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Long Honed Poems

Long Honed Poems. Below are the most popular long Honed by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Honed poems by poem length and keyword.

Premium Member Rosalia - The Evil Black Witch of the Harz, Part One
Rosalia - The Evil Black Witch of the Harz

This is a rather grim epic poetic tale of Rosalia, a 16th century German witch who terrorized villages, destroyed the lives and corrupted the souls of many...

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Categories: honed, allegory, evil, halloween, horror, magic, mythology, scary,
Form: Narrative

Premium Member Crop Failure - Bitter Harvest
The past can’t tell the future; I'd almost forgotten this,
The past six years had brought me higher yields than average,
Though expectations soared, now nada, nothing, zilch.
Our wheat fields decimated from the lack of rain.
And those...

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Categories: honed, anti bullying, bible, faith, life, love,
Form: Free verse
Jeni and her army Trigger warning abuse
This is the story of Jeni Haynes, whose father inflicted horrific physical and sexual abuse on her from the age of four years old. As a result she created over 2000 alter egos to get...

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Categories: honed, abuse, mental illness,
Form: Free verse
What I've Gone Through
Don’t you ever feel insecure?
Don’t you ever feel like your worthless?
Will I ever find some sort of cure?
Will I survive this feeling of hopelessness?

There are ghosts in the shadows
You got me with your many blows

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Categories: honed, deep, depression, desire, emotions, endurance,
Form: Free verse

I’ve an important story that I need to share today
There are several endings, you’ll have the final say
It’s about a young man born without his sight
Living every moment...

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Categories: honed, angst, anxiety, conflict, confusion, future, introspection, self,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member SHAPE of The Perfect One

              When a little girl,                 ...

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Categories: honed, character, destiny, fantasy, love, true love, truth,
Form: Shape
Premium Member Veil of Evil - Jimmy Savile

       Oh, if only ...

If only monsters ...
LOOKED like monsters.
If they lurked ONLY in the dark,
Glowing red eyes and chiseled teeth ...
Claws and horns and forked tails,


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Categories: honed, abuse, anger, child abuse, evil, horror,
Form: Free verse
Peripeteia Personified
What mountain’s top holds truth’s last stand,
 its vista viewed as life’s specific grandeur;
 promised above earth’s horizon,
 soon home to you, this present era’s raconteur;
 prized perch upon and soon so manned,
 spirits to...

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Categories: honed, inspiration,
Form: Free verse
Her Story of Why
These are her stories of why; the sad excuses of mother's life;
Her oft-honed chip, accented with her mother's old mink stole,
Tears most lovely in her eyes as she spoke of the beautiful farm;
Telling of the...

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© deb radke  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: honed, historyday, beautiful, old, summer, beautiful, day, farm,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Have Done With It
Have you ever played with it?
Even if just a bit.
Or thrown it.
Because you were in a snit.
Did you ever eat it?
Then throw out the pit.
Or caught it.
In your mitt.

Would you yell at it?
In a momentary...

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Categories: honed, fun,
Form: Free verse
In Memory of My Dad
It’s already been three years now since you passed away,
Yet, those mem’ries of you are alive, in my heart you’ll forever stay;
Every time I think of you, I smile with pain,
And wish that I can...

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© lg ds  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: honed, fathers day, memorial day,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Black Witch
Born and raised as a little child in a Witches’ coven,
the Black Witch was indeed a very precocious child
whose hell-spawned soul was seared in Hell’s oven,
and like Medusa herself was a creature gone wild.

The Black...

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Categories: honed, allegory, angst, betrayal, evil, halloween, horror,
Form: Quatrain
Cherish the Kisses
Precious-tears-offered in-faith... fall, God-catches them places them, within His 
Soul's Heavenly-Amphora, and with a sway of His Mighty Hand, plucks-up His eminent-
Knowledge-honed by Holy Quill.

Upright-and looking strait into His vision for us of the new...

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© James Long  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: honed, inspirationalfreedom,
Form: Prose Poetry
Nobody Likes A Know It All Part 3 of 4
Nobody Likes A Know-It-All
(Or ... But I Know, What I Know)

... About Play-Time & Rest & Work-Shift Gears
About GOD & Laws & Holy Spirit Pure
About Faith & Hope & Man-Made Cures
Yeah, I Know of Somethings...

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Categories: honed, analogy, bible, character, christian, education, introspection, life,
Form: Free verse
The ranch on which I hang my hat, though short on most the frills,
Is thirteen sections, give or take, of rugged trails an’ hills.
We call it ‘home’, our little world, our very own frontier,
Amongst the...

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© Jim Fish  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: honed, adventure, cowboy-western, education, imagination, inspirational, native american,
Form: Quatrain
Storming the Gates of Heaven

O ' Satan, father of all that is sinister and evil,
Of all that is foul, putrid, and base.
Ruler of the underworld
I've have had a vision!
You led the legions of the damned
In a cataclysmic war,
To regain...

