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Star Personification Poems

These Star Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Star. These are the best examples of Personification Star poems written by international poets.

I Am A Tree
I am easily recognized by my colors of green and brown beautifying the planet.
I am a much beloved and living canopy under the beautiful blue...

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Categories: earth, giving, life, tree,

Premium Member Pop Music
Diamond star that glitters above,
Creates the lengthening shadow of...
Pop music.

Glimpsed in top hat/ clothed in mist,
The phantom turns illusionist...
Pop music.

He peers from modern works of...

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Categories: appreciation, happy, music, senses,

The Polar Ice Cap
What If There Was No Tomorrow? - The Polar Ice ‘Cap’

- this time it’s burnt and curled upon a new head. The 
sweet smoke of...

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Categories: personification, analogy,

Premium Member Moon Ponders
I sit here, night after night, watching human children and I am so bored.  They bicker and fight about everything.  It’s the same...

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Categories: appreciation, beautiful, moon, planet,

Premium Member I am a Booby
My best feature by far, my bright azure feet.
A mating dance star, prowess cannot be beat.
South American bird, wing span of five feet.
My diving is...

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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member The Wisdom Of A Sundial
I only tell of sunny hours...
orange light upon the flowers.
In morning mist, the light I kiss;
Crunching numbers I persist.
Each hour of the turning Earth;
another offspring,...

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Categories: planet, sky, star, sun,

Premium Member What Did I Do Wrong
They brought me out of storage today a day late.
Christmas was yesterday.
I am not giddy, not happy, not optimistic because usually
I get to be revered...

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Categories: 10th grade, 12th grade,

Premium Member Lamplight Moon
Lamplight moon sits watching me;
watching her,
through my telescope.
Sister Moon floats 
in centrifugal dance, 
becoming dizzy.  
When she tires, 
brother Sun will dance In her...

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Categories: appreciation, earth, environment, moon,

The Reluctant Christmas Tree
I’m so nervous, it’s that time again
     Gotta get ready, go out there and shine, shine, shine!
And I don’t have much...

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Categories: christmas, humorous,

A Spruce Tree Celebrates Christmas
A young small spruce tree had grown
In the sprawling evergreen conifer forest
Once decided to celebrate Christmas alone 
In an isolated hamlet that’s the nearest.

It then...

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Categories: celebration, christmas, tree,

Angels Reporting
We are angels who have come to speak, to sing, and to shout            ...

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Categories: angel, bible, christian, christmas,

Premium Member A GRAND DAME

She twirls with fullest branches
admiring her ornamental dress,
patchwork of souvenirs, yesteryear’s
arts and crafts - preschool to cool age.

Silver tinsel fringe caught the light

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Categories: christmas,

Brightly the sun of summer shone, 
Green fields and waving woods upon, 
And soft winds wandered by; 
Above, a sky of purest blue, 
Around, bright...

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Categories: absence, allegory, angst, april,

Premium Member Aunt Sally is 80
Aunt Sally Is 80

Well, my family calls me Aunt Sally;
I never was a missus.
I travelled with a disabled colonel,
As a nurse, until

My sister and I...

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Categories: age, birthday, courage,

Sun flower
I remember when just a dehydrated seed

felt abandoned until moisture from Earth

warmth from our sun gave me life, germination 

had begun, I grew, push through...

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© Roy Pett  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: flower, sun,

The sun
 From morning till dusk,
I see your golden face (not directly)
You come so early,
Would I ever win that race?

In the dawn you look like red...

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Categories: creation, cute love, dance,

Premium Member Le Squirrel Sat For Le Painter
Le Squirrel Sat For Le Painter

His canvass set
And oils based,
He zeroed onto her providence.
His lips miming
Rhode Island here
Big Apples there.
She scowled her impatience.
Her eyes dismissing...

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Categories: art, betrayal, parody,


I took a trip for fun, 
between the Earth and Sun, 
slid quietly between,
the star sun's scarlet sheen,
from its radiant show,
and in...

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© Edlynn Nau  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: earth, humor, moon, relationship,

 I stand erect with outstretched hand
 Representing liberty,  for many,  a foreign land
 My fire dances an incessant jubilant glow
 Pungent salts...

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Categories: appreciation, art, freedom, immigration,

Mystical enchanting lady,
Elegant, shining, star,
Dainty little Aster,
Awaking inner flair,
Dressed with blooms,
For fashion,
Voguish stylish displays,
Spotlight designer catwalk,
Twinkles in moonlight rays
Models as she poses,
Her trends all the...

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Categories: poetry,