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Short Elk Poems

Short Elk Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Elk by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Elk by length and keyword.

Bull Elk
towering antlers,
pierce the morning horizon:
bugle in the fall....

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Categories: elk, animal, beauty, nature, writing,
Form: Haiku

Premium Member Cinqku#23
the elk
cub misses
the herd's retreat-
a lone wolf howm calls to 
the pack...

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Categories: elk, animals, nature,
Form: Cinqku
Premium Member Ripples
Under the sufrace
a Fall stream elk hair caddis erupts
Fish leaps, ripples again

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Categories: elk, nature
Form: Haiku
September Sound
I didn't hear the elk bugle					
this year
Oh, god, 
I hope it was only 
my ear

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Categories: elk, animals, nature,
Form: Free verse
Nature's Firestorm
Bewildered and confused
A pair of frightened cow elk
Trapped in nature's firestorm
Where have all
The flowers gone

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Categories: elk, imagination
Form: Free verse

All My Relations
in the sweat lodge
black elk solemnly says
welcome stone people and
thanks for sharing heat with us. . .
Mitakuye Oyasin*...

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Categories: elk, celebration, earth, spiritual, uplifting,
Form: Tanka
Elk Behaviour
The elk is just an Eastern moose,
Or else a Western caribou … 

But if you chance to meet one,
He will be polite and nod to you.


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Categories: elk, animals, children, funny
Form: Epigram
Premium Member I saw
I saw
elk frozen 
in lake. Birds pecked
out his nostrils and eyes…

Writing Challenge 1, May 2019 - Cinqku- Poetry Contest
Dear Heart...

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Categories: elk, death, winter,
Form: Cinqku
Straight Up Into Green Pines
the majestic northern elk pierced by the archer's swift arrow through the forest divine deep into the heart it shatters the elk leaped over the river's flow oh what matters straight up into green pines yes he shall go to thine oh Lord he shall not die

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Categories: elk, imagination,
Form: Free verse
A Cheyenne Night
Screaming Elk scattered
The stars in the sky.

Little Bear taught the
Weeping willow how to

Two Moons showed
The clouds how to
Cover up a clear Blue sky.

Ten Bears  taught
James Dean how to 

Dedicated To The People Of Native American Culture...

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Categories: elk, animal, inspirational, native american, sky,
Form: Rhyme
Wild, not quite Free
It's call unique,the Elk
dissolves the morning calm
seeking its mate and new charge
all living at large
in winters woods.

Hunters hungry, saw the cow
the wind blew her way, she knew
stared, stressing, ushering
as her calf came
all lowered their rifles. 

"We will find other days and ways,"...

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Categories: elk, animal,
Form: Free verse
Dig aan Hom
Dig aan Hom

Bevaar van gevaar
O, Een van die Vader
Lei my in U wee
En dank vir wat U gee
Lof aan Hom wat 
een op my pad
plaas my te wys
dat dit was nie al
maar in elk geval
goedheid en wel
op sy tyd getel.
Vergeeft mij dan waar
ich twijfelend gefalen
Dis mijn gebeden

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Categories: elk, prayer,
Form: I do not know?
Old Growth
Pinus ponderosa
elk sedge legend 
of vanilla bark 
in the sunlight
your friend the ceanothus
got us all drunk last night
upon heady fragrances 
of kingdoms unnamed
or was it Purshia? 
I don't remember
on deep beds of needles
elves and deer still slumber
rocks as their witness
and Sasquatch as their pet....

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Categories: elk, earth, flower, green, nature, tree,
Form: Free verse
                   One Lou Malnati stood on the Elk Grove mound
                       Found a piece of gold on elevated ground
                                 He changed it into flavor
                                  The result of hard labor
                      'Well done', said all,' a pizzeria profound'

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Categories: elk, poetry,
Form: Limerick
Elk Walk - The Rancher

                  Elk Walk

           elk walk in snow to
     find a morsel in warm fount
         beyond, fields beacons

                The Rancher

          morning frost twinkles
      while rancher sips coffee and
            whiffs new arrivals

          January Haiku Contest...

