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Short Effectively Poems

Short Effectively Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Effectively by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Effectively by length and keyword.

Premium Member Message of the Masks
We wear masks over mouths
  effectively covered

Words now boomerang back
  before they're discovered...

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Categories: effectively, words,
Form: Rhyme

Teach How to Preach and Others Reach
Teach How to Preach and Others Reach

we do need to teach
how to effectively preach
so others can reach

Kom Horn...

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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: effectively, allegory, analogy,
Form: Haiku
Metaphorical and Rhetorical
Metaphorical and Rhetorical

Had lasted forever and was historical;
Is something else and metaphorical;
What a mess;
Had to guess;
Effectively written and metaphorical.

Jim Horn


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© James Horn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: effectively, allegory, analogy,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member RePositioning Doors and Windows
Do not slam your identity's door on the way out
to work effectively.

Leave your mind open on your way in 
to recreate regeneratively.

Don't just slam
shout I Am
because We Are
Earth's smaller revolution stories....

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Categories: effectively, creation, culture, health, philosophy, political,
Form: Didactic
 Life is ideal view
 Intelligent state
 Fact of divine grace
 Effectively blown by God

 Definitive step for future
 Erasing of conscience
 Ancient ruling of
 Terminal situation 
 Hour, deadline in human course

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Categories: effectively, analogy, destiny, poetry,
Form: Acrostic

All It Takes Is One Step
All it takes is one step 
It all starts with you 
Continue to climb those stairs
And guide your way through 
Challenge yourself on a daily basis 
Build your world accordingly
Have strength and courage 
Follow through effectively...

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Categories: effectively, courage, encouraging, inspiration, inspirational,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Voice from the Dead
Listen to poem:
why did he lay dead
no voice to say, dead in head,
faked an AI voice instead

Anthony Bourdain documentary 'RoadRunner' sparks backlash for using AI to fake voice..... " effectively bring his voice back to life".

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Categories: effectively, death, emotions, memory,
Form: Senryu
Economic Tranquility
America bypassed"coperative" downfall effectively felling good:Headway independence justification knowledge lengthened monthly national operating payments quarterly regardless;Supported testing unworthy variable world xanthus zonations!...

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Categories: effectively, 12th grade, adventure, allegory, allusion, america, anniversary,
Form: ABC
One isn't but one is
One isn't a competent,
One isn't competently perfect,
One isn't perfectly erect,
One never is erectly correct,
And one never correctly makes an effect...

But if, One is effectively correct,
One is correctly erect,
One is erectly perfect,

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Categories: effectively, word play, words, write, writing,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Blessed Redemption in Christ
Wonderful and fullest praise we give

He the one on high deserves it all

For redemption's price was paid in full

Receiving this Christ who effectively did call

In Christ alone we owe our debt

Chosen in Him God's love is free

Jesus our redeemer crucified on Calvary's tree


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Categories: effectively, blessing, gospel, jesus,
Form: Acrostic
Nice of you
Nice of you
You give a dream
Touch my eyes
With holy objective
Your hard effort
Work effectively
And heart move on the way
With new emotion
Dark cloud removed
Sunshine become so bright
Life get right root
Root of your eyes
Your eyes so divine 
Move near every horizon 
Your love turn in to bless
Of the god
Change my vision

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Categories: effectively, desire,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member MOTHER'S GLORY

M - Mythical  

O-  Overpowering

T-  Tenderness,

H-  Healing

E-  Effectively                                             

R-  Reality!                                                     

© Demetrios Trifiatis
     12 May 2018

* Dedicated to all the loving mothers of this world! 


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Categories: effectively, mothers day,
Form: Acrostic
The Comfort
Nothing quite effectively states the comfort of
A well-worn jacket with that perfect smell
A sunny day with the rich aroma of soil
And a hammock
Surrounded by the nothingness
Of doing nothing
Of just enjoying the moment 
Bare feet, warm skin
A cool breeze playing through my hair 
I feel inclined to stay here forever
Nothing quite compares 
To sweet simplicity in comfort 

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Categories: effectively, appreciation, happy,
Form: Free verse
Dont think you are beaten
Don’t think you are beaten
In the heart of your heart there is still a winner
Don’t think you dare not
Because there is still a stubborn atom of daring in you
Use it effectively
If you'd like to win 
Walk the defiant way aiming high
Think and work winning with all your mind and spirit
Life's battles always go to the determined fighter
He who thinks he can, the same is the winner to be

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Categories: effectively, inspirational, heart, heart,
Form: Free verse
To embrace your humanity
To tackle obstacles along the way
To face challenges fearlessly
To blend with your dreams

To enjoy the music
To find your inner self
To know your enemies accurately
To know your weakness
To improve your strengths

To utilise your strengths effectively
To be positive all the time
To be productive and efficient
To be knowledgeable
To be yourself

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Categories: effectively, celebration, cheer up, confidence, deep,
Form: Free verse
Who am I?
I am…. Creatively crafted canvas of creation. Honorable handsome holistic human harmony Real resilience Independent intellectual individual Successfully self-sufficient spirit striving strongly Telling my truth throughout time Efficiently and Effectively Never losing focus ...

