Moon Poems

Moon Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about the moon. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for moon.

New Poems

Oceans Alone
Don't walk with me
Find your own path
This dark ocean
With hidden waves of wrath
Bring me peace and humbling

I feel no need
To chat with you
This silvery sky
With endless night and truth
Brings me sincerity

I won't hand hold
No roses, please
This hanging moon
With broken light...Read More
Categories: moon, angst, anxiety, beach, confidence, feelings, passion, symbolism,
Form: Dramatic Monologue

Sunday November 10 2019
So it is I am here
So it is I am sitting on the chair
So it is I am trying to absorb some fresh air
It is Sunday evening and my heart is melting
It is Sunday evening and my spirit is aching.
The...Read More
Categories: moon, appreciation, autumn, beautiful, community, endurance, friendship love,
Form: Narrative
why do we die
sitting watching the world go by,
wonder what happens when we die,
do we go to heaven above, 
or stay in the ground covered in dirt, 

do our ghosts walk around, 
or do they visit your home town, 
will not know till...Read More
Categories: moon, faith, funeral, god, world,
Form: Blank verse
The Divide
The Divide
by Michael R. Burch

The sea was not salt the first tide ...
was man born to sorrow that first day
with the moon—a pale beacon across the Divide,
the brighter for longing, an object denied—
the tug at his heart's pink, bourgeoning clay?

The...Read More
Categories: moon, creation,
Form: Villanelle
Premium Member A New Love
We met one summer evening
On a golden sandy dune.
There was something wonderful and sublime,
Something magical and spell binding,
Infiltrating in the air that night,
As stars shone brightly high above,
Shining for you and me
Especially for you and me.
Our friends were singing...Read More
Categories: moon, beach, love,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Unison
As accurate and intrinsic as the pattern of a spider web
I adorn myself with your presence
Connecting to each other
In a pattern of fine spun clarity
As our joining manifests the immaculate entanglement
Of love, time and energy interwoven one to the other
Between...Read More
Categories: moon, dedication, devotion, friendship love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Resume

“Rocks and socks, I need a job, 
What is it that I can do?” 
My new friend was waiting… for an answer. 

“I can fly across the channel on a hot air balloon. “
“I can build a ship of candy...Read More
Categories: moon, allah, cute love, dream, games, good morning,
Form: Narrative
Thinking of My Beijing Friends on July 7

We missed the Lugou Bridge moon of the morning
Seeing only the engraved emperor's  brush writing
This site where China and Japan exchanged fire
How many times have we visited there?
Rain falls and makes me playful to play with the rain
The day...Read More
Categories: moon, friendship, history, travel,
Form: Light Verse
Flashes that echo
Sudden flash evanescing slowly 
Cracks in a concrete sky
Leering over mountains of clay
On this very day it comes apart
Peeling away like withered bark on a tree

Kill me............kill me

The end of days
Prolonged pain

Suffer to eat
Eat and suffer
Paradoxal misery
Limbo land of black...Read More
Categories: moon, conflict, dark, depression, emotions, fantasy, health, horror,
Form: Narrative
Voyeur Moon
Stripped to my skin, I prepare for bed. 

Sliding the window to let in fresh air, 
I reach up to pull down the shade 
when I catch her peering brazenly 
at me, her white face cross-hatched 
with branches. For a...Read More
Categories: moon, humor,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member falling toward the moon
falling toward the moon
pocket full of poetry
christmas ideals
...Read More
Categories: moon, poetry,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Victim
Last night I had a most disturbing dream,
One which had an insidious theme.
I still felt its presence when I awoke,
Feeling once more an odd lack of esteem.

I dreamed I was lying beside a stream,
Watching women of beauty supreme,
Their long hair...Read More
Categories: beauty, dream, fate, hate, heart, moon,
Form: Rubai
Premium Member The Sweetest Valentine
Just like in days of auld lang syne,
He is filled with benevolent wishes!
He is as poignant as the bottom line,
And much dearer than summer's riches!

