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Long Surreal Poems

Long Surreal Poems. Below are the most popular long Surreal by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Surreal poems by poem length and keyword.

Kaos In -Part 5- Final Part
Hate the feelings of ew's and ugh's...let's pause before we put our paws on this unmanageable cause with silent applause (quiet interest or hushed enthusiasm)
What's the cause of these negative, gross, worthless flawful laws that...

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Categories: surreal, abuse, deep,
Form: Free verse

Liquor of Lament: My Glass Is Half Full
Verse 6: I've given up love countless times 
I needed to pay up for my heartbroken crimes
I already repented for my sins that made my high hopes paper-thin
Don't you feel that envy from deep within?...

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Categories: surreal, addiction, cute love, deep, depression, desire, hope,
Form: Lyric
Haiku 1
The Original Sin: Rhyming Haiku!
should never rhyme:
it’s a crime!
-Michael R. Burch
The herons stand,
sentry-like, at attention ...
rigid observers of some unknown command.
-Michael R. Burch
the golden leaves turn black underfoot:
-Michael R. Burch
Dry leaf...

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Categories: surreal, family, heart, love, mother son, nature, seasons,
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Open Oceans
"Open Oceans"

Kneeling on pearls
wisdom preys


hungry hearts
count the days 

wasting away
in all that preying 

for prayers 
to be answered

children become

strange words

themselves puzzled

genuflecting to a deity
they do not know, nor wish to

mouths closed,

swallowed hole
in the...

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Categories: surreal, journey, love, mother daughter,
Form: Epic
Premium Member The Payload
"The Payload" 

The payload 
came crashing down
like rain expelled
from the fat belly 
of a ruinous pregnant cloud 
bilious with buxom promise

it came crashing down 
like school fish released 
from the tight confines
of a course rope...

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Categories: surreal, fantasy, muse, mystery, symbolism,
Form: Narrative

Halloween Poems
It's Halloween!
Michael R. Burch

If evening falls
on graveyard walls
far softer than a sigh;

if shadows fly
moon-sickled skies,
while children toss their heads

uneasy in their beds,
beware the witch's eye!

If goblins loom
within the gloom
till playful pups grow terse;

if birds give...

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Categories: children, grave, halloween, horror, myth, silly, surreal,
Form: Rhyme
Poems About Poems Vi
Poems about Poems VI

The Board
by Michael R. Burch

Accessible rhyme is never good.
The penalty is understood?
soft titters from dark board rooms where
the businessmen paste on their hair
and, Walter Mitties, woo the Muse
with reprimands of Dr. Seuss.


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Categories: surreal, extended metaphor, heaven, muse, passion, poems, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
Free Verse Ii
by Michael R. Burch

“We will walk taller!” said Gupta,
sorta abrupta,
hand-in-hand with his mom,
eyeing the A-bomb.

“Who needs a mahatma
in the aftermath of NAFTA?
Now, that was a disaster,”
cried glib Punjab.

“After Y2k,
time will spin out of control anyway,”

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Categories: surreal, angel, child, childhood, children, family, time, world,
Form: Free verse
Pablo Neruda Translation: Every Day You Play
Every Day You Play
by Pablo Neruda
loose translation by Michael R. Burch

Every day you play with Infinity’s rays.
Exquisite visitor, you arrive with the flowers and the water.
You are vastly more than this immaculate head I clasp...

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Categories: surreal, aubade, beauty, dog, for her, fruit, happiness,
Form: Free verse
Fortunes Re Told
FORTUNES READ the sign displayed
The store had not been here yesterday
shades of candles, books and bell
Drapes were hung from side to side
The windows all were dark
Where was this place a day ago?

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Categories: surreal,
Form: Epic
Premium Member Warrior

When the Argonauts, came across 
the abandoned Starship, they 
found within the wrecked 
command console, a DNA code
with encrypted message. 
It took several attempts to 
reactivate, but when opened, 
the following was translated: ...

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Categories: surreal, humanity, muse, mystery,
Form: Narrative
Insecure, Illuminating Ill-Tempered, Invigorating Icicle I Once Was
I’m stronger than I realize,
I’m not alone
And I’m not a failure

I am focused on the prize -
God’s Kingdom today, though I’m on my own
Feeling like a Jailure

I was brave enough
Life can be quite rough
I was...

