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Short Bombed Poems

Short Bombed Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Bombed by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Bombed by length and keyword.

Bombs Away
Once was robin-bird
Acted quite absurd
Bombed friend once; did it twice
Gall to even mark her thrice!
Don't care to explain what heard!...

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Categories: bombed, funny,
Form: Limerick

To Eire is Who Man
A young Irish lass with no man
Danced in the Moulin Rouge Can-Can
In Dublin again
She joined with Sinn Fein
And bombed as Republican Anne...

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Categories: bombed, political,
Form: Limerick
Nuclear attack
The nuclear attack
by her beauty
has bombed
my insecure heart
Setting it ablaze;
Scattering my feelings
Of wild imaginations,
To the winds!


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Categories: bombed, analogy, emotions, funny love, heartbroken, imagination, metaphor,
Form: Romanticism
Sand Castle
As my country was bombed and I lifted away into the skies
I looked back and promised myself
I would not forget this house of sand in these times of rain

© Samir Georges

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Categories: bombed, dedication, hope, war
Form: Free verse
Noggin Hints
While under the tree the apples bombed him
studying while get hit on the noggin
tree showed its wrath
Isaac tried to do math
stumped on the law of gravity problem.


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Categories: bombed, humor, tree,
Form: Limerick

Thirteen Syllables or less
Brussels bombed
Battered souls
Silent tongues
For Second Chance #2
Sponsored by:  Broken Wings
Originally received N/A in the Thirteen Syllables or Less Contest Judged on 31/3/2016
In Poetry Soup

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Categories: bombed, anger, death, life, metaphor,
Form: Haiku
All they Want...
They are under attack
All they want to do is hit the sack
They are shot and bombed
All they want is to be calmed
They come home black and blue
All they want is to know whats true
They have dreams or a bad nightmare
All they want is for someone to care...

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Categories: bombed,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Dive Bomber

Discovered a new computer term, “Hover To Play!” Applied to the bedroom, hmm, interesting I'd say Let your mind take flight Tell me, “how was your night?” Bet you learned lotsa new stuff as you dive bombed per se © Jack Ellison 2015

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Categories: bombed, humor,
Form: Limerick
from when Adam bombed
   to Atom bombs
the whirled has stayed the same
    mite against might
    rights against right
       fight after fight
       blight after plight  
alls well
  and all swell
    and all normal as well
mammal man and Mammon
   and the Devil in hell

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Categories: bombed, allegory, faith, mystery,
Form: Free verse
HAMAS TERRORIST BASTARDS, Telling women and children to stay in buildings to be bombed
There is no truce for Hamas, these terrorist murderers not only kill Israelis, 
but allow their Palestine citizens, men, women, and completely innocent 
children to be slaughtered as shields for their insane and cowardly cause, I hope 
they (HAMAS) and other terrorist groups are all blown to HELL! Then maybe we 
can finally end WAR!

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Categories: bombed, evil, sick,
Form: Dramatic monologue
HAMAS TERRORIST BASTARDS, Telling women and children to stay in buildings to be bombed
There is no truce for Hamas, these terrorist murderers not only kill Israelis, 
but allow their Palestine citizens, men, women, and completely innocent 
children to be slaughtered as shields for their insane and cowardly cause, I hope 
they (HAMAS) and other terrorist groups are all blown to HELL! Then maybe we 
can finally end WAR!


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Categories: bombed, evil, sick, sin, truth,
Form: Dramatic monologue
Society Under Siege

New Age Freedom; I baulk at that
Remembering & keeping Gods laws is what will keep us all in tact
Independence is keeping His laws & maintaining family bonds
Societies are under siege, countries threatened & being bombed
Our liberties lie at the edge as we knock on Sodom’s door 
Oh let us be wise & put back the Lord at our head once more

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Categories: bombed, bible, change, character, christian, courage, faith, jesus,
Form: Rhyme

I got buzzed by a pesky blue bottle To evade it I started to tottle I reached for the bug spray But the fly dodged away Then dive bombed at my head at full throttle I purchased a fly swatting racket So cheap it did not cost a packet When I hit a fly One touch and they die It saves me from having to whack it! 06~03~17

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Categories: bombed, humorous, insect,
Form: Limerick
islams a religion of peace and love
that's why it bombed my Pentagon
that's why it blatently cut off the head
of my friend now long dead...
Who by the way never hurt anyone
a prodigal son, in the words of the Stones,
islams a religion of truth and Love
It does not need Christ nor anyone
Kill and you will go to heaven now
islams a Cow

graydye  The God Poet...

