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Long Participation Poems

Long Participation Poems. Below are the most popular long Participation by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Participation poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Solo Performance
It had been a hellish week.

On Monday
my lonely and tired AfricanAmerican husband
told me, as gently as possible,
that what I had hoped was a temporary separation
is to be extended into perpetuity.

This separation had been scheduled to...

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Categories: participation, age, earth, family, health, integrity, nature, spiritual,
Form: Political Verse

Premium Member The Flash Mob Application
I'd like to apply for a permit
for a protest march
on the Washington Mall.

Lovely idea.
But, we're only issuing Mall permits
for Song and Dance Events.

I think this might be a violation of my Rights
to Free Speech.

I see...

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Categories: participation, america, culture, health, humanity, humor, integrity, music,
Form: Political Verse
Dandling Up And Down Upon The Lap Of The Wind Part Number Three Rescued
Yes, love is no more or less reliable the more you check on this. Just like the frigid days of winter make their way for the pleasures that lay in awe of Spring I'm finding....

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© James Long  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: participation, 11th grade, 12th grade, 1st grade, 4th
Form: Bio
Premium Member Sun God's Original Idea
I'm not much of a writer,
more of an activist,
a doer,
timeless doing.

Anyway, my Yang side,
which you AnthroTribes might recognize as EcoJustice,
emerges from my PositiveYin/NegativeYin Balancing 
compassionate/revenge YinFractal-Dialectical DiPolar
negative co-relational,
co-arising side.

Just as my Yin Compassionate/Immune Empathetic/Aptic Elation

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Categories: participation, earth, health, sun, time, trust,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Enola Gay
Enola Gay

There on the ‘North Field’ tarmac of Tinian Island, Marianas;
Taxis the sleek designed ‘Boeing B-29 Superfortress’ to ready for take-off.
Glistening, polished aluminum under the blaring floodlights filmed for posterity,
Maneuvers' the ‘Enola Gay’, chosen by...

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Categories: participation, education, history, usa, war, world, world war
Form: Verse

Premium Member Bucky Fuller's Holonic Ghost
Let’s say the number 1
iconically speaks in Left-Yang Universal Language,
root of ecosystemetrics,

while PlaceHolder (0)
bicamerally dreams in Right-YinDiPolar ReGenerative PolyCultural Action,
health-flow of autonomic, enthymematic thought and awareness
influenced by feelings of EarthCentric  BiCameral Consciousness
as Plan A,

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Categories: participation, earth, earth day, health, humor, political, psychological,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member When We Need Health
Insufficient knowledge for fully comprehensive consciousness
is also
more than sufficient ignorance
of our individual and collective participation
in comprehensive disease, weakness, loss, decay,
anger and fearful hatred
wilting climatic change
in both Interior and Exterior Landscapes.

So which do we continue intending...

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Categories: participation, culture, health, love, peace, political, trust, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member JetBlack God of Earth's History
I might best not say why,
yet I finally admit,
Taoist me imagines Yang as a JetBlack God,
Creator of this Universe
and, therefore, also ProGenerator of Anthros
with YinGoddess Earth,
blue-green Gaia,
surrounded by an ultra-violet rainbow of White Bright healthy...

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Categories: participation, beauty, health, muse, music, race, religion, spiritual,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Healthy Leadership Climates
My goal isn't so much to win the wars of property management,
self and spouse and family governance
as it is to enjoy this struggling with Earth's nature/spirit properties,
and my own and others' humane properties of integral...

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Categories: participation, community, culture, earth, love, political, psychological, wisdom,
Form: Prose Poetry
OOniversal OO
OOOniversal oo

Frightened tepid antisocial ant was football training avidly but failing to attend a fragrant tailor army. Oh dear. That was sure to be put forward to the sacred sanction ship and the sacred sanction...

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Categories: participation, absence, adventure, angst, anti bullying, anxiety, appreciation,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Limited Freedoms of Speech
You may have noticed the Michigan Catholic farmer
claiming his First Amendment rights have been infringed
to speak his mind
about the degenerative nature of same-sex marriage
when the nearby East Lansing operated Farmer's Market
determined his farming operation
was not...

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Categories: participation, community, destiny, discrimination, freedom, gender, health, rights,
Form: Political Verse
The Illogicality of Commonsense
By Stanley Collymore

At first I wasn’t in the least interested in you. 
But then, why should I be? You, after all, 
are an unmarried and out-of-work mum 
just turned 23 and, additionally and 
quite evidently...

