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Kids Quatrain Poems

These Kids Quatrain poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Kids. These are the best examples of Quatrain Kids poems written by international poets.

Fake Admirers of John Keats
Fake admirers of John Keats are spotted,
To check out if their luck goes as plotted,
Accepted the challenge,
They were so brave,
But they turned out to be...

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Categories: allegory, analogy, appreciation, beauty,

“The US First Cavalry arrived in Manila on February 3, 1945; it proceeded to Santo Tomas University north of the Pasig River, where 3,785 Allied...

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Categories: 11th grade, death, funeral,

Super Mom
I imagine that somewhere... exists---
(I'm not sure, but my theory persists)

Moms who read --what their kids read-- from school
Then... :-) they book-club about it --...

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Categories: books, childhood, cool, inspirational

Premium Member Tatters
His sad heart broke into pieces, 
Every time someone declared "no", 
No one wished to marry a clown, 
But they all enjoyed his joke show,...

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Categories: emotions, sad,

Premium Member Wallpapering the Living Room
Wallpapering the living room is a job for many
So, we invited our relatives over, in all there were twenty
They got glue all over the carpet,...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Two Empty Chairs at Christmas
Let’s keep their apartment through Christmas someone suggested.
Although their mother was gone, and their dad had been arrested.
He will be back, right? An optimist asked,...

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Categories: goodbye,

Premium Member Celebrating November and December
November's a lovely month when leaves turn crimson and gold,
but I was nearly smothered, covered by three feet of leaf mold.
Being so short, my cohorts...

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Categories: celebration, december, holiday, november,

Premium Member Joys of December
December is imbued with countless joys.
Believers sing of Jesus, born to save.
We decorate, and kids enjoy new toys.
We dine on dishes that year-round we crave.


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Categories: december,

Halloween Lips
Halloween lips are pumpkin's rain
for kissing pulp on smacking brain
And holding love for passion named
in pumpkins born in farmer's lane

When all for one
are fields of...

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Categories: halloween, holiday,

Premium Member Called by Grandma
I have lived with an inner conflict my entire life
Since early childhood I wanted to be a teacher
But I was raised in an old-timey country...

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Categories: christian, grandmother, inspiration, inspirational

Pinch'in Nickels
Pinching nickels for the cause
of selling bottles for the law
Deposits money into kids
and makes them candy for the awws

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Categories: analogy, appreciation, candy, money,

Premium Member Abused Kid's

Yeah, he ran away,
at the age of thirteen.
His old man was a drunk,
and beat him real mean.

Now everyone knows,
It's a real sad Deal.
A runaway kid,

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Categories: child abuse,

Premium Member Stephan, under Suspicion
The case of caviar the Humpherts ordered
was missing from their mansion. What a mystery!
Could long-time butler Stephan be the culprit?
If so, posthaste the traitor would...

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Categories: cat, children, food, home,

Premium Member Summer Nights
The summer night skies light up with fire,                           showing off fireworks and...

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Categories: firework, fun, light, night,

Premium Member Life
Quote By Author "Life is not always what we want
but what God gives us. He knows best."
Life can be hysterical and funny,
life can be...

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Categories: fun, joy, remember, sky,