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© gary dye  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: bombed, angel,
Form: Free verse
little boy
There once was a boy
he was filled with great joy
He liked to play with toys
then he got hit in the groin

It hurt so bad
he cried to his dad
But he said shut up boy
i'm playing with my toy

He went to mom
then she was bombed
Then he died 
really bad on the inside 

He had a child
who was wild
It wanted to fly
and fell very high
then they all died


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© jim slim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: bombed, cry, boy,
Form: Rhyme
Now Zad
Its called Now Zad
Might as well be Stallingrad
With the bombed out houses
And the windows caved in

All we do is sand bag all day
And with this cease fire
The taleban just stay away
Why dont we just stay away

The people have deserted
Like rats from a sinking ship
How i miss Scotland with its sweet fresh smell
All i smell in Afghanistan in the rotten stench of hell...

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Categories: bombed, life, places, urban,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member A Pupil's Day

The bright blue sky
Pokka dotted herself
with cotton field clouds;

Below, beautiful green leaves
of proud standing trees
complimented the scene.

Then the news flash came:
“School bombed! Students killed!”
“Suspect escapes!”

As if on cue,
white clouds darkened;
sky tears slowly fell;

Today, it seems as if schools
are daily becoming
designated killing fields.

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Categories: bombed, america, bereavement, children, grief, imagery, metaphor, middle
Form: Prose Poetry
14 May 1940
14   May   1940

Rotterdam  was  brung

(a )  In 1940 the Germans bombed  most of the city 
centre of Rotterdam,   killing thousands  of civilians 
and destroying  the city centre.
(b )   “Gotterdammerung”  is a German word meaning total 
destruction. The word is also the title of an opera.


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Categories: bombed, war,
Form: Couplet
not revving
but remming
her skateboard
rimming railsliding
catching some air
before the extension
she tucked kneed wanting
trick transition tweak topsheet
i tail grab switch tools stoked stall
i no comply nose grind i'm mongo
manual local lipslide k-grind on 
an impossible invert Indy 
grab then hip heel flip
method pump pulls
flick trick flip front
gnarly fast plant
bombed a hill

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Categories: bombed, muse,
Form: I do not know?
Hauptbahnhof Berlin Blues
Such an auditive roof
Like pots and pans escaping
So put a Blues over it, maybe
Cee eff or gee it,

Worse than getting
Years ago,in the playground
Smacked in the gob
By Trudy with
Hair like a nautical cable,

The parting;

You explode like a bombed bouquet
And fall into the platform
Down the silver stairs

And if this
Breaks me like a fallen cup
Then for God`s sake
This is more than I need...

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Categories: bombed, angst,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Horror of War Injures Us
Bombed out of our comfort but the children do not see
Keep it from our sweet babies, so they will be on track.
Despondent, bereft, discouraged, my husband and me.
Wisdom prevents us from burdening our child’s back.
Horror of war injures us, the simple every day masses.
Accepted by whom? The untouchable richest of classes.

Written 9-28-2019
Contest: Make It Six Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Joseph May
Image Number 4


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Categories: bombed, children, war,
Form: Rhyme
Tram stops Old lady asks "Am I twirly?"
Conductor looks up tram and shakes his head
On she gets and on we go

As a young lad on the way to school
I often wondered how old one had to be
To be Twirly

Three stops on the way were always empty
Three stops in a row
Trams all stopped

The area was bombed out
No complete houses stood
No one ever asked why they stopped

It made me proud to ride
With folks like that
Twirly or not...

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Categories: bombed, historyold, old,
Form: Bio
So quietly she trips across the floor,
dragging random flotsam and jetsam
she finds in niches the vacuum can't reach.
With evil intent, she crouches at my feet.
Then BONK! I've been kitten-bombed.
She exults in my reaction
of flying drink and floor-bound french fries.
Then she creeps away again
waiting for her next opportunity
to turn on airplane mode,
shut down the computer without saving
my changes,
and scare me half to death....

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Categories: bombed, animal, cat, funny, games, pets,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Ah, Golfslangadang
Grip it, rip it, stick it.
Bombed it, flopped it, topped it too.

Stay, sit, slice, scoot,
Run, kick, roll, draw,
Carry, fly, die, spin,
Watch the little ball go in.

Hop, get up, get down,
Break, oh please just bite,
Ah, the glories of the ball in flight.

On the screws, hit it pure,
Nailed it, straight and sure,
Chunked it, yanked it,
Shanked it, pulled...
Oh, it broke the other way,
Sorry guys I got fooled...
Not my day....

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© Greg Gaul  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: bombed, fun, funny, golf, imagery, light, men, onomatopoeia,
Form: Light Verse
My friend has gone mad
My friend has gone mad
She is barking all over the place
She is making friends with ducks
And smudging dirt over her face

My friend has gone mad
She can't even think right
I know she couldn't do that before
But now she is a fright

My friend has gone mad
She looks like Einstein
She has bombed all her hair
They look like hedgehog's spines

My friend has gone mad
And it's all because of thee
But now that she is mad
She puts all the blame on me! 

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© Myra Ahmad  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: bombed, funny, friend, friend,
Form: Rhyme