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Categories: participation, love, life, life, mum,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member It's Never too Late
I thought to myself. What an odd feeling?
To look out at a crowd and think 
    they're here to see me.
I could certainly pack a house.
As a prairie boy from Saskatoon

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Categories: participation, love,
Form: Narrative
Oh my dog, another yesterday May 23rd 2020 spent inside
Oh my dog, another yesterday (May 23rd, 2020) spent inside

Anomalous earthling inhabited 
mancave quarantined
cocooned gamesomely 
knowingly protected travesty
impossible mission sidestepping, 
thwarting, zapping
eventuality, inevitability, 

opportunity utilitarian death
crowning glory fêted within 
netherlands immortality
granted courtesy biological 
proliferation offspring...

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Categories: participation, adventure, celebration, father daughter, forgiveness, i miss
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Bad, Bad Boy My Dear, sweet China Flower
The Bad, Bad Boy 

My Dear, sweet China Flower :

   The Oriental fragrance of you lingers on, it has permeated the very fibers of my mind and my home.
   I am,...

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Categories: participation, history, beautiful, language, old, beauty, light, sorry,
Form: Prose Poetry
High School Sadness Sans Shana Aubrey Harris - part one
How quick capitalone two-step flickr ring imperceptibly, 
   kneaded asper byte
sized LivingSocial ties, linkedin and massaged viz MineCraft flight
of fancy outlook with plenti full confidence, faith, 
   and inherent lettered oblations...

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Categories: participation, absence, adventure, age, angel, anniversary, beautiful, blessing,
Form: Ballad
Tesu A Folk Love Story of India 5
Tesu A Folk Love Story of India  Part. 5

Prelude Note: 
The story as painted here on Poetry Soup 
is the sole creation and imagination of the writer, 
except the names Tesu and Jhonjhi. 


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Categories: participation, love, love, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Please do not weep for me
Please do not weep for me!

(alternately titled: dost newt expend
precious tears toward pitiful poet!)

Intense passion to read
doth foster divine enlightenment...

Also simultaneously, albeit instantaneously
triggering brutal mind-numbing self awareness
starkly underscoring how existence (mine)
devoid scant trace
positive life enhancing...

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Categories: participation, 12th grade, betrayal, grief, irony, perspective, self,
Form: Free verse
By the Poets Listed in the first comment
Life is full of wonderment and blessings well received.
The greatest gift, so well conceived, the freedom to believe.
Thanking God that in this glorious world He...

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Categories: participation, faith, thank you, upliftinggod, me, world, family,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member 2020 Sight and Sounds
Speaking With NonBully VoiceBoxes

Dissociative injustice,
like racist slurs and disinvestments,
retributive oppression
for not being SWM enough,
has ecological roots
in LeftBrain anthro/ego-centered fruit
of fragile disconnected autonomy,
against all competing odds
still struggling to win
against all other elitist competitors
for greatest capital gains

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Categories: participation, earth, health, integrity, metaphor, patriotic, peace, trust,
Form: Political Verse
Binary Entrapment
There were bars that entrapped her
Binary codes that captured her
There were walls made of concrete
Phones and messages, questions needing answers

Paperwork, assignments, deadlines and digits
Hello in the morning and silence by day
Have a good  night...

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Categories: participation, conflict, freedom, how i feel, perspective, visionary,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member dans l'heure bleue deux
(Must be read, while listening to the music link embedded in this poem, for without the music, the magic is missing).

W. E. Soundtrack- Abel Korzeniowski

"dans l'heure bleue deux"

He sits at his desk
like some frozen soulless

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Categories: participation, dance, imagery, loneliness, longing, love, romance, soulmate,
Form: Romanticism
Premium Member NonProfit CoOperatism
An important truth of non-profit cooperatism,
as contrasted with for-profit corporatism,
is democratic wisdom
of co-investing capital and equity and interdependence,
giving from a healthy egalitarian heart
is also receiving a wealthier, more resilient, bilateral mind,
mind and body fullness,
ego- and...

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Categories: participation, community, earth, health, home, humanity, religion, weather,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Politically Correct Love Poem in a Litigious Society
Come live with me and be my love,

Lover status is open to all sexual persuasions in accordance with the liberties extended to the 
Gay, Lesbian and Bi-sexual league.  Living together as my love will...

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© Joe Flach  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: participation, parodylove, may,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member MATRICIDE

For many decades now
We- your unfeeling and spoiled children- dear mother earth,
Have been mistreating you
Each second
Each minute
Each hour
Each day
Each month and 
Each year 
Causing you untold harm and suffering with the passing of time 

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Categories: participation, abuse, earth, environment, life, pollution,
Form: Free verse