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Mystery Poems

Mystery Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about mystery. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for mystery.

New Poems

Premium Member The book of lide
The Book Of Life.
I earnestly searched for the book of life
I looked in every store
I always got the same answer
‘’We never had one
Have you tried next door?’’
My endless quest finished fruitless
And I gave up my restless endeavour
I began to think
Of...Read More
Categories: mystery, destiny, devotion, god,
Form: I do not know?

I have seen, yes i have seen
A million movies in my teens
i have seen Jekyll and Hyde 
And the rusty nail in Joy Ride

Scary movies to freeze your blood
An axe-wielding maniac, wild and mad
A haunting...Read More
Categories: fantasy, horror, mystery,
Form: Rhyme
Soul Seated
Dark as the night of 
the soul, 
That's seen a thousand
black holes 
You wait on all fours 
ready to kiss my ass-whole. 

You're hard, 
Coated in Sweet bliss
That twinkles in the 
Tea Light. 

The dark horse 
Amongst a herd of
Leather...Read More
Categories: mystery, adventure,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member An Artists Journey And In The End
A lifetime of learning
Like un-Religion, practiced un-Art.

Focusing one eye out, one eye in

And marrying the two
Within disciplines learned… ‘Aha’ moments.

Nothing’s meet ‘Nothing’
Infinity’s meet ‘Infinity’.

All merged in ‘Beyond Understanding’.

Whose field long ago I laid down in
Waiting for Sun’s morning gifts.

Coming into...Read More
Categories: appreciation, art, beauty, engagement, life, mystery, self,
Form: Free verse

sweet little one
so tiny
a sleeping beauty
a mother’s pride
in premium exclusivity
a ticking mystery
the single aunt’s enigma

posted on February 24, 2020...Read More
Categories: baby, birth, innocence, introspection, mystery, pride,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Legend of Ogopogo
Chilled by cold Canadian air
Lake Okanagan’s waters run deep
And so does its Ogopogo
A legend the centuries keep

Native Americans feared it
Animal sacrifices were made
Before they boarded their canoes
And set out to traverse the lake

Campfire stories natives told
Of the monster “Snake in...Read More
Categories: mystery,
Form: Rhyme

on a gentleman’s humble farm
six hungry mouths to feed
an ambitious garden
behind the chicken coop
each hen adopted by the kids
given funny names
inside a big tall fence some bunnies
all given bunny names
around the dining table 
one big happy family
coq au vin...Read More
Categories: mystery, animal, children, family, farm, food, garden, growing
Form: Free verse
The Mud Monster
Within the bayous of muck
and mire there is a tale
of the mud monster who
appears at front doors
in the dark of the night
covered with thick mud
begging to come in
and visit for a while
to chat over a cup of
coffee and tell you
his...Read More
Categories: mystery,
Form: Free verse
Noob Goes For A Walk
Noob goes for a walk in a straight line
The distance from point A to B is easy
But going only half way as required 
Going half the distance all the time
Is not so simple as Noob might think
   ...Read More
Categories: absence, mystery, philosophy, travel,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Weathered Cracks

Weathered cracks in the stone
The seasons how they forge you so,
A barren place, yet still a home
For in your midst a flower grows.

What succuor dwells upon this wall
When round about the soil is sweet,
Yet there you cling, fearing no fall
What...Read More
Categories: mystery, flower, nature, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme
Without your eyes, there is no Grand Canyon or Redwood
With SELF, there is both selfishness and selflessness
Stop thinking, start meditating: I have taken, what may I give?
Jesus chose to yield His will, to obey Father. In Jesus I rest
The Incarnation,...Read More
Categories: mystery, bible, education, jesus, meaningful, self, true love,
Form: Epigram
Premium Member Lures
All things can tempt me, but I’ll not stray long
from poetry. Desire to write is strong.