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Categories: honed, angel, dark, evil,
Form: Rhyme
An ode to the Unsung Angels
Written on 21st April 2012
By: Sashi. Prabhu (zeauoxian)
(This Ode is dedicated to the Administrative professional / Executive Administrative Assistants/Secretaries.  I dedicate this  to all the unsung champions who have worked selflessly in the...

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Categories: honed, funeral, hope, inspirational, life, love, work, work,
Form: Rhyme
Choking Back The Tears
Choking Back The Tears!

This papa did accurately
surmise undeclared war
strong armed lance pierced my armour, fondly he recalls
early fatherhood days of yore,
when daddy's first born girl

did effusively adore
yours truly, he likened self as topnotch
trooper, who mustered...

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Categories: honed, betrayal, conflict, daughter, grave, heartbroken, nostalgia, sad,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
~ Cherish the Kisses ~
~ Precious-tears-offered in-faith ... fall, God-catches them places 
them, within His Souls heavenly-amphora, and with a sway of His Mighty Hand, 
plucks-up His eminent-Knowledge-honed by Holy Quill. ~

~ Upright ... and looking strait into His...

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© James Long  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: honed, inspirational
Form: Prose Poetry
The Smoking Rose
In his hand is a smoking rose, as the sorcerer is in flagrante delicto,               
in his own image the beast has...

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© John Beam  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: honed, allegory, christian, imagination, love, science, science fiction,
Form: Free verse
I am scrolling down hill,

folding the pills,

elongating the tree's
and simplifying the breeze,

I am a song to be played-

earlier than you might say
in the day,

when hearing is a complaint
and danger is delayed,

but you are a spade,


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Categories: honed, anti bullying, baptism, fate, giving, hope, imagination,
Form: Verse
Premium Member A Bridge Unseen
Verse A:

Oh how you've honed rebellion, made an art of breaking rules
Just to garner my affection, but I didn't have the tools
(And I never suffered fools - no I never suffered fools)

I loved you with...

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Categories: honed, children, family, father son, metaphor, parents,
Form: Lyric
Oh Beautiful Gypsy
Oh beautiful Gypsy,
I see you there, in amber campfire mist.
On the banks of a crystalline pool, a bronze skinned lovely moving with intoxicating rhythm to the strum of guitars.
Sable eyes, gleaming with wanderlust, transfixed on...

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Categories: honed, beauty, celebration, leaving, longing, romantic, travel,
Form: Free verse
Bad Breeding

the list that was a fist
a) it is possible
b) it is inevitable
chained to a million pleasures
an astonishing compendium of compulsions
honed bright with a fool's ardor
the kind you'd wish for in a movie script
undulating at the...

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Categories: honed, how i feel,
Form: Free verse
~ Poem the 1st Chap. Inspired Bye ~ Part #18
Because-love exults eternally, universal 
peace, and so I say Love- in its benignity ... 
recuses all ... ~and perfect- and servant 
in their fervent manner;- integrity, 
receptivity- and amenability
illustrious and moreover 
devoted in their richness, 
breed thy greater influence 
of peace throughout the years,
sanctifying themselves forever in 
their innocence, becoming the 
fortunate prize ... an altruistic 
offering, and humble sacrifice,
given for all to embrace through 
faith, a certain repose;- and everlasting 
liberty. While- clemency, oh Thy generous 
clemency, emancipates-knavery's tomfoolery, 
and suggested to me, and granted as a wonderful 
opportunity, grace ... is the universal proposition 
dancing through time hand in hand within the arms 
of love; relishing in the promotion of her deliverance,
and so I say, when this hope of my days reprieve ... 
has come to pass ... beckon me on- to know 
this- simple delight, and hold me in Thy 
loving keep.Yes bring me Thine heavenly 
Kite to greet me. Secure me there, and lay me 
down then-under the assurance, and gentle 
comfort of her wings. Yes raise me up ... and
hear me oh Lord in my plea I pray. (("Oh liberate 
me",)) ("Carry my soul off with her to Thee".) (("Let
thy love shower-down (over me".))) So I may 
embrace for myself, again, thine tender arms, 
of mercy ... . Precious-tears-offered in-faith ... fall, 
God-catches them places them, within His Soul's 
heavenly-amphora, and with a sway of His Mighty 
Hand, plucks-up His eminent-Knowledge-honed
by Holy Quill. Upright and looking strait into 
His vision for us of the new day. Offers-the 
many consummate opportunities riding high 
on the fringe of His promise, granted in welcome. 
Painting a Holy Journey,evolving amid a certain
solace and freedom. Moving on into veracious days 
with Him lasting on forever. Exiting beyond higher lofts of earthly 
skies and rolling lands advancing in humble reverence descending 
down from the openness of the Heavens. Rewriting yet again; another-story 
in person for each individual. Yes for all life; far-greater-and-even greater 
still ... than the others gone before....

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© James Long  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: honed, uplifting
Form: Prose Poetry