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Smile Poems

Smile Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about smiles. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for smile.

New Poems

it goes for miles
be god child
take with you
it make friends too
...Read More
Categories: smile, blessing,
Form: Prose Poetry

This shelf will break if no one clears it. Stop keeping all these old things, take a plastic bag and throw the trash away....Read More
Categories: smile, philosophy,
Form: Prose
Premium Member When You Cry

Usually, when you cry, nobody notices
When you're worried, nobody feels your pain
When you're happy, no one notices your smile
But when you fart......Read More
Categories: smile, freedom, wisdom,
Form: Classicism
I’ve been a man
Trading on stolen time
Stepping on love
Yet look for it in my torn pockets,
Rugged mind, broken heart
Somehow blind, but oblivious
Full of pride, but afraid
Full of strength, but so weak

I’ve walked on rivers, and lakes
Deep valleys where darkness reigned
High...Read More
Categories: smile, blessing, christian, gospel, love,
Form: Crown of Sonnets
Someone and someone else
Someone and Someone Else 

Someone need someone else's name 
To call out like a hymn everyday 

Someone need someone else's eyes 
To look up at the stare submerged in galaxies

Someone need someone else's smile 
To bloom the white flower on...Read More
Categories: smile, sad love,
Form: Narrative


You have come seeking riches,
You know about the wealth I possess,
Choose and take away whatever you want;
I do not give
That which I do not own.
I can give you sweetness and love,
I can keep you contended,
I can make you succeed and...Read More
Categories: smile, blessing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Peppermint Soup and Unicorn Sandwiches
Peppermint soup, unicorn sandwiches, and broth for the gods.
I look at the second grader, who gives me giant pony-tailed nods.
Of course we can do it, I tell her. Have I ever let you down?
She begins clapping and dancing, and twirls...Read More
Categories: smile, fantasy, food,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Everyone is in a Panic Except Me
Everyone is in a panic.
Except me.
Everyone is frenzied.
Except me.
Everyone is crazed to the maximum degree.
Except me.

I am lying on my back in my yard in the sun.
Listening to the birds trill, they seemed stress too.
I hear little people yelling “where...Read More
Categories: smile, parents,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Come Along Chick A Win
Here we are Chick-a-pooh, he yelled.
He is five and all of that plus a bowl of firecrackers.
I am Chick-a-pooh? I ask him.
It sounds less glorious than Grandma.
No, Chick-a-bee he says, smiling in full brightness.
He can call me anything he wants.
I...Read More
Categories: smile, grandchild,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member They Bring Me Gifts
They bring me gifts. Leaves, acorns, a flyswatter, mud off their shoes.
With big smiles and a happy attitude, they bring me gifts daily.
Yes, I am talking about the kindergarten students, the happy five’s.
And occasional sixes, who lose their front teeth...Read More
Categories: smile, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th
Form: Verse
Craving took over 
Twisted her neck like a soda cap 
The woods were silent 
All you heard was the snap 

Dragged her body 
Through the remains of the party 
She was a lonely girl 
Drank herself numb with Bacardi 

She...Read More
Categories: smile, body, dark, emotions, feelings, heart, horror, murder,
Form: Rhyme

Far from the prodding eyes
of men and angels

she toils…

with the strength of mere men, 

amidst battalions of soldiers
she bears the world…

And then, her shoulders falling…

yet she stood, dying to all

the flickering embers of her own dreams

And broken…

she veils her scars,...Read More
Categories: smile, death, death of a friend, dedication, earth,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Beauty
Of your fragrance a faint sweet trace                                 
Caught...Read More
Categories: smile, beauty, emotions, farewell, funeral, lost love, memory,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member ABYSMAL CLOWN

disguised tears of a clown
smile turned to wretched frown
behind makeup his eyes glazed over
at the sight of daisies and smell of clover
in summer fields last saw his love
flew off to heaven she gentle dove
his heart in pieces shattered
remembering the only...Read More
Categories: smile, dark, heartbroken, lost love, perspective, sad, soulmate,
Form: Rhyme
We wore our meri blouses
And on stilts built our houses…
We carried our bilums so beautiful
And custom dressings so very colourful.

We wore our island dresses
And displayed our art in richness…
We played our native string-band
And drew creative designs on sand.

We wore our...Read More
Categories: smile, art,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Ataraxis
As we traverse in happiness of euphoric thoughts
Exuberance of sunrise permeates our avid hearts
Holding hands of leisure on hushed idyllic grounds,

Where pink lotus-blooms lift-up in pristine pond
Floating stilled moments in beauty of white swans,
Embracing day’s serenity awakening in birdsongs.

Upon the...Read More
Categories: smile, happiness, nature, peace, silence,
Form: Tristich
Free Verse on Love
I can’t wait for the day
When I can tease you
And compliment you,
To see the shy smile on your face
just a few feet away.
To look into your eyes
Before reaching for your hand,
Planting a kiss on your cheek
From the tips of my...Read More
Categories: smile, love,
Form: Free verse
Through Christ Comes Victory
Across the row, across the aisle
I look at you, you look at me
A dawdling glance, the faintest smile
It’s there but should not be

Oh what a silly man I am
To think that I could sing
An aubade to a time long past
A...Read More
Categories: smile, conflict, faith, jesus, sin, spiritual, truth, wisdom,
Form: I do not know?
Oh, my god, yes I've finally found the one!
I squeeze my arms around him, crying in joy and relief
It's been almost five years since we last spoke.
He laughs and hugs me tightly, a look of contentment on his features, 
And...Read More
Categories: smile, cry,
Form: Prose
Once I saw the glint of the sun in your eyes
and the sparkle of the sea reflected in your smile
Once I saw all our yesterday's, and all our tomorrow's
captured in our hearts
But, the gods saw only what they could break...Read More
Categories: smile, god, lost love,
Form: Free verse
Journey to the Wildflower Plains
Take me away
To the open plains
Where the winds and
Wildflowers play.
Open and free
Just you and me
Feeling the high
Of a strong steady breeze.
Up, up way up high
We fly free like kites
And soar with eagles
Til clouds are nigh.
And when our trip is done
We’ve...Read More
Categories: dream, journey, joy, smile,
Form: Rhyme
Watching the Sunset in Maui
Pictures shared over the airwaves
Palm trees giving ever so gently
To tropical breezes are captured
As our forever moment in time.
With each sunrise comes the
Rich greens, soothingly calming blues
And gently comforting whites.
A breathtaking scenery of a canvas
Of unimaginable creation.
With each setting sun...Read More
Categories: appreciation, friendship, smile, sunset,
Form: Free verse
The Essence of His Love
The comfort of his embrace
Makes me smile so.
My head rests on his chest
As he reaches around me.
Strong and gentle hands
Capture the very essence
Of his true nature.
He imbues a warm and inviting
Personality that shines
As bright as the stars.
Heeding paternal wisdom,
Chivalrous manners
Denotes...Read More
Categories: smile, appreciation, friendship, love,
Form: Prose Poetry
Does a bad day at work or school make you stressed?
Does watching the news make you feel depressed?
Just like you, the answer is, "Yes":
Here's a solution when you're in distress.
I recommend laughter--it's totally free:
You'll get it from jokes or watching...Read More
Categories: cheer up, happiness, health, humor, silly, smile,
Form: I do not know?
His weapon is not a sword
but pen and ink and the spoken word.
He needs no guns or knives.
His weapon of choice is hidden behind a thin disguise.
to spew hate and fear upon our lives
as he shuts down democracy in a...Read More
Categories: smile, political,
Form: Free verse