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Short Calamitous Poems

Short Calamitous Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Calamitous by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Calamitous by length and keyword.

Motherhood Defined
Awe inspiring moments
Beautiful, blissful mess
Chaotic confusion; Calamitous
Devotion, broken hearts healed
Mother's love revealed...

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Categories: calamitous, mother, mother daughter,
Form: ABC

Premium Member Morning Cleansing

Nightmares portend calamitous outcome
Masks of doom pretend to breathe
Nettles hang on morning shower rods
Nightmares dissipate behind steamed doors


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Categories: calamitous, feelings,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Loving Eve
Loving Eve

C Caressing the cusp of her calamitous clouds

A Atoning all angst of my alluvial angel

R Retrieving resolve for roaring rainbow’s recall

E Enlightening Eve’s essence for eternal embrace

07th August 2018


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Categories: calamitous, care, love,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member 'Hibernal Hearts'-Sharon's Acrostic
Timeless tapestry of love transfixed
Omniscient oracles of my soul eclipsed
Undying love for you reviving remains
Cathedrals praying poetic pensive pains
Hibernal hearts with calamitous chains.

Touch Me With Words - Contest
Sponsored by: Sharon Gulley 

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Categories: calamitous, lost love,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member UNDERTOW
UNDERTOW stress and undertow pull my calamitous legs hourglass empties sand ~ sun beads on my brow the sea encircles my flesh driving me under ~ but for God, i’d drown my spirit within me fights my tired flesh gives in ~ God catches my fall he carries me to the shore he kisses my head Kim Rodrigues © 2017 A series of haiku

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Categories: calamitous, angst, christian,
Form: Haiku

Premium Member On Anger
On Anger

From nowhere does the sandstorm break
A surge that ends calamitous
That carries all before its wake
Casts in the pit of; Emptiness

The summer streams that babble on
To winters stormy seas
The hurricane that won’t be gone
Born of the gentle breeze

All moves within its sphere to burn
How swift that piercing arrow flies
Call at once …. for its return
A wish …. The wounded heart denies.

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Categories: calamitous, anger,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member weather report
weather report

sun is lost again
air is drab,  too close,
perfect affectation to 
play across the landscape
of my muffled mind.

many days have begun 
and/or ended this way.
neighbours send up fire 
crackers to placate god 
break up the celestial portents.

explosion, fire, reveals
the bland face of cloud which
blocks our  visions. neither wizard 
nor rain maker needed. we 
end with a calamitous whimper.

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Categories: calamitous, environment,
Form: Free verse
Mother of all Evils

Dweller of darkness,
Mother of all evils:

You, who are unable 
To hear the truth,
Even though it is spoken
Through the mouth of
But who easily discern 
The fainting whispers
Of monstrous lies, 

Why don’t you open, 
For once,
Your detrimental prison
Of calamitous darkness 
And let luminous knowledge
Establish its dominion
For humanity's sake?

© Demetrios Trifiatis



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Categories: calamitous, allegory,
Form: Epigram
Premium Member Sacrifice
Sacrifice Sacrificial solitudes traumatically trapped thru out time Sabotaged souls subservient to the Necronomicon night A selfless surrender sanctioned with a calamitous climb Penal punitive pondering of the marauding mind's abyss A slave seducing deviation from the mantra morals amiss For infinities infraction the absorption of a stigmatic smite. March.28.2018 Rhyme Time 1 Sponsored by: Laura Loo

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Categories: calamitous, philosophy, self,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Couscous
Preposterous hippopotamus laughs at scandalous rhinoceros. 
Precipitous, calamitous cumulus leaks rain on head.
Furious, igneous volcanoes spurt copious lava, aqueous and amphibious into sea. 
But despite the acrimonious albuminous setting,
anxious, ignominious and siliceous bed fellows, make amorous love anyway
wearing polymorphous, ponderous and porous pajamas in bed,
and enjoy anomalous couscous made by anonymous, ambidextrous, audacious, cantankerous cook....

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Categories: calamitous, food,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Sky-Mother
Sky-Mother Moon, watch over me,
Light up the night so I may see,
Please guide my steps along the way,
And keep my enemies at bay.
Sky-Mother Moon, watch over me.

Merciful Moon, watch as i flee
From this calamitous decree,
Protect an innocent I pray -
Sky-Mother Moon, watch over me.

My destination is the sea,
Where a hidden boat awaits me.
I must make haste, it will not stay,
Moon-Mother, help me get away.
Lunar Lady, please set me free,
Sky-Mother Moon, watch over me...

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: calamitous, boat, freedom, innocence, moon, mother,
Form: Rondeau
The time spent is beyond beautiful 
Though it's sometimes never resourceful 
Hoping it not to be a calamitous rendition  
Since we come together without a single intention 

It's time to let go
Focus my thoughts on achieving my goal 
Having the incite its not going to be easy
Giving zero tolerance to idleness always want to be busy

Experience lectured me in a hard way
Given no chance to smile for a single day
Making correct my very BUT
Shedding off the garment covered with dot...

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Categories: calamitous, age, anxiety, care, character, childhood, courage, desire,
Form: I do not know?