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Healthy Leadership Climates
My goal isn't so much to win the wars of property management, self and spouse and family governance as it is to enjoy this struggling with Earth's nature/spirit properties, and my own and others' humane properties of integral relationship, to celebrate our participation together in creating a place called home for now and an internal space both divine and humane, sacredly beautiful yet secularly ecopolitically effective and healthy and robust and regenerative, in which I can freely and creatively exert my best intended positive influence. I do not hope to remove all the invasive species in my life, but to reshape with them toward purposes we can all recreatively enjoy with healthy ecological-ecopolitical co-empathic trust in our organic integrity, past, present, and future. If what we do carries more informational value than what we say about our intentions to do and not do, then both watching and listening to where these are redundantly peaceful cooperative climates and where these produce dissonant stressful unsettling climates would seem to have both healthier and wealthier informational value, for all of us, multiculturally and nutritionally together. Whether I'm working with invasive vines or over-Yanged pervasive egos, most certainly including my own, I have this co-empathic trust that we are here to help each other more than to condemn each other apart, to build our homes together on this healthy, regenerately abundant Earth, and we are not here to condemn each other to death, to absence of peace with justice, to becoming victims of our condemnatory, angry, frightening judgment, bad humors leading to negative landscapes and climates. Sometimes we put people in uniforms, and give them weapons and place them in economic and political leadership positions, who seem to believe the contrary; that we are here to use our best, healthiest, wealthiest climate of ecopolitical judgment to condemn and criticize and accuse and seek revenge, and instigate terror with full will and full intent of good-civil justice. All this within a collectively condemning climate rooted within our either-or egocentric anthrocentric ethnocentric culture-centric language-centric walls against each other, due to enculturing histories of and for building mutual-immunity walls against each other. Our economic and political power-relational issues stem from inadequately investing our resources to uncover the abundance of justice, to use excellent effective, fair, balanced judgment about our, and other's ecopolitical choices, and lack of choices, good and bad. We can all do this all day and continue arriving at entirely redundant and resonant conclusions, to condemn our own and other's lack of grace and/or good karma and/or positive psychology and/or emotional balance, as also co-mentoring, noticing, showing, unveiling, this same ecological-ecopolitical judgment skill of both-and WinWin discernment to work much more efficiently as a return to a shared ecoconsciousness of co-empathic trust, that we return to our childhoods when we knew we were here on Earth by means of an evolutionary nature/spirit regenerative process governed more powerfully by cooperative nutritional multi/poly-cultural choices toward healthy regenerativity through mutual aid, support, caring, nurturing mercy than through nature's WinLose revenge and vengeance myths of mutual condemnation, disassociations, immunities, in short, the reverse-decompositional pathological condemning view of our positive health-choiced cooperative ecopolitical vocation as Earth's polypathic ecoconsciousness of now, foreshadowing all regenerations of species and life on back through our shared DNA/RNA string of collective thermodynamic as ecopolitical balance, flowing through each co-empathic trusting cell right now, and soaring at speed of yang/yin-squared fractal light toward all Earth's future regenerators of Earth's ecoconscious regeneration. How do we best discern the wise ecopolitical judgment of others? Through their cooperative words and through their past cooperative nurturing WinWin actions, or both, the one about the other, both-and WinWinning peace with internal/external justice, together, healthy ecological economic-valuing mind with politically wealthy cooperative body.
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