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Categories: surreal, appreciation, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme
Halloween Poems Ii
Completing the Pattern
by Michael R. Burch

Walk with me now, among the transfixed dead
who kept life’s compact and who thus endure
harsh sentence here?among pink-petaled beds
and manicured green lawns. The sky’s azure,
pale blue once like their eyes,...

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Categories: dark, gothic, halloween, horror, magic, scary, surreal,
Form: Rhyme
Unidentified Extraterrestrials Willingly Abducted Me
Unidentified extraterrestrial(s) willingly abducted me

As a divergence 
from the apocalyptical, dialectical, 
geomorphological, judgmatical, 
metaphorical, philosophical...,
I share an out of this 
(webbed wide) world,
light hearted anecdote 
ye may find far fetched.

Believe me you,
an unspecified number of...

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Categories: surreal, absence, adventure, august, blessing, confusion, courage, dream,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Lovers Toil
Once upon a time there was a heartless man, he didn’t care for others and compassion he couldn’t understand
His heart was cold there was no love inside, although to the outside world he carried on...

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Categories: surreal, fantasy, heartbreak, i love you, lost love,
Form: Rhyme
Around 4 Am - Lived Life As a Loser Snoozer
I have a lot to write and say, buddy, so hear me out some more
Don’t make me feel lower than I have ever felt before…
Listen, understand and stay quiet until I say no more…sorry if...

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Categories: surreal, addiction, anxiety, betrayal, conflict, confusion, desire, emotions,
Form: I do not know?
Fading Away the Mark of Misery
I must admit
You left me broken…
I am shattered shards,
Spread out on your hands…
Your sweaty palms of uncertainty at hand
But, we will land in a land of I-understand…

Make a stand and things won’t get out of...

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Categories: surreal, angst, emotions, endurance, hope, strength, sympathy, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
The Adverse World
I sing my songs with rageful joy in mind,
Forgetting the past struggles, aches and sorrows
That intertwine with my mind’s eye, leaving all of me behind
Forgiving others of their wrongs for better tomorrows

You know who comforts...

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Categories: surreal, angst, emotions, endurance, feelings, pain, passion, strength,
Form: Free verse
The Crow Ghost of Haunting Footsteps
Break my neck; snap it in two, snap it in half
don't give me that incredulous, frightened look as I ask
don't hesitate in front of me, please just do me this favor
so I gain a halo,...

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Categories: surreal, i love you, i miss you, introspection,
Form: Free verse
Was Versus Now
I’m stronger than I realize,
I’m not alone
And I’m not a failure

I am focused on the prize -
God’s Kingdom today, though I’m on my own
Feeling like a Jailure

I was brave enough
Life can be quite rough
I was...

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Categories: surreal, anxiety, courage,
Form: Rhyme
Mystical Song of Trees
When the sky and world are dark no sounds are heard in the woods. Perhaps the scrabbling of night creatures on the hunt fo food. But no sound of woodpeckers ra ta tatting, bird song...

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Categories: surreal, animal, conflict, desire, environment, fairy, grief,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member How Huxley Sees the World
"How Huxley Sees the World"

He composes his world -
dream extractions
simulated from 
the surreal reality of man
colour cognitive from the dead moments
we phantomise to life in sleep
electric light colour bursts forth 
from a perspective unique
a hare...

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Categories: surreal, art, future, humanity,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Journey Companions: the Friend Sonnets Part Ii

Near somber guards, units of children heap 
dead leaves, naive to any else fallen.
Friend, you chuckle, but your posture speaks
of duty on this day of contradictions.

Firefighters bow heads in silent paean, 
while polished trucks stand...

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Categories: surreal, friend, hero, places, poetry, integrity, , memorial,
Form: Sonnet
A Poet of a Thousand Words
A poet of a thousand words
The pen garnished by the flame
Like a sea no desire knows
And love becomes the same
As poet to my love for thee
I confess between the lace
Of time and every sorrow made

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Categories: surreal, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The God Complex
“The God Complex”

His face imprinted 
hidden under layers of ink
he whispers his words

like a haunting breeze
dust blown off the pages
towards the back of their minds

reminding them of stories 
they are eventually, all souls


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Categories: surreal, god, i am, mystery,
Form: Free verse