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Short Artfully Poems

Short Artfully Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Artfully by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Artfully by length and keyword.

Be Still
Words artfully penned
Find a target—be still
There is your Haiku 

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Categories: artfully, art
Form: Haiku

Premium Member A Pumpkin's Plea
Preserve my dignity
My lambent personality

Delicate, my surgery
Carve me artfully...

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Categories: artfully, halloween, image,
Form: Personification
As aces appeared in John's hand
"Aces, hurray!" Broke out coughing,
Then caught his breath as he fanned 
Himself while artfully bluffing....

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Categories: artfully, art, butterfly,
Form: Lyric
A forest behind a glass
earth and green shades
blended to be artfully pleasing

Moss, lichens, and a twig
composed with a splash of color...

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Categories: artfully, art, nature,
Form: Free verse

Smile: Soul's euphoric disposition artfully designed on anticipation's lips!  

© Demetrios Trifiatis
       18 April 2018...

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Categories: artfully, smile,
Form: Monoku

Premium Member Reality Bites!!!

You said you would go the distance
I never anticipated it to end so abruptly
I could sense your absence
executed, so artfully 
I have to move on and I am doing it prudently

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Categories: artfully, introspection, life
Form: Quintain (English)
Premium Member GARDEN DEITY

you're a divine creation
blessed with charming elegance
such delicate serene beauty
ever so artfully contrived
for both eyes and heart

AP: Honorable Mention 2021

Posted on June 6, 2021...

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Categories: artfully, art, beautiful, flower, garden, heart,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Extinction
           life’s tactile musings
        swirled in silk calligraphy
             artfully adorned
  a keyboard’s chattered drone hails
    extinction – the soul dipped pen

              ~01 Jan 2015~

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© david mohn  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: artfully, writing,
Form: Tanka
Premium Member Hand and Heart
It is the artfully connected hand that pens the words
But it is the divine, intrinsic heart that drives and inspires the melody

December 2, 2019
Hit Me With An Epi-Pen Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Maureen McGreavy...

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Categories: artfully, analogy, art, emotions, feelings,
Form: Epigram
Premium Member Roots Of The Sun

Bonsai tree of ancient roots poses a Sun, Errant light spools upon rings of the aged, The artfully skilled master the chronicles, Wholeness of the day is honored to observe. Date: 09/05/2019

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© Hilo Poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: artfully, age, nature, sun,
Form: Ekphrasis
Delicate Seams Of Words

Sweet tinge of scent, not half gone,
Delicately spun in flowing song.

Every simple texture words create,
Artfully woven to illustrate

The story, the poem, the fabric of dreams
The written words and sewn seams.

4 June 15

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© RHOMA EM  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: artfully, inspiration, words,
Form: Couplet
deep fake era

The Deep fake era is upon us 
?Every thing is fake these days?Everything is a fraud ?Prepare for the deep fake world 
Fakery, fraud, and falsehoods abound
All artfully done 
Killing the last shred of human decency left
Everything is a deep fake 
these days 

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© jake aller  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: artfully, america, angst, anxiety, fantasy, horror,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member free verse

         thoughts conveyed


  words and space

       and lines

             playing together


          from meter

     or rhyme

          or rules

              flowing like a river

          on a page



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© P.S. AWTRY  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: artfully, poetry,
Form: Free verse
siren singing
siren singing 
her enchanting 
song so sweetly 
enticing the mind's 
of her victims making 
them seek out her 
loving embrace 
temptress so seductive 
with every note song 
don't be fooled by her 
fake facade of innocence 
she is an experienced beast 
who artfully seeks out her pray...

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Categories: artfully,
Form: Lyric
CBD Bath Bombs
Lavender tinted
Two serpents of the sea
Chafing scales
Twisting through 
Kuroshio Currents

Prancing Minions 
Sirens of the deep
Bathing in rosen lilac 
l'écume de mer
Frothing on the Horizon

Silken Goddesses
Submerged in Epsom salinity
Artfully teasing
A Better Tomorrow

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Categories: artfully, i love you,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Empathy Plays My Poet's Heart
Empathy plays my poet’s heart
Most of my doubts concealed artfully
Worries play such a minor part,
As my poems are created heart-fully.