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Categories: effectively, analogy, emotions, encouraging, how i feel, nostalgia,
Form: Bio
Living Dead
I was lonely,
and in desolate environ,
it was inhospitable,
and a dark gloom,
there was no ray,
of human communication,
though humans abound,
they were all there,
everywhere and here and there,
all interested in own deeds,
giving others negative heed,
cruel as if they were,
they had me effectively barred,
all moved,
so I did,
it was all sad,
as if it was a city of living dead....

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Categories: effectively, inspirational, life, philosophy,
Form: Free verse
the princess can talk
I tend to whine
it's a dark gift
passed down through many generations
I am the culmination
the absolute sheer perfection
of whining

I actually accomplish things
or get others to accomplish my things
simply by whining

not to be confused with browbeating
or nagging
that is just so...

Ok, so I can maybe be annoying
or cloying
that is so...
Well fair...

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Categories: effectively, funny, life, parody
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Silence

Silence isn't golden, but a leaden weight effectively repressing freedom of speech. Accepting dictates without proper debate, silence builds a barrier your voice can't breach. We live in a world where we fabricate facts, and our friends are merely computer contacts. Silence is a shield that cannot protect you, you must speak up for what you know to be true. (Rispetto) 06/23/2020

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Categories: effectively, 10th grade, 11th grade, america, community, how
Form: Rispetto
Finding Me
Momentarily devoured by chaos
Temporarily exhausted from
Judgmental echoes.
Expression threatens a spiraling
Hostility ,fevered by grieving.
Unwelcome shame and sadness
Are the persuasive excuses
Effectively accelerating a
Self-inflicted corruption contaminated!
Flawlessly destroying innocence
Values and loyalty.
Reluctantly you will resurface,
Speechless and paralyzed, exposed!
The conclusion was a bittersweet

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Categories: effectively, depression,
Form: ABC
I am feeling angry like an arched back cat

I am feeling angry like an arched back cat!!

I am feeling angry like an arched back cat!!,
Getting ready to spring in to action,
With my claws out, getting ready to rip,
With all my pent up anger inside,
My ears are like radars,
They swivel, helping me to home in effectively on my prey, 
I pounce and grab hold, however hard they try,
I can not be shaken, 
I dig my claws in for a tighter grip,
Until the very end when I get tiered.

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Categories: effectively, animal, feelings,
Form: Light Verse
I think the rain has to be my muse.
Sheets of unbent rain does fall.
Threads of silver drifting down,
Flowing through my pen effectively 
To quench my poetic thirst through verse

Impressive an unpredictable, it is,
Just like Mother Nature's moods.
It's so romantic and enlightening,
Or so raw and dramatic in it's fury.
The only thing predictable 
Is the unpredictability of it's swarths.


For Francine Roberts's contest, 'Rain Rain Rain'...

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Categories: effectively, analogy, muse,
Form: Free verse
Like flies on a collision course
they fly in full flamboyance
headed for destruction
to everyone's annoyance.

Dropping in a constant stream
failing to arise
death has stung effectively
people of every age and size.

Heed is to be taken
of the time in which we live
an inventory should be taken
of what we take and who we give.

Our substance needs redeeming
from the scourges of sin
cleansing and redemption
with salvation must begin....

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Categories: effectively, inspirational, loss,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Premium Member Portrait of Scotland
Scotland land of beauty
rugged as its mountain
strong in its time of battles
lovelt place for an outing

Scots live across the world
south north east or west
bringing its roots to the surface
effectively knowing whats best

Many a great bard
has been a Scot
Burns the name above all
showing greatness of free thought

Knox is my great spiritual inspiration
standing four square on God's revelation
all to his masters glorification


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Categories: effectively, history, home, international,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Letter of Resignation
Your note said, "I resign from being your wife."
"I want a divorce and a new life."
I never expected this letter of resignation.
There will be no argument or arbitration.

Thanks for sparing me the drama with your resignation letter.
You may find you can't do any better.
A notice to terminate the marriage is not required.
Effectively immediately you are fired!

Written 10/2/16
"Resignation" contest
Sponsor: Navda Ivette Negron
Awarded 3rd place

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Categories: effectively, divorce, humorous, relationship,
Form: Rhyme