A blessed love, unlike any other;
His are the diamond dewdrop blooms!
A holy birth, to a sainted...Read More
Categories: moon, christian, devotion, jesus, love, religious, uplifting,
Form: Rhyme


Do you know the rules of time? 
Well, it will take a while
Please wait for me to start
11:59 separates day from night 
Midnight is morning with 
A gray moon in the black sky
And afternoon start at 12:01 pm

Every second counts...Read More
Categories: moon, bird, business, homework, humor, humorous, metaphor, school,
Form: Free verse
Broken Croconometres
"Broken Croconometres"

No more time left to slumber.
Precious hours blown away ;
We lost the sun;
Whilst chasing the moon, the curse of youth deceived us.
Too blind ! To see how magnificent the flowers the bloomed underneath our laziness .

Too far gone to...Read More
Categories: moon, age, america, conflict, destiny,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge – a poem
copyright 2012 by jon gutmacher

They say a place called Rainbow Bridge
is somewhere in the sky
it is a place 
where loving pets
they do die

its meadows and its green fields
are surrounded by rolling hills
the sky is clear
the...Read More
Categories: moon, pets,
Form: Rhyme
Saša Milivojev - NEW OATH

(I swear) by the Sun and the light
And the Moon in its wake
And the Day that brought it in sight
And concealed when it was by the Night
I shall give you to nobody
Devoted I shall be to...Read More
Categories: moon, love, miss you, missing you, romantic, romantic
Form: Lyric
Saša Milivojev - SLEEPWALKING

The Skies are silent
The Moon awakes me
The Night gently embraces me
You are no longer on the shore
Where with salt ourselves we smeared
Dreamed and to the Sea we used to croon
Oh, my Beloved,
For me the stairs of the...Read More
Categories: moon, miss you, missing, missing you, poems, poetry,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Trump the Pump Truck Driver
Trump the Pump Truck Driver
By Franklin Price

Trump is who we see he is, doesn't practice to deceive
Won the plumbing job, three years ago, was elected to receive
All the piled up defecation that was spread throughout the land
He has unclogged the...Read More
Categories: moon, america, anger, corruption, political,
Form: Couplet
Houston We Have A Lollipop
Houston, we have a lollipop 
Peppermint Patty is outside the airlock
The lemon drops are handy and dandy
Secure as Loony tunes on the moon
Tasty as caramel popcorn parties
The Eagle has landed 
That's one small step for man
And one giant leap for...Read More
Categories: moon, appreciation, candy, color, fantasy, silly,
Form: Free verse
More Than An Inferno
It is not light that falls before these eyes,
blue as ocean's dream,
that allows me to see, 
beyond such a simple breeze

where whitest whites make way
for jaded bliss
a brilliance brighter than my sun
or of your moon

it is honey that coats the...Read More
Categories: moon, love,
Form: Romanticism
Mythical Beings
We were told stories
Stories of the hunter demon
Haunting our children
In the dark of the moon

The faceless beast
A silhouette in the night
With a visage defined only
By juvenile imagination

Creeping along our dark spines
And halting body movement
It feeds off our fear.
An African pennywise.

A...Read More
Categories: moon, evil, fantasy, mystery, myth, mythology,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member AND I REJOICE IN YOU-
I want to hold you ever so close
I want to hear your sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet voice
 oOh I rejoice in you 
I want to walk with you,
Walk beside you holding your immortal hands 
Looking to the skies 
The moon...Read More
Categories: moon, blessing, encouraging, mom,
Form: Lyric
The Chair
The empty chair,
Still sits there, 
Though many days have gone,
Since grandpa sat,
Upon its slats,
And smelled the new moon lawn.
...Read More
Categories: moon, care,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Grandpa

Father of the age, know'er of everything, 
I need to know before the age of six… 
Including all about God. (and teaching me to pray)

Thank you, hug you, love you!

Knight in shinning armor, a hero that never failed, 
even a...Read More
Categories: moon, christian, cinderella, father, goodbye, grandchild, grandfather, grandparents,
Form: Free verse