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Time Rondeau Poems

These Time Rondeau poems are examples of Rondeau poems about Time. These are the best examples of Rondeau Time poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Love alone real
Love alone real; that’s the road we take
Non-judgmental eye, embraces each soul
Bliss throbs beat in our heart; we are awake
The divine elixir, makes us feel...

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Categories: rondeau, forgiveness, love,

Into the Void
Into the void faint is the light
Abyss of time, increase of night
Objects shrink in expanse of space;
hurtling forward, fears apace
Pioneers on a wondrous flight

Hopeful dreams...

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Categories: muse, perspective, space, travel,

Premium Member Why I Loved C D's poem: CRYSTAL WIND CHIMES
Crystal Wind Chimes

Crystal wind chimes to hang outside
To bring cheer when her brother died
She’d hear the tinkling with each breeze
Melodic tones put her at ease

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Categories: celebration, friend, poetry,

Premium Member Jack the Ripper
Jack the Ripper has not mended his ways
Continuing search for unwary prey
This time around, his weapon is poison
Extinguishing lives of poor, his mission
‘The weak must...

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Categories: dark, murder,

Premium Member I Am, I see
I Am, I see, I feel, love throb within
Each moment in time, ignition begins
Vibrant and aglow, no trace of ennui
Childlike heart embarks on a joyful...

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Categories: i am, love,

Premium Member Ego Pride Rise
Ego pride rise, we behold in surprise 
Filled with lies, bubble yet does not capsize 
Fed by thought, spiralling in narrow slots
Shaky hubris of consciousness,...

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Categories: muse,

Premium Member Life and Death
An ominous eerie cloud, fear itself
Swept in from the west on bitter cold wind
Layered beneath it a frozen ice shelf
All are doomed--the forecaster subtly grinned.


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Categories: rondeau, fear, horror,

Premium Member Hesitation
Hesitation has two colourations
First being our ego calculation
The other, cessation in wonderment 
Delight of our childlike astonishment 
Former contraction, latter expansion 

Let time stretched stillness...

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Categories: muse,

Premium Member Our dreaming state
Our dreaming state, discerned by mind sedate
Elements of cause and effect missing
All sense of time absent, as we gyrate
Having lost even sense of reasoning

There remains...

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Categories: rondeau, dream,

Premium Member Black swan effect
Black swan effect, crisis precipitates
Leaving the faint of heart, totally wrecked
Save brave hearts, who in stillness meditate
Our fall into the abyss, goes unchecked

All that matters...

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Categories: rondeau, courage, fate, life,

Premium Member Caress loving
Caress loving, seductive gentle breeze
Itself, into the vast void outpouring 
Fragrance beauteous, flowing on with ease
Imbibing nectar, touch vivifying

Love supreme, luminous scintillating 
Elixir securing from...

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Categories: rondeau, love, spiritual,

In Ocean View
In ocean view the air is clear, 
The sun is up as rays appear, 
Zephyr comes from the western wind, 
Gently blowing with kiss to...

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Categories: poems, , western,

Premium Member My Small Dreams Magnified Manifold

My small dreams magnified so manifold, 
the wide wings of soaring desire they grew, 
the miniscule mind could no longer hold,  
turning to birds...

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Categories: rondeau, analogy, dream, hope, life,

Premium Member I've Known Life's Struggles - edited

I’ve known life’s struggles - (absent in my prime).
How splendiforous was life “in the day.”
Since my youth, life has been a painful climb.
I was clueless...

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Categories: rondeau, body, how i feel,

Premium Member Frankenstein monster
Frankenstein monster, created by mind
Fears and desires, gripping us in their bind
All brought about by weakness of stupor
Tentacles consuming us like cancer
Dark veils of delusion,...

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Categories: spiritual,