Contest:  Explaining Sophie              Sponsor: Julia Ward	
"Fear is a slinking cat I find beneath the lilacs of my mind." - Sophie Tunnell

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Categories: artfully, poems, poetess, poetry, poets, word play, words,
Form: Rhyme

Artfully bilk, cheat, defraud…  embezzle!
Forgetting gainful, helpful, industrious jobs.
Keeping loot maliciously nervously obtained.
Pilfering, quickly. Robbing, swindling tearlessly.
Until final judgment sends them…  Away. 

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
    January 17, 2010

Poetic form: ABC

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Categories: artfully, angst, business, social
Form: ABC
A beautiful girl
Beauty like the flower she is 
the passion is in her laugh, her art 
look deep to see so different so smart 
gorgeous , soft and sweet ....
so nice ,
rides you in like  a late night 
singing as sweet as tea 
do you hear artfully
her beauty so graceful
radiant full of life is she.
so look to the sky 
Beauty .. that's she is...

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Categories: artfully, beautiful, beauty, crush, cute, cute love, dream,
Form: Free verse
The Drive
One must ascend approximately
Ninety-eight hewn stone stairs
To reach the hell that is
Forgetting what it means
To live at the bottom of the hill
Or one may forgo this education
And travel swiftly up and down
By automobile
Naming this purgatory life
And eternal bliss a television
Viewed from a leather couch
Artfully turned away from the window...

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© Aron Jacob  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: artfully, education, introspection, life, philosophy, places, social,
Form: Free verse
The Truth Of Me
Struggling with emotion
There is no cause to be found
A sadness creeps in
I'm suddenly way down 
Cold air breathes through my lungs
But rather than wake me it makes me sleep
Ready to hibernate or alone walk the dark streets
Eyes open wide budding with tears 
Filled with dread akin to fear 
Its a struggle internal and no one can see
Because I artfully hide the truth of me 

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Categories: artfully, angst, me, me,
Form: Free verse
Colored Secrets
there is staining red 
weeping from feathers
and grey flowing 
from steely chains 

yellow is the bile
of spewing memories 
floating on greens 
of jealousy and hate 

Black are the words 
in history books 
written by pale
translucent tears

colors of our crimes 
hiding unseen behind 
the brilliant white 
we use to artfully paint

our innocence...




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Categories: artfully, introspection, life, social,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Dance With the Devil
If you dance with the Devil 
you have to pay what is due.
His promises vain, untrue,
deceiving, his lies revel.

He artfully tries tempting
giving out suggestive vibe,
all on queue as you imbibe,
no intrusions preempting

Weaving a deception well,
the seed is planted of need.
Don’t deny HIS voice to heed,
“would you sell and go to hell”?

For Barbara's "Dancing" contest

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Categories: artfully, philosophy
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
stupid poems 28
an absolutely religious
being is a flower
blooming beautiful spreading
the fragrance far away
living in the moment
blissfully it is so easy
let us all be religious
nothing could be lost
but your stubbornity and insecurity
everything could be gained
live artfully in the moment
you are religious now
we dont really need churches
and temples and priests

sep 19 2016
11.02 am

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Categories: artfully, allusion,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Gems Of Reality
Gems Of Reality Gems of reality are thoughtfully expressed thru imagery of poetry to shape so earnestly and fervently poems that formally shine artfully reflecting history and mystery of one's tranquility or misery. Sandra M. Haight ~5th Place~ Contest: Rhymers Delight- Internal Monorhyme Sponsor: John Hamilton Judged: 01/09/2017

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Categories: artfully, poetry,
Form: Monorhyme
Marching with madness, maniacal, music

Artfully agile and awfully active

Gyrating, gravitation, grungy goo

Imagine the imagery intervening interest

Children causing chaotic confusion


Melodies making the most of magical moments

Admiring authentic adventurous appeal

Gracefully, gently, goofily gigantic 

Ice-Cream inspection, innocent ideal

Cascading, celebrations, cheekily cheerful


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Categories: artfully, child, dance,
Form: ABC