, fun, imagery, imagination,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member HANG TEN, POETS

         Don't think like an ant for a tunnel to hide.
         Imagine yourself a surfer.
         Hanging...Read More
Categories: surfer, encouraging, humanity, poets,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Waves

To the surfer
The wave requires
Her immediate attention..
To balance forces
Which may result in
Swimming not surfing..

Each morning we arise
To catch a wave..
Wishing that we might
Ride the crest today..
Some days it seems so
But others no..

Then the Recognition
Perhaps when crestfallen
We notice the enormity
Of the...Read More
Categories: surfer, beach, confidence, morning, perspective,
Form: Blank verse

I was surfing the Banzai Pipe
When the Backdoor opened like hype
A shark lurking there
Missed me by an hair
But my shorts sure needed a wipe! 

 Some say the Hawaiian island of O'ahu got its name
from the last words of a...Read More
Categories: surfer, sports,
Form: Limerick
Great Surfer Soon Became
Great Surfer Soon Became

Truly great surfer he soon became,
And was known for his wide acclaim;
Never did behave;
Became wave slave,
Along with all of his fortune and fame.

Jim Horn

...Read More
Categories: surfer, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
What I Love about the Lord
What I Love About the Lord

What I will always love about the Lord,
Is when he gave me a great surfboard;
Quickly sped;
Had hit my head;
Riding waves with it do look forward.

Jim Horn

For Surfer Son Shawn Horn.

...Read More
Categories: surfer, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
The Surfer
Gasping he sucked in deep
To breathe after made his survival complete
The wave rolled on and left him there
Riding the waves made it devil may care

The sun warmed him lying on his board
Another tick off the bucket list was scored
As he...Read More
Categories: surfer, beach,
Form: Ballad
Flackmoth on Nudes
Flackmoth is not one to provoke feuds
with anyone who has a thing for nudes,
and though he’s far from prudish
he’d like to see a few less nudish.
(He’s of the view that the imagination
titillates far better by suggestion.)

First on his list is...Read More
Categories: surfer, art, humor,
Form: Light Verse

Premium Member Soul Surfer

"Soul Surfer" 

I bought some sea shell beads 
stood by the ocean 
while the half sharp winter wind 
whispered stinging sticatto 
cold licks next to my ear, so sincerely - 
that spot, you know that...Read More
Categories: surfer, freedom, romance, trust,
Form: Romanticism
Acid reflux 7:00 post meridiem September 24th 2019
Acid reflux ~ 7:00 post meridiem September 24th, 2019

Ah... nothing more enjoyable than acidic gastric fluid flowing backward into esophagus, resulting in heartburn, disrupting pleasant dreams, nor unsure how successful literary endeavor crafting poem regarding aforementioned will yield.

While deeply asleep
during...Read More
Categories: surfer, 11th grade, 12th grade, angst, health, humorous,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I'm Just Getting Started
Born in Madrid, in fifty nine,
A military Kid, 3rd of 7 in the assembly line;
They named me Michael, but I answer to Wedge,
A Master Sergeant’s son—not much here that's cutting edge.

I grew up a runner, and I wrestled some,
I was...Read More
Categories: surfer, age, career, children, family, growing up, life,
Form: Rhyme
In the Shadow of the Night, Love or Lust
In the Shadow of the Night, Love or Lust: Copy right (2008). By, Deborah Johnson 

Stars sprinkled over blue and gray skies, oh my Black Prince is it love or lust as we search and embrace each other's eyes?

Gentle sweet...Read More
Categories: surfer, anxiety, art, august, beautiful, birth, blessing, books,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member This All Could Be

AtTractions of the urban surfer,
ExHibits at the shored enclaves,
AbIde the faithful their sole journey,
BaSking rays of summer's retreat,

CoAstal clutter of crowds roll on,
CeLebrities of the day made true,
LuLled breaks in surf even the tide,

NeCks swivels as eyes scouts the beach,
GoOd...Read More
Categories: surfer, 12th grade,
Form: Acrostic

Each graceful bird embrace air, charmingly,
A morning dew slides to expecting leaves,
One lovely dove sings above, pleasantries,

Per bustling wind brush of things, breathlessly,
Curling waves a surfer craves, surfboard heaves,
Each graceful bird embrace air, charmingly,

Frogs leaps as sheep's bleats unanimously,
Boy hits...Read More
Categories: surfer, adventure, appreciation, character, emotions, life, nature, together,
Form: Villanelle
Canoodling Within Cyberspace
Squarely conscientious, I unwittingly
sanction selfhood acutely triangulate
courtesy webbed geometry jeopardize,
galvanize pluck nudging contrived arc,
virtually courting temptation aware,

sans impetuousness compromises an
anonymous commingling, nonetheless
electronic fraternization enthralls mine
plucky chutzpah possibility intrigues
yours truly sporting impish grinning

smile across world wide web unsure
quasi cryptic communication decrypted
maybe...Read More
Categories: surfer, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, angel,
Form: Free verse
Perfection Born
I wrote so many,
  in hope of one

A lyrical surfer,
  his wave to come

One verse to ride,
  the search complete

And all eternity
  within my reach

As the quiet ended
  in a thunderous roar

The wait was over,
...Read More
Categories: surfer, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
The Social Network
Go into the Badlands.

Get your private screening.
See how the universe works.

Have a double dose of psych.
Bath in its sea of love,
Smell the enemy within.
The dark tower. 
The soul surfer.

In your warrior's way,
Embrace the den of thieves.

You'll feel pretty.

Now, get out...Read More
Categories: surfer, addiction,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Little Surfer
There once was a surfer named Ava
Who liked to annoy fish with each wava.
Til a whale came around
And it knocked her aground,
A lesson in how to behava....Read More
Categories: surfer, beach, bullying, fish, humor, humorous, ocean, sea,
Form: Limerick
Where Doth The Internet Exist
Where Doth The Internet Exist?

The pro fun ditty of above
stated poetic side - title aligned
into an unexpected Eureka
(out of a vacuum) find
just when I felt slight (creative/

cerebral constipation) bind
of writer's block about
to take residence, entwined
(no doubt, sans right wing
of leftist...Read More
Categories: surfer, 11th grade, funny, growth, humanity, imagination, planet,
Form: Rhyme
I don’t know where she is
The little ballerina
That swung like a spinning star
With innocent giggles
That woke the tempest doom
Lying prostrate on anxious laps
After an immaculate transposition
Of impeccable steps
Sweat slithering through the 
Afro lines of her kinky hair
Dripping melts of gold

I...Read More
Categories: surfer, solitude,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Surfer Girl
Surfer girl yonder
 Glides over the ocean waves
 She's a natural

Date written and posted: 01/28/2019...Read More
Categories: surfer, depression, girl, nature, ocean, water,
Form: Haiku
Imp-ulse Attraction
The seductive voice
emanating from the Cyclops eye,
whispers:    Don’t believe what you see!
Only trust what I say,
when you zombie sleep turn off the TV

Have no bewitching faith in your bad dreams,
especially the one with the crooked hand
grabbing ear...Read More
Categories: surfer, allusion, imagery, satire, surreal,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Cold in the Tropic

When the bronze-skinned, 
silver tongue surfer
came smoothly yacht cruising
at year’s end
All the island ladies,
at the cabana house welcoming party,
mosh pit fell in ... 
Fell in love 
with the cosmopolitan thought
of permanently leaving
Loose their dinghy life from the slow-pace wharf,
and deep...Read More
Categories: surfer, heartbreak, leaving, love hurts, sad love,
Form: Ode