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Short Dearth Poems

Short Dearth Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Dearth by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Dearth by length and keyword.

truth justifies
living is worth
efficiency no dearth...

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Categories: dearth, class,
Form: Couplet

Go Get Help!
Look no further!
Off you go!
Lot less dearther!

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Categories: dearth, 9th grade, analogy, encouraging, introspection, motivation, slam,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Bravery
Fear! Dearth source in heart
Head has no vow without truth
Fight till last breath-blood

-November 02, 2018 Chattogram...

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Categories: dearth, courage, truth,
Form: Senryu
Dearth girth
Huge mirth

Fine rains

Joy ride
Ebb tide

2 March 2016


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Categories: dearth, adventure, allusion, cute love, desire,
Form: Footle
Staccato Roots
Surly songs 
Played by hungry men
Plucking staccato roots
Spotted chords of dried dearth
Cleansed in strummed pots of boiling verse

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Categories: dearth, allegory, angst, introspection, life, music,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member tyrant monarch
they’re we 
              dearth can't touch them
                                              they’re in transmutation!

-January 17, 2019 Chattogram

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Categories: dearth, how i feel,
Form: Monoku
The Tricky fate
Everyone has a whole book - 
Many with papers,
Some with barely the hook...
The one with bounty
Does not know how to cook
The one in dearth
Fills in every nook!

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Categories: dearth, destiny, grief,
Form: Rhyme
Peek-a-boo lexicon
With the glut of sounds fixed within the book of expressions
I cause the dearth in mine carve ‘pon slip for the eager to ponder
A poet compelled yet tactful with scribe as a view thru scrim 


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Categories: dearth,
Form: Sijo

Closeness a ripple of chance in an ever changing pulse ~tides shift~ seasons shed her shape warm caresses disperse poetic forbearance rests outside the dearth

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© Tim Smith  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dearth, love,
Form: Free verse
Is a necessity
So that the wealthy
Can feel comfortable
In how fortunate they are 
To understand unconditional wealth
There has to be a comparison
A bridge to connect the two
Abundance and dearth
Much and none...

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© john scott  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dearth, meaningful,
Form: Light Verse
Christ's sufficiency* fully satisfies my soul midst spiritual dearth.

*2Corinthians 3:5 Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God.

June 2, 2019

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Categories: dearth, appreciation, blessing, christian, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Monoku
Dearth of Rhyme

The hour is late
I long to write
Thoughts are few
A long empty night

Over taxed mind
A writer's wage
My head is empty
On a yearning page

Perhaps, tomorrow
Gone, dearth of rhyme
As bard within
Urges spirits climb


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Categories: dearth, on writing and words
Form: I do not know?
Agur's Prayer
a rondelet

Most Holy One,
from those who lie grant me relief.
Most Holy One,
give me not all, I chant, nor none.
In wealth, might I renounce You, Chief?
In dearth, might I become a thief?
Most Holy One.

inspired by Proverbs 30:7-9


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Categories: dearth, angst, philosophy, visionary, me,
Form: Verse
nature has its place of  worth,
human must endure no dearth,
for we are natures child,
predator oft reviled,
though bloodlust be reversed,
not far away the distant wild,
remains immersed...

re: Let the eagle alone


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Categories: dearth, adventure,
Form: Ballad
For fire, as embers sit and wait
For horses, behind the starting gate
Not poised, but writhing embers doth. 
To run and burn they dearth
To burn, to burn is innate 
Release the fire, free the gate
“Let me be.” I bay, “In my natural state.”

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Categories: dearth, angst,
Form: I do not know?
Johnson's job's worth
Little matters the Corona Curse, little matters stockpile's dearth;
Of Johnson's job, clearance for virus is the very worth.
Infested with infection and inquietude, the entire Britain bawls: 
Boris, Boris, brought barathra engulfing my bedside berth!...

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Categories: dearth, satire,
Form: Rubai
She walks in beauty
She walks in beauty
she walks in beauty
at night breaking
the aloofness

men hunger of lust
demand her
splendor and
beauty for
pence or two

having no Choices
to throw away
she obeys theirs
even if her tomorrow
would be darker

Saumya Aloysius...

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Categories: dearth, absence, bird,
Form: Free verse
The want of profanity 
And the sheer dearth of warmth
Has vowed  for a whole eternity
That it shall commission rust and moth
To chew away in a colossal calamity
All the cordial bonds between man and man,
For he  has employed both knife and gun
In aid of his doom!...

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Categories: dearth, war
Form: Rhyme
Where Witches Roam
Wicked winds and wandering mists,
Moonlit hours and secret trysts,
Spells and charms; unhallowed loam,
Stealthy do the witches roam.

Boiling cauldrons, smoke and fire,
Fallowed fields, dearth and dire,
Ungodly grants that demons give—
O’ thou must suffer not a witch to live.


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Categories: dearth, gothic, halloween, mythology, october, religion,
Form: Rhyme
Grievous water dearth...

          ...challenges faith's fortitude...

                    ...God showers blessings*!

*Deuteronomy 28:2 And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God.

April 4, 2019

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Categories: dearth, blessing, christian, faith, god, jesus, natural disasters,
Form: Senryu
Where are the Dinosaurs gone?,

Tracing beyond the Amazon forests,

Plants and lives loaded,

To the Noah's ship in safe,

On a head count, the tribes,

Passed the Earth in peace,in dearth and death,

Roll over the sky labs into the woods,

To save the dying noses and not the Di nos aurs! 


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Categories: dearth, community,
Form: Light Verse

A grandmother loves grandsons:

in the womb, at childbirth

and the times sad or with mirth

by the soul without girth 

in the love, with no dearth

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
     January 12, 2010

Inspired by Poetry Soup member contest:  RHYME TIME 	
Sponsored by: Brian Strand

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Categories: dearth, family, lovegrandmother,
Form: List
Murder In The Cinema
The harrowing face of dearth,
The knuckles of vexation,
The callous, grand toes of Karma,
The bones of qualms in a spirit
That wished to wreak no fault ---
He saw what happened
To loved ones of mine
At that theater in Colorado.
She saw what happened
To loved ones of mine ---
Beggars with loaded weapons
Behind a shroud of fear....

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Categories: dearth, life, loss,
Form: Verse
...At the Shore, zoneyed
hyperspantechnic aerobes
seek treasurefiner-

metal detectives,
hopefilled, as high-tech fishmen
at Igloos of beer

ponder the dearth?, Nay!
of paille tressed, bespectacled

at hungry palettes
and the sketchmasters who're
ignobly absent!


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© H MANTEL  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: dearth, nature, parody, philosophy, places, sea,
Form: Haiku
Bad Habits
Bad habits do they ever stay away 
All strong efforts made to quit may sway
Deeper it seeps into dark pores
Hovering as a mole with thick sores
Admitting pressure load to carry
Biting deep into the soul to worry
Inviting demons stealing dearth cold
Teasing spirits coming across closed fold
Searching for realms to stop this hold...

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Categories: dearth, anxiety, dark, depression, health, recovery from, stress,
Form: Acrostic