The lure of pie may shoo my muse away,
but soon new themes my poems will convey.
A brand-new movie’s on, a mystery. 
When it concludes,...Read More
Categories: mystery, inspiration, poetry,
Form: Rhyme

she’ll talk about
her wedding
her honeymoon
her trip
her house
her bedroom
her livingroom
her yard
her garage
her car
i cringe~

her husband’s sitting there
apparently none of all that is theirs
he sits there outwardly immune
to her inexplicable bouts of poor english

to me it’s unthinkable quite inconceivable
yet she does have...Read More
Categories: house, marriage, mystery, perspective, spoken word, wife,
Form: Free verse
In Touch With My Soul
I feel the aftermath of sadness written upon my heart
It's the feeling you get when no one is communicating with you
And you have to read the signs and wonders to know what is happening around you, sometimes it is hard...Read More
Categories: mystery, 3rd grade, endurance, england, loneliness, power, travel,
Form: Narrative
Magnus Moore
Magnus Moore

My name is Magnus Moore, and I am far from pure.
See I can never die, I thought you might ask why.
No one is quite sure, for everyone forgets who I was, they are unsure.
I am reincarnated and reborn, and...Read More
Categories: mystery, 12th grade, mythology, perspective, sad, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme
Sometimes I Have A Stephen King Mind
Sometimes I have a Stephen King mind,
always searching for a good tale to weave,
filled with macabre and mysterious thought,
clearing my cobwebs of all the fraught.

Sometimes I have a Stephen King mind,
reading his novels in a well-lit room,
as my fingers of...Read More
Categories: mystery,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Stoic Poet
Stoic Poet
Life is like philosophy
"all we are is dust in the wind" said Socrates,
one fleeting moment were here and then were gone 
so even if you win, in the end, no one ever truly won,
so when you rise in the...Read More
Categories: mystery, imagination, truth,
Form: Rhyme
Passing Beyond
I’m going to watch you die…
but before I do
I will foretell your story

The story of the White Bird
The Great Mystery
and the Silver Seed

The White Bird carries
in its talons
the Silver Seed of all mankind

A seed that will allow you
to move past...Read More
Categories: mystery, death, life,
Form: Free verse
The tree of senses keeps me close to my conscience,
liberating the bondage of believes in existence.
In certainty of identification to belong in effect,
by family as race and nationality towards self-image detect. 
The individual perspective by self awareness in social situation,
maintains...Read More
Categories: mystery, 12th grade, humanity, identity, patriotic,
Form: Ballade
Premium Member The Hero, Raven, Poe And First Encounter, Part Two , Of Three, Dedicated To Master Poe
The Hero, Raven, Poe And First Encounter,
Part Two , Of Three, Dedicated To Master Poe 
 Dying massive suns, exploding black moons,
loaded guns, death arriving far too soon.
Anguish, oozing pain, sad pitiful cries
rotting remains, under pallid grey skies,
Crimson puddles...Read More
Categories: mystery, appreciation, art, dark, evil, horror, raven, symbolism,
Form: Rhyme
You Never Come
You never come when I need you
You never come when I am thinking about you
Your never come when the sun is hot
You never come when I am gallivanting in my pretty frock.

I saw someone today wearing a hard white hat
And...Read More
Categories: mystery, absence, anxiety, city, confusion, cry, encouraging, gender,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Can a Fool Descibe Love
Can I describe Love?

A path of the fool,
Words expressing sensation,
Shimmering spark of sun, diamonds on a pool,
Red bird lifts head, water elations,

Thoughts emerge from where?
Whether image, pain, longing desire,
Reality skirts away, with a wide tear,
Smoky haze, warmth to the core,...Read More
Categories: mystery, dream, i love you, joy, love hurts,
Form: Rhyme
Among persons known within mine barbed ken
Analogous to black box
holding untold secrets,
I share the following self
introspection with ye,
which purported hidden truths
might set me free,
albeit laborious effort

to loose constituent amalgamated
compound elements unmined
tantamount to agony
riddling psyche effort to extract
thorny matters incumbent upon me
versus tapping Androcles and the lion
think...Read More
Categories: mystery, 11th grade, 12th grade, baptism, health, leaving,
Form: Dramatic Verse
Meet Me By The River
I have been waiting for you by the river
Hoping that you would meet me there
I have been waiting for you by the river
Because we I have so much things to share

Big rocks fastened in the ground
With a melody that is...Read More
Categories: mystery, change, courage, dream, encouraging, friendship, joy, love,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Mystery Date or Strange Man
Colored lights mesmerized shadows as we danced.
With his presence, the night was entranced.
Who was he, and why did he make me feel?
But clouds of mystery his persona conceals!

For across the dance floor, his eyes found mine.
The music was heaven, his...Read More
Categories: dance, desire, mystery, night, romance,
Form: Rhyme