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Short Salary Poems

Short Salary Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Salary by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Salary by length and keyword.

My small,small debts,


My salary

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Categories: salary, career, hurt, pain,
Form: Free verse

Dustmen bell the cat
Collect domestic refuse-
Meager salary....

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Categories: salary, abuse, anger,
Form: Haiku
Grave loves his work so much
Inmates never escape
He is paid no salary
He is very hard working
Accepts all baggage

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Categories: salary, satire, work,
Form: Personification
Premium Member Salary Negotiations
Both groups jest across the desk
Rows of tight posteriors
Drool in unification
Till the crap appears.

© Harry J Horsman  2011

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Categories: salary, work,
Form: Dodoitsu
The Accountant
She works in accounting at the factory,
loves counting numbers and her salary,
she has it made,
till she got weighed,
obviously hates counting calories.


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Categories: salary, humor, work,
Form: Limerick

Positive president contest
President Trump, also known as the Donald
Has been in the news, since McDonald’s Ronald
He refused his salary
While still working hourly
He has business sense, though his skin is mottled...

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Categories: salary, america, political,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Joke is On Him
“Our sister church has slid off the cliff, and plunged into the sea.”
The entire congregation gasped.
Average age: 67.
The minister laughed.
“A joke,” he told them.
He did not last the usual five years. 
Average salary: Too much obviously

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Categories: salary, irony, satire,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Unpredictable

At the best of times, weather is unpredictable chaos But forecasters continue to draw a salary for their efforts alas Do they feel guilty They must feed the kitty So please don't condemn these fellows and try not to harass

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Categories: salary, weather,
Form: Limerick
Oscar for ignominy
Creating a novel mechanism Time wasted will be added to age How wonderful it will be Long sleepers will be older Time wasters retire early Salary equating time wastage Publishing an annual list Earning them even a medal Hardly worked prize for them Oscar for ignominy

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Categories: salary, time,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Pondering
Time to ponder
Sermon of Sunday
Seed planted with faith returns more
God bless my seed so that I can feed four children well
On small salary and small pension from government received for husband's 
death in the war

(Inspired by Brian Strand's contest. Edward Hooper's "Automat".)...

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Categories: salary, faith, inspirational, introspection, life, loss
Form: Fibonacci
Right stand
Not about your looks
Not about your smiles
Not about your dress code
Not about your educational level

Not about your color
Not about your tribe
Not about your country
Not about your orientation

Not about your riches
Not about your titles
Not about your large salary
But it is about
Your rights stand with God


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Categories: salary, art,
Form: Prose Poetry
Isle of love VII
they say i do not live in a mansion
neither do i have
a huge salary paid occupation
and poverty is my accreditation
so i do not deserve love
but what is love
and who is love for
the poor begs for love
the rich mistreat love
some have it all
but they don't have love
others have love
but do not no how
to treat love

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Categories: salary, love,
Form: Classicism
Malawians are feeling the pain 
Interest rates at banks jigged to 40%. 
Cost of living demands a lot to survive 
Our salary tranquil 
Robbers terrorizing us 
Wives spending time at water holes
 Instead of caring families
Subsidy is sand 
Instead of fertilizer
Pay in toilets charging exorbitantly
Just for a visit.
These are worthy going on streets

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Categories: salary, courage, freedom,
Form: Free verse
Tribute III
Chelsea’s well paid by NBC
Doing nothing apparently
Is this a charade
For payoffs to be made
Since Clintons adore bribery?

This is a modern form of "tribute".  There is an incest epidemic in the USA.  We're talking millions, and this is only a very small slice.

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Categories: salary, money,
Form: Limerick
Small Potatoes

What she needs,
I simply can't provide
I'm just small potatoes to her
She wants to live big,
live first class
Live luxuriously
Those designer shoes she desires,
oh my,
would cost a week's salary
When a woman think you're small potatoes,
she don't think much about you
When she only has eyes for the big spuds,
find another girl who loves tater tots too...

