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Short Minstrel Poems

Short Minstrel Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Minstrel by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Minstrel by length and keyword.

Queen Regina Ace
Platinum minstrel
jewel-encrusted gemstone
sculptress, dawn usher...

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Categories: minstrel, art, beautiful, birth, creation, devotion, emotions, happiness,
Form: Haiku

Angels and lyres
Halo of hallowed air
rising from six strings

walk over my bridge
minstrel minaret
magnified maple

ovate oak
viral wings
open in harpischords
playing archangelic 

a myriad

of elphins

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Categories: minstrel, poetry,
Form: Free verse
The Minstrel Years

fought back those sullen tears
brow to big
to get ahead of the plan
the wandering hand

in the brigade of man
a happy tune loosed in June
the pull of my heart
to light the spark

a mellow choice
to ask the world to rejoice...

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Categories: minstrel, art,
Form: Free verse
The Devil Mute
Virtue when expressive,
deafens bad intention

Its voice to live beyond,
excuses and retort

A minstrel plays a song unsung,
as sages rise to dance

All words rephrased in lyric tones
—the devil mute and gone

(Villanova Pennsylvania: October, 2019)

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Categories: minstrel, truth,
Form: Free verse
Pull My Strings
In the covert rendezvous of reality
My heart habs motionlessly.
Tranquilly, yet peace-less
In the very art of loneliness
I crave for a minstrel
Endowed with mastery of the timbrel
Cunningly curing the blisters of emotion
And poking my pox of dissatisfaction....

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Categories: minstrel, youth,
Form: I do not know?

A Tree Suffers Under Snow
black boned, minstrel faced
                leaves broken with ice,
                veined as a frosted puppet;

neither old nor new, but changed
                and leaving, the cold makes
                me stamp and circle in rage;

I can`t stand the weight, stand the weight......

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Categories: minstrel, garden, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Richie Havens - Rest in Peace
Heard the news today 
     about Mr. Havens 
He left this mortal coil yesterday
    I remember his "Minstrel From Gault"well
I thrilled when I heard "Man came down from "Sinai Mountain" 
He was a terrific guitarist 
     with his own unique approach to the instrument 
"Gone from the Earth to a Better Land I Know"...

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Categories: minstrel, feelings, music,
Form: Didactic
Advization (my word for Advise)
Walk Like A Warrior
Talk Like A Knight
Battle Like A Gladiator
To Do What Is Right

Sing Like A Minstrel
Beat Like A Heart
Be Deep As A Well
Of Secrets Drawn – Apart

Rise Like The Sky
Play Like Youth
Take As The Eye
Seek As Truth

Write Like A Poet
Beam Like The Moon
Show It Like A Sunset
Offer It Like A Spoon

Watch Like A Guard
Warn Like A Sword
Praise As A Bard
And Love… Like ‘The Lord’...

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Categories: minstrel, inspirational, introspection, life, people
Form: Light Verse
Fragile petals for your feet strewn across Earth’s lawn,
Miniscule sacrifices bleed from your minstrel pawn,
Would that nature’s silver starred celestial corridor,
Guide this pawn to Your supernatural golden shore,
Your milky galaxy draws me on this nightly walk,
Lifts me higher … pulls me .. To Thee my Rock..
Ahh beauty! It’s time to walk back to my house alone,
One day, I’ll keep on walking with You .. to my home.


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Categories: minstrel, adventure, faith, passion, me, me,
Form: Classicism
Your Spirit To Claim
The words in the melody
  the words on the page

Related but different
  the Minstrel and Sage

The music recaptures
  what ink only starts

As harmony sings
  from an angelic heart

A phrase and a lyric
  as cousins relate

Too distant for brothers
  too close in their fate

One soul with two masters
  each fighting to gain

Your soul ever after
—your spirit to claim

(Villanova Pennsylvania: March, 2018)

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Categories: minstrel, song,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member HAIKU STRAINS 4


Modern shoppes
Bayfront attractions;
Window shopping spree


Midnight nocturne
Window view moments;
Bedtime distraction


Music seeps
Through front door;
Passing minstrel vagabond


Easy escapade
Scented lemongrass;
Spa massage


Fond company
Old lovers sit quietly;
Calm charms crisp


Leon Enriquez
18 July 2015

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Categories: minstrel, blessing,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member The Days of May
The days of May were wrapped around my finger.
Love settled in as though it meant to stay,
Exacting joy as if pressed through a wringer.
The days of May.

