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Short Fifty Fifty Poems

Short Fifty Fifty Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Fifty Fifty by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Fifty Fifty by length and keyword.

Fifty Fifty
I asked my heart
Do you love her?
He says love, help, and save her.
My mind wonders!
After all that!!
All that were fifty-fifty 
My heart replied.

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Categories: fifty fifty, heart, love,
Form: Ghazal

Is It Just Me
think that
the chances of 
putting in a USB the
wrong way round would be
fifty-fifty; but it rarely ever is,
my research says easily ninety-ten...

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Categories: fifty fifty, computer, funny, wisdom,
Form: Shape
Judging the Judge
I'm judging the judge judging
He's widely known for his fudging
He won't make a guess
He never offers a no or a yes
He gives a fifty-fifty chance
When he reaches into his pants
You can't say its not fair
When he flips his coin into the air

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Categories: fifty fifty, judgement,
Form: Rhyme
how can we be fifty, fifty three, fifty two
we were just little girls
sitting in a circle on Sundays
kittens hidden under our dresses 
their mama
mewing to find them
giggling in our safety
my breath catches
when I know
one of us will die first
will I have to look at you in the coffin?
God Help Me...

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Categories: fifty fifty, sister
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Things Fifty
Fifty Cent, the rapper, sang “Get Rich or Die Tryin’.” Fifty-fifty: half a chance. Over fifty: dyin’! Golden is one's fiftieth anniversary. Soft porn: the "Fifty Shades of Grey" Trilogy. “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover,” “Fifty Dead Men Walking,” Fifty stars for fifty nifty states. Time to stop talking! For Shaz Cheesman's "50 Words" Poetry Contest

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Categories: fifty fifty, funny,
Form: Rhyme

Im the Judge
Its my poem I'm judging
You might say I'm biased
I won't make a guess
I'll never say good or bad
I'll reach deep in my pocket
And give my poem a fifty-fifty percent chance
You can't say its not fair
To give this coin a flip

Contest: You Be The Judge

Sponsored by: Bobby May

Date Created: 3/7/19

Your Judgment Rating:  I'd say it has a 50% chance of placing

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Categories: fifty fifty, judgement, poetry,
Form: Footle

You have clearly lost so here is what I propose, let us find a middle ground, let us make a deal, let us meet halfway, let us play ball, let us go fifty-fifty, let us give and take... You mean compromise and not concede, Exactly, and in return, there is an acceptance of equal terms, Agreed--indeed, agreed. Date: 06/21/2019

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Categories: fifty fifty, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th
Form: Free verse
Fifty Fifty Prediction
Fifty foot waves cradled the old wooden boat
A doomed speck held on ocean gale breath
About to become splinters at any moment
Hurricane forces understand fragility
A chance for destruction is an option
Two bearded men tumble about on deck
Exchange stories about death
While going over board 
Fishing expeditions are unpredictable
Meteorologists called for a fifty percent chance of rain

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Categories: fifty fifty, adventure, conflict, confusion, death, image, nature, ocean,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Wishbone
Listen to poem:
break a wishbone you end up with the small half of the split it's suppose to be fifty - fifty odds still we all know a very few of the people a teeny weeny portion of the population own the lion share of all the wealth like bats without radar we fly blind spend our days dreaming of the larger piece of the wishbone here's the rub the turkey's already been skinned clean Mar. 2 2016 armand

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Categories: fifty fifty, money,
Form: Free verse
Back sixty-six years ago my mother has told me
That she and I had a fifty-fifty chance to be
And yet doctors don't know all God's plan for our lives you know
He has gven some of us gifts to tell and some of us to show
My mother is one who has shown God's Love over all these ninety years
God has Blessed me to witness her Grace, Love and Beauty without any fears
Throughout the years her Faith has never waivered
For we both know we are Blessed and Highly Favor

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Categories: fifty fifty, daughter, faith, love, mother, love, mother,
Form: Rhyme
a game of chance
An open heart of wonder
an equal part of sorrow
if given life upon breathing
then life is worth living

as today follows through to tomorrow.
sadness will wake this holds true
and everything you dream of
lie but a heartbreak away

if given a chance 
do dare  take it
choices pose two ways
for life is mere a flip side of death

and even in the shadows, you will know
which or what to choose.
It`s just a game of chance, after all 
life is fifty-fifty at best!…

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Categories: fifty fifty, age, birth, care, change, conflict, courage, cry,
Form: Free verse