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Categories: salary, humor, humorous, metaphor, satire,
Form: Light Verse
Pray of dreams
Rehearsal of  his dreams
pray  in tears beng practical
sufficent to fit own salary

In his wake dispose himself
as divine servant  as asked
where to sail to  his oozing light

Never thought a port  to settle he  said
With his response  flesh settled in soil 
as he dried and cold as time pass

Given  him a second chance
desire to sit in same table as he did
scared himself to the dead

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Categories: salary, death,
Form: Free verse
World Poetry Day
I taught of it to be a day filled with ink and empty paper
Where ill paint myself rainbow 
Blank paper scribbled with ink should rain upon me
In appreciation for the proper use of poetry 
Today every word play will queue up in a cemetery 
Exhuming words buried in my archive
To march forth to me for their salary 
For they slaughtered for me every life alive.  

World Poetry Day |2020 

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Categories: salary, 4th grade, africa, art, celebration, poetry, word
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Money is no Motivator
Money is no Motivator Pride, not Salary motivates a man to be his best! Rightly or wrongly others label us based on what they observe, Or from dialog originating at the tongue of others; If your efforts are slipshod at $15.00 an hour They’ll remain that way at $50.00 Motivation comes from within; I can’t make you do anything, But I am capable of making you wish you had. Tom

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© Tom Wright  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: salary, pride, work,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Let the Dinosaur Senators Decide
Let me decide what you can do with your body.
Let me impose my religion and my values on you.
What do you know? You are not an old white man 
Who has never worked for minimum wage in their life.
Let me decide whether or not you get to have social security.
Let me decide who gets bail out money and who doesn’t.
Let me give myself an eight thousand dollar a year raise first though.
And let me gloat that I will get my salary for life.


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Categories: salary, nonsense, political,
Form: Free verse
I've a 2nd personality
no one listens to me
borderline insanity
I'm normal you see

in anger he appears
I come because he fears
he hands out tears
I make myself clear 

to often feeling tired
he lives like he's expired
recently been fired
I went to work wired

he's the reason I fail
without him I'd do well
he's like a fairytale
he knows I'm hell

I've got a first personality
he's weak you see
I earn the salary
I'm normal me...

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© Nick Trim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: salary, crazy,
Form: Rhyme
Powerful tyrannic regimes, lovely sky, thunder
Eating doritos, ignoring culture
I'iz fat, I'iz lazy
Yet I previal, for power, wealth and fame.
I grow like a sunflower, flying through a Maserati.
Parked $20,000 luxury, beat'nic
$150k salary, a traditional rampage
What'O I say, it is funny, I can envision but breath like a pro.
Jump-shoot, aye, to my basket for basketball
I am evident to live with ...
Jump start skid, it is a lactose and tolarant premis...

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Categories: salary, life, loneliness,
Form: Bio
Premium Member The Worst Thing Ever
Happiness never enjoys solid ground.
When it begins to grow tired, it moves
To another district, a new name, a bigger salary.

Happiness does not care about you.
You're simply along for the ride.

This is not the worst thing ever.
The "the worst thing ever" is the name of this poem.
The logic of this poem is embedded 
In babbling brooks all across this country.
To find it you must go to a brook, and sit.
An activity which just happens to be 
The best thing ever.


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Categories: salary, life, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Why Do we Celebrate Bastille Day
Fete Nationale finally came about on July 14th 1789
When the commoners stormed the Bastile so fine.
Their crops had failed that summer, and it went to their head.
They were spending ninety-percent of their salary on bread

The Tyranny of King Louis the Fourteenth was not sliding by
His wife was lavishly spending, and they owned the gun power supply.
Prisoners were being locked up in the Bastile with no trial whatsoever.
So the French Revolution was started – a worthwhile endeavor.


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Categories: salary, freedom,
Form: Rhyme