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© Lisa Lee  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: elk, art, childhood, faith, nature, uplifting,
Form: Haiku
A Beautiful Day
Yellow aspens in mid September,
The faint smell of sage and dampened grass.
A beautiful day to remember
As I sit on the hillside to glass
A world of which I'm not a member.
Raucous camp-robber jays holding class,
Maple trees and Oak brush like embers ,
Elk graze in herds on the saddle pass.

This scene, this day will last forever!


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© Dean Wood  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: elk, autumn, beauty,
Form: Verse
black tailed deer
in the strong heart society there is one known as the buffalo eye. do the sweat lodge ceremony to speak with the stone turtle. you will see the Lakota sun dance at first light with the canupa. All my relatives... walk the red road, listen to the black road. call to grandfather spotted eagle among the natural people, and red eagle will allow elk trail to use the fire of no end...

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© mark lake  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: elk, animal, grandfather, native american, song,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Untroubled Heaven - Above the Sea of Fog
A man in a black suit, and cane drawn
wandering above the sea of fog 
wildlife, mountains, lakes, and bog

Untroubled Heaven in his eyes for the moment
fields of green, awaken refreshed at dawn
where salmon runs the rivers blue to spawn

where shaggy mane elks labor their spring calves
black-tailed and mule deer birth their newborn
a habitat full of wildlife species that are born



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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: elk, nature,
Form: Rhyme
smart monkeys don't eat meat
the loin stocks its pray
with strength and speed
it latches on the neck of an elk
bringing it to the ground
it teeth are meant to pierce rip and tare
a deadly blow it eats it meat raw
blood running down it's chin

she draws in her mate
it's time to breed
foolishly he sees no other
nature is calling
with no way out
as she sinks her teeth in
she earns her name 
black widow 

just the circle of life...

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Categories: elk,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Mountain Sunset
Driving around the mountainside 
as the sun goes down 
Looking at all the nature 
turning leaves and all

Watching the elk feeding 
in the field across the way
Seeing the frost forming 
as the temperatures start dropping 

The sky starts turning
red, pink and orange 
The mountains start to
become shadowy 

You look out at all the beauty 
Not wanting to leave
Thanking God Jehovah 
for all he has created...

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Categories: elk, autumn, imagery, mountains, nature, sunset,
Form: Free verse
Brief Meditation
"What is man that he should make much of his years though they bend him like a heavy
snow?" - Black Elk

   Winter becomes spring
flowers bloom
    Ice turns to a running stream
     Dawn comes again 
               let's relate to 
the seasons 
     after a spring
rain the land gives off 
       a marvelous scent
You can hear the 
and almost taste their "chirps"...

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Categories: elk, angst, art, native american,
Form: Blank verse
The Meadow in the Glen
The Meadow in the Glen

The meadow in the glen lies far below.
Where brightly verdant pastures feed the elk.
And noonday warmth is heightened by sun’s glow.
Where mother’s feed young calves their fill of milk.
On tranquil afternoons, there, breezes blow.
And wildlife lives in safety with peer ilks.
At times, without intrusion man can peek.
And gaze at grazing creatures strong and sleek.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
January 31, 2010

Poetic form: Ottava rima

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Categories: elk, animals, nature
Form: Ottava rima
Shoshone Moons
I am Whispering Elk,
The land
grows dark with white men
like so many ants.
It is time
of green corn moon.
Their tribe grows: blue knives,
buffalo men, yellow hairs.
They speak many tongues,
break words.
Yellow corn moon
fills bellies.
They still come.
Days grow less
like buffalo.
We see blood
on brown corn moon
looking through trees.
Their tribes grow.
I am Whispering Elk,
Our moons
grow few.  


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© Glen Enloe  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: elk, cowboy-western, death, native american, nature, sad, seasons,
Form: Free verse