In June and July love went a bit astray,
Living as a strolling minstrel singer.
Gone was the sweet contentment of our May.

Then as the cold winter days would linger
Love sought the warmth of that sweet early day
Before it tried that reckless time as swinger.
The days of May.


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Categories: minstrel, love, sweet, sweet,
Form: Verse
Through the Mist of Words
The eye wanders, warily, unfocused
Troubadours, lost, seeking poetic pen
Magical wand finding no hocus pocus
Minstrel, languishing, no verses to lend
Barbs squandered, set aside as precocious
Tragic? …No common, now take a new spin 
Through the mist of appreciated rhymes
Poetic stanzas now dare to cross lines
© Debra Squyres ( 8-20-14)

Written for:  Nette’s “Through the Mist” members contest
Using the form “ottava rima” for the first time. 

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Categories: minstrel, poetry, poets, writing,
Form: Ottava rima
Love of the Generations
He carries the love of the generations,
A performer accomplishes that,
Chosen by God to sing beautiful songs,
A minister of song,
I love the hikes and mountain trails,
Picnics on the mountainside,
You love his manner with humans,
What a miracle and blessing from God,
He is a minstrel of the Lord,
Christmas reverent and holy,
Blessed by the pines and spruces,
The chalet warm and welcoming when the day is complete,

Author; Gwen von Erlach Schutz


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Categories: minstrel, appreciation, beautiful, december, god,
Form: Free verse
Dread Hymns
On these minstrel travels
sanity unravels
while squinting through arrays,
melting from the notion
that love shares brave potion
to set free souls ablaze.

Calliope dirges
punctuate these urges
with each body that drops
along this hallowed ground
on orders from those crowned
lords of enduring props.

Vanquished souls shall arise
to lift lies from the guise
righting flagrant error
since liberty calls out
to shred all sense of doubt:
candor is not terror....

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© John Weber  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: minstrel, philosophy
Form: Rhyme
Passover - As Always
The season of the 
We will be filled with joy 
when we imbibe 
the four cups of wine 
   The mighty Red Sea 
parted for Moses and the Israelites 
as they move forward 
with their plans 
The late, lamented 
Richie Havens 
sang of Sinai in his 
   "Minstrel from Gault"
This year we once more 
are thankful 
for the Passover meal 
   and yes , we will take joy in 
our delivery from forces which 
are intended to destroy us...

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Categories: minstrel, jewish, joy,
Form: Blank verse
To wandering minstrel breezes
The rapturous oceans roar
And shout their praise
In gospel waves
That crash and smash
Against a cold
And distant shore.

The mountains sigh and moan,
Lift suppliant arms,
Sing paeans and psalms
That rise then echo back
A hollow,
Mocking tone.

The forest trees may
Bow their heads
And bend their knees,
But not to pray.
If you should ask them why,
They pay no heedless god tribute,
They're merely giving
Mute salute
To wandering minstrel breezes
Passing by.

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Categories: minstrel, god, mountains, ocean, tree,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Mad Minstrel

medieval monsters 
mischievously meander 
in the mind of the mad minstrel
like maggots in mazes 
his mysterious muse
masterfully mining for misery
melting in molten memories
of macabre mirrors
ministering malicious mistakes
morbity mottled 
with the maniacal matchmaker
who masquerades with malevolence 
masticating the meat 
milking the marrow
the minstrel's music 
a maddening march
motioning to the murder 
of mental mortar
mashing morals
his mouth moving
malignant music
marked by madness...

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Categories: minstrel, angst, confusion, music,
Form: Alliteration